Sporting Highlights and Lowlights of 2008

Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by shazbooger, Dec 22, 2008.

  1. shazbooger

    shazbooger Guest

    Not sure where this should go, but wondering if anyone had their own personal highlights for the year. Heard this discussion on the radio, and while there were some real off the wall suggestions, it was good fun. Its not a poll, but just an opportunity to review on the year and point out what had you hanging on the end of your seat. Be it rugby or another sport.

    For sheer impact on a global scale I would say Usain Bolt breaking the world record and beginning to celebrate at 70 metres. A close second would be Nadal v Federer in the Wimbledon final.

    In rugby, while I can understand the Welsh lads looking at the change from WC dissapointment, to Ospreylia, to GS winners in a year must rank pretty high. France beating NZ in Wales wouldnt be far away for drama either. But in my opinion it would have to be the Munster v New Zealand match this year. Epic doesnt really do it justice. Its a match I would re-watch again and again.

    Spurs winning the Carling cup was also a personal highlight. A shite team, gives you nothing but pain, but it makes even limited success mean a that little bit more.

    Dissapointments for me would have been Irelands rugby for the entire calendar year. Leinsters capitulations (take your pick), or Spurs season since winning the Carling Cup.

    Damn it to hell I have to stop supporting shite teams.
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  3. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    Highlights: Wimbledon Final; Wales v NZ: the challenge; Wasps making the play-offs in the Prem. last season, after such a diabolical start; the two Munster v Clermont matches in this season's European tournament (both matches were intense and extraordinary, two of the best matches of the year so far). I really am stumped to think of anymore. Bear in mind I only watch rugby and Wimbledon. Also, I wouldn't really call the NZ - France QF a '2008 highlight', given that it was last year...

    Lowlights: Englands' capitulation against the Southern Hemisphere sides (though, this could be deemed a highlight :D) this Autumn; the Heineken Cup Final - I won't say Munster didn't deserve the win, because they did, but it was a terrible advertisement for the game; Scotland v England 6N ('nuff said).

    Even though you asked for impacts on a 'global scale', as I said, I only watch rugby and Wimbledon, so I'm pretty limited in commenting. Though I'd agree with Bolt's record breaking sprint.
  4. cyRil

    cyRil Guest

    United being English, European and World champions. ;)

    Neath's 4th consecutive Premiership title :p

    I've gotta say EDF final cuz I got up at 5 am for the second year running to go to Twickenham to watch the Ospreys play Leicester. Even though the game wasn't a patch on the year before, we won!


    Patriots losing the Superbowl after a perfect season xD
  5. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    On the rugby side beating the All Blacks in NZ was my highlight of the year. Little teams have ever done that.
    Giving England their biggest ever home whipping at the very same ground they gave us our biggest whipping was pretty sweet pay back.
    Also who doesn't enjoy giving the Aussies their biggest ever defeat? I'll add that one too.
  6. cyRil

    cyRil Guest

    Speaking of big defeats does anyone know if 29-12 is our biggest win over France?
  7. gingergenius

    gingergenius Guest

    One of the best sporting years, 2008.

    Rugby Union
    The 6 nations this year was again poor on excitement value and quality, but Wales fully deserved their Grand Slam and used it to elevate themselves to the best team in the NH.

    Heineken Cup was magnificent, Saracens vs Ospreys game was one of the best I've ever been to, Munster game looked great too and they were deserving winners. Was at the GP final for a great Wasps performance as well. Anything EDF is as usual irrelevent and pointless.

    Enjoyed getting up early to go to the pub and watch England's tour of NZ... if not the results.

    HEC has started in magnificent shape, went to the Quins vs Stade game for the best match I've seen live all season. GP has stuttered. No one cares about the EDF. Plus, the ELVs now officially suck (apart from a few). And we can say this having tested them.

    AIs were a huge disappointment for all of us in the North. Wales seem to be the only competent team around. Ireland, Scotland and England all look **** poor; I'm sure fans of each country will go on about which players are potentially amazing but for the moment we're all as crap as each other.

    Rugby League
    Watched bits of the Challenge Cup and St Helens looked great as usual.

    Watched England's world cup and wished Rugby League would just give up there and then.

    Was impressed by NZ's upset in the final.

    American Bash People Dressed for Halo and Throw the Rugby Ball
    The Giants winning the Superbowl against the odds. And Tom Brady, drooled over in any UK sports journalist's annual NFL article in superbowl week, not winning.

    A crap year. Stanford and the IPL overshadowed everything. England beat New Zealand in the Tests and lost to India - disappointing to lose at home but par for the course I suppose. Couldn't tell you who won the one day series, couldn't care less either; there areso many and each is as meaningless as the Anglo Welsh.

    Middlesex won the T20! Woop woop.

    Aston Villa. Oh yeah. I was too young to remember the heights of the early 90s. Now we're back and banging out pretending to be a top 4 side. You'd struggle to find anything not to like about us either. I still think Liverpool are a bunch of c***s, Gerrard is the biggest of the lot.

    Man Utd vs Chelsea champions league final - fantastic game. Players, skill, drama, all there. Ronaldo is as we all know an arsehole but you have to admire the guy's skill as well.

    Euro 2008 - no England which was embarrassing, but still a fantastic tournament. Gutted Holland didn't win, I was gunning for them. England finally seem to have someone who can organise a bunch of talented overpaid arrogant pricks into half a decent football team.

    The Wimbledon Men's final was the greatest ever, and will join the host of legendary sporting clips wheeled out in nostalgic sporting lists shows.

    Andy Murray was good too.

    Wow. A fantastic Olympics, ****** all over Athens, Atlanta and Barcelona and even pipped Sydney in terms of memorability for Olympics during my lifetime. Too many moments to write down, but I remember screaming for Christine Ohurogu as she reeled everyone in in the 400m final. Loved the overall British performance as well, a triumph for everyone who doesn't have publicity crawling up their arse.

    Usain Bolt's performance was out of this world. 3 Gold medals in 3 world record times; unless he himself beats them we won't see any of those records go any time soon. Extraordinary.

    Michael Phelps.. fair play he too was legendary. But swimming is boring to watch and he has nothing like Bolt's charisma.

    James DeGale's gold medal; got high hopes for him.

    David Haye smashing Maccarinelli and then establishing himself as a serious heavyweight fighter. High hopes for him too.

    Amir Khan flopped. He and Hatton have a mountain to climb to overshadow the 1 in their loss column.

    Calzaghe hopefully will retire as an undefeated legend, in the same mould as Floyd Mayweather. Greatest British boxer of his generation.

    Not boxing I know but UFC fighter Michael Bisping's had a great year.
  8. 187

    187 Guest

    I'd say the single moment in sports that gave me the most joy was without a doubt the Kiwi's winning the rugby league final. there wasn't really a close second.

    Lowlights would definately be the Wellington Lions losing the Air NZ Cup final.
  9. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest


    Team GB reaching the Eurobasket Tournament, which is the European Championships. England disbanded it's team a few seasons ago, but now with Team GB it has the potential to have an NBA starting 5 if certain NBA stars choose GB.
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