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The Big Prediction Poll



ok so at the dawn of another EC campaign who really can lift that trophey in 9 games time. no bias if possible
i voted stade btw unbeliveable talent in that squad such as hernandez, corleto, both bergamascos, parisse, simon taylor, beauxis, dominici, and so on..
NORTHAMPTON SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [/b]

Wishful thinking of the highest order.

Would you like it explaining why I would bet my life on us not winning it this year, or would you just like to go away and do some research?
Of course I know its wishful thinking. But no harm hoping. [/b]

I still don't think you get it, but I'm quite amused at the idea so I'll hold off explaining why we definately won't win.
i went for ospreys, they also have a pretty decent squad, looked impressive in there first round edf cup match so ill back them lol
I quite fancy Gloucester, not sure why, just a hunch.

My hopes for the Scottish teams certainly isn't high...
Toulouse. With Dusautoir, Nyanga, Ellisalde, Kelleher, Jauzion, Fritz, Heymans, Clerc, Poitrenaud to name the big guns, they have an awesome team and a history of performing well. Hard to go by them, even if they have a few holes here and there (esp. at 1st5/8). Don't really care though, as long as it's not an English or Irish team.

Oh yeah, and to whomever it may concern... Northampton will NOT be taking part in this tournament this year sadly, hence wishful thinking doesn't really count.
Is it possible for someone to vote for the same team twice? Or are there really that many deluded people who think the Ospreys can win? :p
voted Ospreys as they looked great today in their EDF match. hopefully their early-season jitters are behind them and we can see a Celtic side lift the cup again.

as for scottish sides, i can see (ok, i hope) Glasgow can spring a surprise - possibly scraping through as best runners up? (we should have had Saracens twice down there last season!)
I voted Ospreys because i honestly believe we have the team capable of putting together such a campaign.

However, whoever else (non-osprey supporting) that voted O's has some serious faith in us considering we've never reached QF's.
But at home we are going to be immensely strong. I mean, we've only lost once at home since May '06.

Well the fact that Leinster and Munster won't come out of their pools and Ulster's form has sunk to a new low I think that says what's wrong with the Irish.

Both Munster have Leinster have the potential to get out of their group and go far in the tournament but there's a big difference between potential and application.

Yes Munster have been there and got the t-shirt but last year showed the hunger wasn't quite there, maybe such a failure will spur them on to better things this year and maybe ROG and POC will realise they're playing in red and put in the performances that they don't seem to be capable of when wearing green and the same can be said for Leinster, if the pack can secure 40% of the ball then the backs can do the rest. There's too many ifs regarding both these teams for them to be considered serious contenders.

No need to shout btw.
gotta go with a side that has some big game mentality and winning experience on big occaisions. I think that composure and mentality will let down the strong campaigns from the welsh regions and gloucester. The Irish aren't looking too strong so i'd have to go for the french, or wasps or tigers. I'd hate to jinx my own team or be biased so i'll go for Stade. they have enough to win it.
I voted for Munster. They may not be one of the best four sides in the Heineken Cup but they always are up there in the end. With the horrible World Cup for Ireland I hope the Irish players, especially Ronan O'Gara, David Wallace and Paul O'Connell will stand up and be counted - to be fair all the Irish players need to stand up!

We have an averagely good backline this year with experience running from 1 to 22.
I quite fancy Gloucester, not sure why, just a hunch.

My hopes for the Scottish teams certainly isn't high...

After the way the player against Ulster this could be an excellent prediction :cheers:
Ulster's performance and league position needs to be taken into account though, still a more than decent bet but no point on getting carried away by 1 result, Ravenhill is no longer the fortress it once was.
ulster are at the moment, probably the worst irish province. they've been genuinley awful of late propping up the ML and just shite in general
I gave Clermont the nod.

These guys have got an awesome coaching team and some great off-season signings. I think they'll be a big improvement from last season (which wasn't so bad anyway!). I also think they've got a personal point to prove in many ways, as Stade Francais and Stade Toulouse both get the wraps when it comes to French super clubs. It's a bit of a hunch, but I'd like to see some fresh jersey colours come finals time.

After week one though, there's more proof that it's gunna be a cracker of a comp! Have to say Gloucester opening 25mins was some absolutely sexual rugby !!

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