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The Godfather




hey guys,
just wondering if anyone is looking forward to this game?
im a big fan of the series but i would much rather Rockstar make this game than EA.

hopefully redwood will produce an absolute stunner because if this licence is done right we would be looking at a definate rival to Rockstar.

im sceptical though. i will wait for the finnished product before i start comparing it with GTA.

in the meantime im really looking forward cutting off some storekeepers fingers if they dont come up with the mulah!!


the game is due out in NZ on 28th of march.
It does look good, although I have never seen any of the Godfather film/series.
I was hoping someone would post because I am interested in buying it but I'm not sure I want to shell out the cash...
Go here. They have a video review of the game (providing you ain't got dial up) The link is to the PC version, not sure which version you are after.
How far through do you think you are after 20 hours? Does anyone know when the 360 version will release?
im about half way through,

ive just about completed all the missions, but you have to wipe out the other families before you can become the DON. Ive taken down 2 families with another 2 to go

probably best bet would be to hire it out for a few days & go hard!
it sucks its not out on 360, after playing 360 i hate playn ps2, coz the graphics and stuff are just too depressing. i'm only forced to play it coz there's no rugby game on the 360 yet and the selection is pretty **** at the moment. ghost recon is the ****, i'm loving that game.. haven't tried any of the sports ***les yet but i hear their crap.
i'm holding out for saints row, thats suppose to give GTA a run for it's money..
its coming on the 360 though, and from the gameplay vids ive seen , it will be worth the wait.
Very cool game.

It starts out with you as a little kid who watches your dad get whacked. Then it fast-forwards nine years to you starting out as a small-time thug for the Don. Quick comments I will post more later. Only 5 hours into it.

- the process of taking over all businesses and rackets is kind of tedious. There is not enough variety. All buildings of one type (hotel, bakery, etc...) are the same inside. Threaten the owner, beat the crap out of the other family's guys who are protecting the business, trash the store, and then threaten the owner again to extort him. This unlocks the door to the back room where you sometimes find a racket which you do the same thing to (whack guys and threaten the owner)
- You can buy different clothes for the guy and make him look however you want which is pretty cool
- The missions are kind of cool so far. Whacking guys, protecting your guys, making hits, rescuing the girl (haven't done many since I am trying to take over Little Italy right now)
- You can hijack trucks, rob banks, steal cars all when you want to (these are not missions just free-play)
- You earn better skills as you progress (fighting/weapons/speed)
- You have a pretty good status screen that keeps track of all the businesses and which family controls them so you can mark them on a map and not waste time looking for them.
- You can bribe the cops.
- Some stores agree to pay you without any fight.
- They will pay you more the more you beat them first.
- The cars are not very cool
- You have safe houses just like GTA

Overall it definitely has GTA influence. Not nearly as cool, but a good solid game. It may get better as I progress. I am not very far up the family ladder yet. Worth the $$$ IMO
Sounds pretty interesting. As you move up in rank do other guys start working for you?

I am now a little bit over seven hours into the game and I am still primarily in Little Italy although i am now a "made" man and part of the family. I won't ruin the story for anyone by telling what happens. A couple pretty cool parts of the game.

1) You unlock scenes from the movie throughout the game that you can then play.
2) There is a horsehead mission where you have to help one of the other Corleone guys sneak a horsehead into some guys bed. Pretty cool.
3) You can earn respect by flirting with the ladies dressed in lingerie

Other than that, I am still working on clearing all of Little Italy (3 warehouses to go) but i am really ****** at one of the families so i am alternating between Little Italy and taking over that family's businesses wherever they are.

I managed to rob a bank. It helps to bribe the cops first...

I am starting to appreciate the game more. The storyline is great. I just wish there was a better variety of things to do.
Originally posted by USArugger@Apr 14 2006, 06:30 PM
Sounds pretty interesting. As you move up in rank do other guys start working for you?
Not so far. I will let you know. Sometimes you go on missions with one of the other guys, but you don't have your own "posse" like you can do in GTA.
I cleared Little Italy and now I am working on Brooklyn. I am also working on trying to do all the different types of assasinations.
This game rocks. I finally hit a part where i just couldn't put the controller down. I had to play the next mission just to find out what happens. I would guess i'm about 40% through. I am a Capo now and I have built my attributes up just above half. The story finally got good... I also now appreciate some of the earlier storyline.

I bought my guy a double-breasted suit as a present. Now he looks like a real gangster.
It is still somewhat difficult to take down the warehouses. Individual businesses are pretty easy to take over now.

I just took over Brooklyn last night and the Tattaglia family is in ruins. I think I am supposed to do the missions more quickly because I own about 30% of the city but the missions say the Corleone family is in a shambles. The missions are a little bit behind reality.

The different assasinations are cool. I threw a guy into the oven at a bakery and I threw another guy off a bridge.

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