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    Week One

    Warriors vs Melbourne Storm

    Warriors 22
    Melbourne 16

    Well the first game against the Melbourne Storm had the fans seeing what they had come to expect from their team. The Warriors were indifferent at times and showed why Rugby League is still a minority sport in most of NZ. Defensive lapses late in the game cost the home side dearly with Ivan Clearly obviously showing his frustration.

    The good thing about starting the season on a low is that anything now may be seen as good....unless they lose next week by 50 points :unsure:

    Too many poly boys in the team thinking league is a game for big bully types......cardiovascular fitness is paramount for any league player of today so the boys should focus more on running rather than weights........
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  3. sanzar

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    The warriors always look imposing, but run out of puff before the end and get carved...
  4. no faith gg....i saw a gameplan there that can be effective with much more practice and time...thats what training is for

    26weeks of league..i give them the nod for top8 spot..

    they are very hungry..i saw that and they played with better self control /discipline in that game..its a matter of time til they establish themselves more comfortably,there attack looks very good


    defence is the biggest key to victory and they sucked at that...fell asleep to much and one on one tackling was very poor
    tony martin is only there for his kicking and we saw the defence pick him apart with ease...there could have been 3 tries added to the 2 they scored on his wing if they executed the attack better..he was the same last year and the year before and is possibly the weakest defender in the nrl....not a really dissapointing first up game,i doubt you would have made the same assumption if they had one which they were close to doing

    league is forever growing in nz..and from my point of view as a player of both codes i can assure you that outside of school rugby league is more popular for us you do the stats on how many of our kids that get kicked outta school each year hahahaha....

    i saw luck and rovelli make outstanding debuts for the club...what this team needs is more drill time..they looked unfit in that last 20 and i blame that on the interchange usage as they had price on for a full game almost and koopu came in for only like 20 minutes when he is a 80minute player

    if the coaches can master that side of things then there should be no problem with fitness levels...every player is gonna get tired and thats why you utilise the bench more effectively

    all in happy with them...the coaching team looks very positive and less "greased up" kemp did a good job promoting his line of gel products
    they look good as a team and with more gametime they can more depending on stacy or lauatiti to do fancy things..they have better grips on the term "teamwork" from the look of things..

    all is good and gg its only mayn
  5. esoj

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    they showed promising signs but couldn't pull of the win.

    martin is not a winger and it showed. he was playing like a centre most of the match. the club's top tryscorer todd byrne was nowhere to be seen in the team which I find strange. koopu should defintely be starting and I would like to see villa on the bench. the bench bar rovelli had little impact and I think need revising.

    rovelli has all the skills and should be in at 6 starting. he offers way more creavtity than faumina does in that position.

    koopu should not be on the bench he is an 80 min player and a workhorse. he was one of the clubs senior players and needs to be on the field

    laukai did next to nothing imo and I think villa would be much better on the bench instead. the bench has to provide impact and spark laukai provided neither.

    the signs were good and I think some changes to the starting team and bench will be better for the team.
  6. the thing i hated last year was the constant changes on the team

    i dont think last year at all they had athe same team play in consequetive weeks..

    i know that does some damage to individuals confidence within the team..all that to me hammered progress from previous defeats as kemp kept changing the team line up...

    maybe he was just testing the water here as bryne was one of the best performing players last year and he was the last player to be omitted from that bench lineup...

    martin was bought in by the warriors 2 years ago to fix our kicking problem as he was 70-80 percentage kicker in the super league and back for melbourne in there early days...

    but he struggles...he wont make a good centre if tackles like that
  7. The TRUTH

    The TRUTH Guest

    This is Totally OFF TOPIC but what are the odds of Gasnier and to a lesser extent Cooper switching codes at the end of the year??

    I think both would make Class Centre/Wingers in Union..... and i've heard that Gasnier has been linked with the Brumbies in the news today.
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  12. umosay

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    That first half display was ****-poor, they couldn't hang onto it to save themselves - Martin is complete and utter Shithouse.

    Second half was a little better but way too many errors
  13. much better then the first 3 games of last season..infact they have a gameplan...which made all the handling more difficult trying to adjust to ivan clearys style..last season they did f*** all but throw the ball around

    i can see alotta of what they did on sunday which was similar to the style they had last year..with all the small wrap moves they had around the rucks and sendin forwards inside...

    i was a true fan they look very solid indeed
  14. League: Warriors down - but not clueless

    By Peter Jessup

    Lack of ball security cost the Warriors any chance of a win against Melbourne at Ericsson Stadium yesterday but they didn't look like the clueless wanderers of last season.

    A familiar story: another close loss, just a converted try separating the teams with the Warriors blowing several chances.

    There was a gradual improvement in their play, except for five minutes of the second half. They threatened the Storm line and it looks as though further experience will improve combinations.

    That easing off between the 54th and 59th minutes allowed Melbourne two tries, upped their confidence and gave them a lead that was not headed.

    Coach Ivan Cleary blamed a lack of execution at crucial moments. Crucially, he was not swinging too far left or right as has been the tendency with previous Warriors coaches, calmly analysing what went wrong and what had to be done to fix things.

    He wasn't contemplating team changes ahead of their second game against the Eels in Hamilton next Saturday. "I don't think there was anyone who didn't play today who would have made any difference."

    The qualities he saw would last, he said, while the errors made were a short-term thing - fixable.

    Of concern is five-eighth Sione Faumuina's tendency to high shots, a hit that stunned Ryan Hoffman and sent him from the field, earning a report to the judiciary. Faumuina looked like he was trying too hard to organise a break yesterday and when he did he lacked support.

    New halfback Nathan Fien took time to feel his way in, his kicking game non-threatening in the first half but improving to deliver their second try when Wairangi Koopu pounced on a loose ball.

    The Warriors forwards made more ground than did the Storm pack. They kept the Storm backs out of the game for long periods with good defence. But it was out wide where most of the damage was done. Rookie centre Greg Inglis showed class to take the ball from a scrum on the Storm 20-metre line, hold off Warriors' right wing Tony Martin and out-pace Brent Webb for try one after eight minutes.

    Quick hands put wing Matt Geyer over at 25 minutes, Inglis missing both conversion attempts from wide out for an 8-0 score at the break.

    It might have been closer. The Warriors were pressing for a try when Storm five-eighth Scott Hill went down injured by their posts and a trainer ran on, interrupting play and forcing ref Steve Clark to halt proceedings and the Warriors' momentum.

    Slowing play was a tactic they used in the second half too, as the Warriors earned repeat sets of six from goal-line drop-outs.

    Home team captain Steve Price had no complaints, admitting he might use similar tactics when required.

    The Warriors opened the second half with speed and Martin got the ball down in the corner after two minutes, but video ref Phil Cooley correctly ruled his foot had touched the line as the ball was planted.

    But two minutes later Jerome Ropati scored after an interchange between Faumuina and Webb, then Koopu scored two minutes after that and with Martin's conversion they led 10-8.

    At 55 minutes, sleep set in and Storm hooker Cameron Smith was allowed to run straight through their middle from dummy-half and 10 metres out. In the 58th minute Geyer went in at the left corner again, Martin caught out again.

    Afterwards, Storm coach Craig Bellamy agreed they had targeted the Warriors' right side, not just because Martin lacked the pace of your classic winger.

    "We wanted to go that side more, it wasn't just Tony Martin, I thought that with their structure on that side there were some opportunities."

    The Warriors gave fans hope when Webb spotted a big hole down the Storm right side and dropped a clever kick for Manu Vatuvei to pounce on. But minutes later the Storm replied through bench man Steve Turner and, as the game wound down, the home team played their traditional catch-up style and the last possessions were frittered away. It was a tough game and Price said he was happy with 80 per cent of their play. Cleary declared himself happy with the effort.

    It's fair that they blame rust and new, untried combinations this time. But these close games at home have to be won if they are to avoid their season turning into a pointless and demoralising meander.


    exactly how i feel
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  20. now?...u puzzle me... ill do it tommorrow
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