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the real nintendo show



well e3 was a big disappointment by and large for nintendo fans but nintendo seemed to have redeemed themselves with an event announcing a new ds called the dsi and some interesting stuff for the wii including a storage solution via the sd card slot. this info is from the japan event american event set to start tomorrow.

The DSi is notably smaller than its predecessor. Roughly 3.24 inches thick, the handheld is 12 percent thinner than DS Lite -- specifically, by 2.6 millimeters. The reduction in size has not come without a sacrifice -- specifically, the omission of GBA game slot.

On the other hand, the DSi features several advancements and upgrades. It includes, for example, a built-in .3-megapixel camera (capable of maximum picture-taking resolutions of 640x480). DSi owners will be able to use special software to fully edit pictures snapped with the camera using the stylus and the device's touch-screen. (We originally translated that DSi's screens were both touch compatible, but that is reportedly incorrect.) That's another big addition -- both screens of DSi will be touch-compatible. Meanwhile, the handheld will feature an SD card slot and the ability to play AAC music and other sound files. Users will be able to use the stylus and touch-screens to change the pitch and playback speed of music.
Nintendo noted that DSi owners will be able to connect wirelessly to the DS Shop, where they can use Nintendo Points to buy and download games and software to internal memory aboard the system. This type of downloadable software is called DSWare. Software will be separated into four categories: Free, 200 Points, 500 Points and Premium (800 Points). If you connect even once to the Shop by March 2010, Nintendo will give you 1,000 free Points as a present.The DS web browser will also be built into DSi.

To address the lack of Wii system memory, Mr. Iwata announced that future Wii software can be downloaded directly to the SD memory card. Finally! It will also be possible to easily move software from SD card to the Wii system memory. Say good-bye to the weekly cleaning of the fridge, in other words. The only bad news? This long-anticipated option will not become available to Wii owners until spring 2009A new series of software is coming out called "Let's Play On Wii," according to Iwata. The series will bring back popular ***les like Pikmin that were released on GameCube, but they will adapted for play on Wii. Hopefully this is not the Pikmin 3 Miyamoto referenced at E3 2008.
Hardcore Wii fans should be thrilled to know that Nintendo did pull back the curtain on a number of major Wii releases scheduled for next year. Brace yourselves. Punch-Out!! and Sin & Punishment 2 were officially revealed for the console and shown in video form. Other Wii ***les coming next year include Another Code R, Samurai Warriors 3, a new 'mothership' "Tales of" ***le, and more.
I was under the impression that the DSi will feature 3.25 inch screens? Also, Nintendo say theyre planning a European launch for spring.

Still, the Wii game announcements have me quite excited. Interesting to see Tecmo bring back Rygar and Namco doing another Klonoa game. Also, a Rune Factory game piques my interest, seeing as its previously been a handheld only franchise. Curious on how you'd do a Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya game, but seeing as we're talking about an anime series that parodied Phoenix Wright, I suspect it has potential to be awesome.

Odd how the Wii is getting the true Tenchu sequel while the 360 is getting a mini-game compilation with the Tenchu name plastered on it. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Samurai Warriors 3 are obvious personal interests. Though I wouldnt be surprised to see the latter on the 360 too, if it follows past Koei trends. Sin & Punishment 2 (and indeed anything by Treasure) is always something to look forward too as well.

So yeah, i'd say a much more interesting line up than their E3 stand.
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Wow, another Kloana game?[/b]
At this point, i'm not entirely sure whether its a new ***le in the franchise or just a port of the PS2 ***le quite a few years back.

Either way, I wouldnt be complaining.
the klona game is a remake of the playstation game. it will have improved graphics and have some wii elements in it.

not much new at the american event some more game announcements especially for the ds and probably the highlight for me anyway the wiispeak channel.this really seems like it would have been perfect for an e3 showing instead of all the casual crap they shoved down nintendo fans throats.

http://au.wii.ign.com/articles/915/915544p1.html american event coverage.

http://au.wii.ign.com/articles/915/915632p1.html wiispeak
Consumers that purchase the $30 Wii Speak microphone peripheral for the Wii will be able to immediately use it for more than Animal Crossing, according to Nintendo.
The microphone comes with a code that unlocks the Wii Speak Channel, a chat system for the Nintendo Wii.
Up to four players can chat together on the Wii Speak Channel at no charge.
The user's selected Mii appears in the channel, mimicking the user's mouth to make it appear as if the avatar is speaking.
The channel also allows user to leave audio messages to other users, as well as make audio captions for their stored photos.

The Wii Speak Channel launches November 16.
I'd love to play Kloana - Door to Phantomile. I had a pretty sizeable demo for the PS1 version (about 10 years ago now) but never did get round to getting the game or any subsequent sequels.
Sounds like they're also porting some Gamecube ***les to the Wii. Both Pikmin's, both Metroid Prime's, Mario Tennis, Chibi Robo and Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat are all confirmed for Japan (and all except the last two are also confirmed for Europe). Of course, all these ***les are already backwards compatible, but then apparently the Wii port of Resident Evil 0 did really well in Japan, which is what probably ignited this idea... (Capcom didnt bring the RE port over here. Considering how much flak they get on their forums for Wii support when they appear to be one of the biggest third-party supporters of the console, I cant say I blame them.)
yeah that was more good news the play it on wii range or something like that. basically just straight ports with wii controls but should hopefully be good. being able to play through the whole prime series on wii with hopefully the same controls as in corruption will be a massive drawcard for some. I also wonder if nintendo may not try and sell all 3 of a series say metorid in some kind of special bundle too.
Let's go through this chronologically.

- Nintendo of America at first said that it would be region locked.
- Nintendo of Europe then said it wouldnt be.
- Nintendo of America then said it didn't know.
- Nintendo of Europe then said only DSi exclusive games would be region locked (which is currently only believed to be downloadable ***les)

With one Nintendo exec saying that it wont be region locked and another saying it will be, I think its safe to say even Nintendo dont know. And with the fact that people are still unsure as to whether it contains a 0.3 or a 3 megapixel camera, and the fact that Nintendo doesnt traditionally participate in the Tokyo Game Show, I have a horrible feeling we may not get a concrete answer for some time...

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