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Got an illness? Off work? TRF the only thing keeping you going? Sign in here!

Illness: Severe chest infection

Off work?: Yes, until Sunday

Medication: Copious amounts of tablets... 8 steroid tablets until I've used them all and I have 100...

Recovery time: As long as is needed due to the asthma.
Injury = f***ed Up Back playing up again

Off Work = Today Only (Painkillers are my friend)

Medication = Panadol and some fancy stuff with about 96 letters in its name
I have come down with a slight head cold me thinks, but I reckon it might be an ear infection catching on as I have been feeling sick and have a f***ed up all day and feel tired constently.
I had an ear infection for nigh on 12 months, go to the doctors and get it sorted.
Injury = Bad Back
Cause = Indoor Football
Off Work = I would be so Lucky!!!
Treatment = Deep Heat, Patches and Spray
Recovery Time = By tommorow in time to play football
Ailment: Ulcerative Colitis
Duration: 4 years so far
Time off work: Combined total of 3 months overall
Side effects: Increased risk of bowel cancer

I win this round.
Ailment = Premature Balding
Cause = Not sure really, someone pointed it out one day and it just went down hill from there
Off Work = Not sure if I can but am willing to give it a go
Treatment = Alcohol and wearing hats
Side effects = Lack of getting my end away
Recovery Time = Think it's all down hill from here
Injury = Foggy head, bad breath
Cause = Excessive Alcohol
Off Work = No chance...work hard play hard
Treatment = Water at the mo..... more beer ASAP
Recovery Time = However long it takes to drink 6-10 more schooners
Injury = Bruised hand, bad foot, splitting headache
Cause = Women
Off Work = I wish
Treatment = Sleep and punching things (unfortuantely leads to more injuries
Recovery Time = 15th December
- Injury = horrible cough and stiff back
- Cause = Doing an hour scrummage session in the freezing cold ******* rain in the mud ball that is Malleny Park training pitch.
- Treatment = cough sweets/medicine and sleep
- Off Work = Nup cause I'm 'ard...even playing Rugby tomorrow cause the adrenline will pick me up
- Recovery time = no idea
- Injury = Knackered Ankle and Calf Strain
- Cause = Some fat prop sat on my leg in a ruck and it all went the wrong way
- Treatment = Heavy Strapping
- Off Work = No need really, just hobbling round college, need to revise for my January AS Levels
- Recovery time = no idea

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