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The Tennis Thread.

And out goes Cam Norrie. Shame; made a few mistakes in that final set tiebreaker. Looking like a men's semi final line up of Alcaraz v Medvedev and Sinner v Djokovic in the offering.

Women's- looks like between Sabalenka and Gauff. But they are on the same side of the draw.
Sinner v Medvedev final. An interesting one. On paper Medvedev should win based on this being his 6th GS final and Sinner's first and leads their head to head 6-3. But Sinner should be fresher given Medvedev has been through back back 5 setters and one in the first week. I see this one going 5 sets but hope Sinner comes through for his first GS.

Ultimately up to him when he retires. He has nothing to prove and his legacy was completed when he won Wimbledon. But got to question why he keeps playing? He doesn't look like he's enjoying it on court anymore and he parted yet again with Lendl last year. That competitive spirit was what drove him to compete with Djokovic, Nadal and Federer.

Noticed he's definitely lost that bit of foot speed when he lost at the AO. That and losing that consistency on his first serve means he's never going to be a force again at the very top level.

Right call to win some matches and tournaments. Only return if he can.

Sadly a sign of the times in tennis. Few juniors are taught the shot and best of both worlds with the double hander: more power and slice with one hand.

I wish he'd just do what Federer and Nadal have done and just announce when he will, instead of hinting, which he's been doing the last 5 years. They even did a tribute video for him at the AO in anticipation of his impending retirement. Virginia Wade was right he is a drama queen.

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