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Todays Testing Of Rc2006 At Swordfish

.......also, can you tell us exactly how we are worked into the game?

Yeah I'd like to know that. Are we in unlockable teams or in unlicensed teams, or some other team?
how do we unlock teams? do we get them in carrer mode, or do we have to do a seek and destroy, and clock everything, on every skill level, and then do tasks such as kick a 45m drop goal, and then find out there isnt even a secret bloody team
Take your ramblings to the EA section. Well, I suppose it doesn't matter, they're not going to read it anyway.
no, no... those unlockables only belong in the 'EA Sports' games, not Swordfish. Probably classic matches or cheats codes...
Originally posted by locksley@Oct 5 2005, 08:17 PM
4. Yes, the player does still dip his shoulder. Don't forget, Swordfish are trying to get the right blend of Realism AND fun, which, as you're probably aware of, is very hard to get right in a Rugby game.
are there different animations for the big hit or are they stilll the same?

all in all its looking very promising!
this game is now on my hit list!
Are we already on a team or do we have to put ourselves in one? Or is it like Career Player in BLIC/RPIC?

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