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TRF Tutorials, is for tutorials made by members of TRF for other members on TRF.. not ones stolen from other sites. Please do not steal tutorials from other sites.

Border Tutorial:
When finishing a signature, avatar, or any piece of work, it is always good to have a border. If you look at my current avatar, and see the white then black border around it, this is what is being taught how to create.

What you want to do is as follows.


1.) After finishing the artwork, go to layer>new layer.. this will make a layer on top of all of your others

2.) Press ctrl+a to select the whole artwork, you will see a moving box around the border of your artwork.

3.) Now go edit>stroke, and make sure the "location" is set to inside, now go up and set it to 2px white, and press ok. Now you will have the white, now go edit>stroke again and press 1px black.. and there you go you now have your border
Take This:

To This:

Or This (by fading gaussian blur):

What you want to do is:

1.) Open picture on a new canvas

2.) Duplicate the picture 1 time

3.) Set the duplicated layer to "overlay"

4.) On the original picture layer go.. image>adjustments>desaturate

5.) On the original picture (desaturated one) play around with putting gaussian blur on it on the one above i put 2.0.. you can put more then play around with edit>fade gaussian then set it to "soft light" or "hard light" for the fade of the gaussion..

on that picture above the gaussion is not faded

on my avatar i think the gregan picture is the only one of the gaussians that i faded and maybe the mccaw.. for sure the john smit one wasnt because if i did the picture would have been very rough..

well theres the tutorial.. hope it helps you guys out :)
<div align="center">Teh Mite and his miraculous Modified Soften

A nice simple tutorial here so you all know how to go from crappy grainy, over sharp images to very easy on the eye beauties.

For this image I will start with an image of the mercurial Carlos Spencer performing his trademark banana kick.


Now thic could look a lot better with a bit of softening.

1. Firstly open the image in Photoshop CS and duplicate the layer. (CTRL + J).

2. Now go Filter > Artistic > Watercolour and use these settings;


3. Now Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur and use these settings;


4. Now for the filter select soft light and set the the opacity to around the 65% mark and you should have somthing similar to this.


Play with your filters and opacity to get different effects, and then it's **** easy to make lots of very professional looking pictures.



Can become:






this has been a Teh Mite Tutorial. Rip it off and I will eat your first born children.
thnx for the guides they are very simple to follow and can help a lot the newbies on photoshop :)

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