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    #2 KITMAKING[/b]

    I will post more tutorials soon. Thanks for your patience. Please do not reply/post to this thread. If you want to submit a tutorial or have a tutorial request,. please PM me. Thanks.
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    <span style="color:#0000ff">Step 3: Custom design:

    This is the hardest part where you need to be very good in photoshop to mimic the real life design. You may have textured panels, like mesh or grip panels or whichever, and you need to make this yourself. Generally i find the easiest way is to draw the polygonal lasso tool (photoshop) and actually make the shape by eye.

    Once you have it, then copy and paste it, change the colour if needed and then you will have the custom area you want. Adding the mesh and stuff is the last part, so leave that to one side for a moment.

    Now, we are onto socks. Socks are simple. See diagram for more info. The right part of the sock area has to be made flipped, so any logos, you must flip opposite. If you dont, it will flip in-game, and will be backwards. Same goes for anything vertical, like lettering down the sock. This should be easy.. i normally do socks first to get into it quickly. Logos on socks dont need to be adjusted, just to scale/ratio.

    Ok, now we are onto the tape area. This is quite important and you must leave it as it is, because any player who has tape assigned in the woosaah editor will have this. You won't need to touch it, unless you want to change the COLOUR of the tape. Some teams do that, but remember EVERY player will have it for that team.

    Ok, now we are onto shorts. Again, these are easy. There is no real learning.. apart from that the right side of the short is a few mm's higher, so if you make any joining lines behind the bum area, they will mismatch if you match them in the shorts area when making them. The logos for shorts are like the shirt logos, but you don't have to make them so wide. So try 10% shorter and 15% wider.

    You cannot put numbers/initials on shorts because every player will have the same one.

    Ok, now once you have your finished creation save it as .psd if possible. This is handy because you can adjust every layer you made, and it's also a much higher quality then jpeg or png. You can even import the image as .psd to FSHed, as long as you have the plug-in for FSHed which allows you to do it.

    Your next step is to get the image into FSHed and saved, ready for dropping into the directory or putting into the .big file. You can find out about that in the Kitmaking FAQ.

    Now, last and not least.. it's time for the detail. You must do this before importing, obviously if your kit has mesh texture. You may notice that some kits have special areas of mesh, or texturised material. You can either use your own ideas here or use mine it's up to you.

    For socks, i searched the internet for 'plain white socks'. Once you have found a sock image with a clear pattern, then use photoshop to make it larger and cutout a piece that is rectanglar and fairly straight. I use multiply tool to make it lay translucent over the white kit image. Then you can just add those four parts to the sock part of the kit, so it is reversed on the right side. You will now have enhanced sock texture!

    If you have panels on the shirt, then use the mesh texture in the template pack. This is by conrad burry of nba live forums. Basically, again, you just scale the mesh down to the size you need, and try putting it over the kit as a layer. Then cut around the panels you want 'meshed' and you will have a layer of mesh panel! Repeat as necessary. Remember, stretch it wider and shorter, and the holes will come out more realistic and not stretched.

    For the sleeves, it is very hard to get the mesh to match unless you use a 2048x2048 res for the whole kit. But again, do the same trick.. but make it much smaller holes on the sleeves. The sleeve is the worst part if kit modding.. don't worry if you can't match it 100%, it is extremely difficult to do.

    There you go. You should now have something looking pretty good. If not, then keep at it and it will come to you with patience and practice.
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    Templates of well-known brands

    Currently, there are several designs from various companies that we can perfected in the forum, so rather than try to make yourself and fail, below is a zipfile of all the major branded kit templates you may need, ranging from Adidas to Canterbury. Most kits are generic with little extra touches for each team, but also some of the teams have custom or bespoke kit designs, like the Super 14 adidas designs for NZ franchises. Those are not included in the pack, but may be at a later date if other modders will give permission to distribute them.

    Download the file HERE (not uploaded yet)
    (Uploaded to rapidshare)

    Ok, so you've read the FAQ, and you have the tools.. now let's use your new found knowledge to make your very first kit!

    The link to the templetes is in active. Can you please reload the link or pm me and I'll give you my email address to send it to. Thank you.
  5. Fa'atau82

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    I haven't uploaded it yet, but there is a neat canterbury template on eric's thread.
  6. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

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    please ,how to insert logos in the screen choose of rugby 08.i make logos for brazilian league however this logos don't show in the screen!

    anyone help me?

    ps.:change teams of guiness premiership for brazilian teams.
  8. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    @ Clayton - I assume you mean menu logos? There are many types of logos, so you need to know what the filenames are for the files you need. Do you know how to make the logos, or are you just having problems getting your logos in the game?

    If you want to make logos do this:

    1. Go to google, and search images for your logo you want.
    2. Open up any kind of photo editing program, i recommend photoshop.
    3. Make a new image with transparent background (from new image options)
    4. Add your logo to that new image, and save as .png or .psd or anything that allows transparency (interpolated)
    5. Open the file you need with fshED.
    6. Use Import Tool to import your saved logo image.
    7. Save as.
    8. Copy the file you just edited to the main directory of the game which is HDD:/Program Files/EA Sports/EA Sports Rugby 08 (or whichever folder you want to put it in if you have made mod folders)
    9. Go to the beach and have some bikini time and a pina colada or whatever you'd rather.

  9. silva024

    silva024 Guest

    my problem is get this logos in the game.a light for me please!
  10. silva024

    silva024 Guest

    I made this process but still in it functioned it I made this process.how to make now?
  11. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    you need the file named 'rugbygob'. make search for it on forum. 'Kingwilko' made it, so maybe search that username and you will find it.

    Then you can find the names of the files. The best way to learn to try and mistake (trial and error),you will learn fast.

    Do you have any mods like MUP? What teams did you want to replace for your brasil league teams? If you have MUP, make a copy of it to a NEW directory and then you can find all the files you need without extract.
  12. silva024

    silva024 Guest

    i want replace under premiership teams and i have mods as the top 14,air new zealand cup .through this mods as know modify kits,minikits.i have the rugbygob in the excel file.
  13. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    Ok, in that excel file, you can find the filenames for the logos, there are two different logos types. You can either extract them from the game.. but what i'd suggest is that if you have MUP or something that has updated logos, copy a new directory with those files. Then just use fshed to open up the filenames and add the new images in.
  14. silva024

    silva024 Guest

    well,i was make the process however this logos show in world league of 2 teams and others don't show.
    in the premiership logos don't show in the select team.
  15. Perpesque

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    hey... this is for anyone, ive just taught my self how to make kits using these tutorials and stuff, but i get to the point when i import the kit.fsh into the big file and then i put it into the game but it has the wrong collar, so i was just wondering how to change the collar types for the big files. hope what i said makes sense and any help will be appreciated
  16. Miciosting

    Miciosting Guest

    what u do is you use biggui or whatever it is called and extract the config.bin of a .big kit file that has the collar that you want and then import THAT config.bin into the .big file of the kit u want to edit... thats how i do it, im not sure thats the easiest way but i hope it helps. on another note is there anywhere i can download the ccc kit template, i cant seem to find it anywhere

    Faatau82 says: Biggui is correct for extracting config.bin. You can't open it though, you can just extract it and then import to other files. So if you extracted config.bin for a file you know uses a round neck collar, you can import it to a kit that you know doesn't have one, but that you want to have one.

    There is no other eay as far as i know. As for CCC template, i think uli has one.
  17. Miciosting

    Miciosting Guest

    i dont know much about modding but i used biggui to export the texture.fsh file of a face then exported the picture and edited it a bit on photoshop then imported the pic back into the texture.fsh and then put that back into the .big file for the face i was using, hoping to see a new texture on the face of the guy i edited but the game crashed when loading the match... what am i doing wrong?
  18. Miciosting

    Miciosting Guest

    nvm that last message but now i have another problem, using o-edit, i cannot use that 4th view, the one with the coloured backround that; by looking at youtube which is all ive had to go on seems to show the model with the texture, anyways how do i go about getting it to work? thanks in advance
  19. silva024

    silva024 Guest

    as know anyone insert argentina in tri nations.
  20. jacovw

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    man this is bloody difficult!

    How do I change an image file that i'm editing to a fsh file?
  21. Enjay2008

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    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (jacovw @ Nov 12 2009, 11:26 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>

    By using an app called FshEd2005, you simply open the existing fsh file, that you extracted from the data.gob file, click on File and select graphinc importer of Gif imported, I prefer Gif importer as I save all my completed file as gif files anyway. Hope this answers your question...
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