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URC 2022/2023 Final

I was hugely impressed with the Munster back three with Haley in particular having a standout game, but I think JOB has the back up to Keenan deservedly sewn up, especially given his versatility. However, I think Daly must be a serious contender for the last back three slot, with Larmour way less than convincing and Stockdale not having a lot of opportunities to shine. Daly was superb yesterday, is big and quick with a big boot, and very strong defensively, as well as having been in camp regularly.

Also can't blame Van Grann for Crowley. He was nowhere near ready for senior rugby. Needed the gym conditioning he got last year

I also wonder if Kleyn has moved himself up the ranking with his form recently. Second row isn't a position of strength for us, with Henderson unconvincing and McCathy, who has huge potential, still finding his way. He didn't look up to it when he was called up at the last RWC but his form has been consistently good in the second half of this season and he was again excellent on Saturday.

For all Coombes superb form I'm not sure he can get past Conan, but I'd like to see Hodnett get a bit of time in camp because we have no real back up to VdF other than Penny, and I'm not fully convinced that he has the quality for international rugby. I'm also not sure how Hodnett's game would transfer to international rugby, but he keeps putting in motm performances for Munster so he has to be worth a look.

Not sure if there should be any further discussion of the back up 10 after Saturday, with Crowley again looking like he has all the goods. Van Graan should be taken out and shot for the way he mishandled Crowley, as well obviously as so many other things he made a horlicks of.
A few things on this.

1. Haley probably had 1 of his poorer games yesterday. Not saying he was poor but even when we struggled early in season he was good. Think he would be a better 15 than JOB by a bit but JOB the more versatile.
Larmour has slipped like Joey and don't think either should be in conversation for France. Daly and Nash will be contenders and will be definitely challenging.

Again Kleyn also is probably our player of year and offers something very different to any of our other locks doing all the dirty work. He has beee the form lock all season and showing why Schmidt wanted him 4 years ago but now he is backing it up. 100% should be there.

On Coombes. Think Gav is as good an 8 as Conan and post RWC should be ahead of him but on form Gav has been excellent but, and I'm not always his fan, Conan probably was Leinsters best backrow the last 6 weeks and hasn't lost spot.

I think Hodnett would shock ye all if watched all season has shown all season his power running withball and in tackle. Woyld be well able for international

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