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URC and Premiership merger discussions?

If you want a pilot of how regionalisation for the sake of it doesnt work just look at Wales.

I'm a season ticket holder at Cardiff, I probably watch more Cardiff rfc games than I do the pro Cardiff rugby because it's a more fun atmosphere.

Take this weekend, I watched Cardiff v Lions, not 1 away fan, crowd of 6k sat there grumbling watching our academy players get physically dominated. In fact when they lined up pre kick off people were laughing at the size difference in the players lol

Compare that to Cardiff RFC playing Ponty last season, 3k fans 1k away fans, and a great atmosphere.

Atmosphere for European nights are only interesting when the English or Irish with a travelling support are in town, French, SA, Italian and Scottish are dead rubber games noone really cares about.

I honestly think a British isles league, 20 teams, 4 Welsh, 4 Irish, 2 Scottish and 10 English would be incredible.

Make European rugby a secondary competition.

I'd love to see Cardiff go home and away to Bristol, Sale, Bath etc, all of which would see decent travelling fans.

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