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Viaplay exiting UK and URC impact


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Feb 28, 2012
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I've just seen that Viaplay are pulling out of the UK and will be completely out by the end of 2023. That puts a bit of uncertainty around watching the games in the UK. Viaplay/Premier Sports was flawed, but it was great having all the games to watch every week as well as the Challenge Cup games. I don't think they ever put any effort into advertising really, they could have done a lot better to build up their subscribers but I get their desire to consolidate into their core markets.

Unsure what this means for the URC coverage though. I don't think Sky will pick it up, and in general think it would be terrible for URC given their tendency to only show a few games. I think it would be the same thing for BT given how they treat the Premiership.

Either way feels like I'm going to have a lot more pain trying to watch the Stormers every weekend. Some form of URC.tv subscription may be the best option.

Yeesh. Not great news for URC team coffers, especially given the current funding landscape in many rugby areas. I think all TV money is pooled in the URC? If so it may impact on everyone.

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