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W.Force 2007 possible recruits



Its about that time when clubs start to poach players for next season...

The Force is currently in negotiations with a few high profile players for the 2007 season........Some of these names include Matt Giteau,Drew Mitchell,Al Kanaar,Stephen Hoiles and NRL player Ryan Cross.

Giteau may head west from Canberra
Wednesday April 19 2006

Force emerge as front runners for Australian star's signature
The Western Force are leading the race to sign centre Matt Giteau for next season despite the ACT Brumbies remaining confident of retaining their star back.

All four Australian Super 14 teams - the Waratahs, the Reds, the Brumbies and the Force - have made offers to the playmaker, but it is understood the Perth-based franchise has all but secured Giteau's services for 2007 and beyond.

On Tuesday, an Australian Rugby Union-imposed deadline passed with Giteau delaying the signing of a new contract.

Media reports claimed this was an indication that he will be leaving the Brumbies, however, the club's chief executive Andrew Fagan is hopeful of retaining Giteau.

"A deadline was imposed by the ARU but, at this stage, it is doubtful they will achieve resolution of their issues," Fagan told The Australian newspaper.

"It's taking a bit longer than we had hoped but we are still positive working towards a decision.

"I feel Matt is yet to make a decision but we feel as though he is comfortable where he is.

"We are quietly confident but, until I hear it from Matt and see an agreement signed, it's still an open process.

"All the other provinces are bidding aggressively," he added.

According to ARU sources, Giteau has made up his mind where he is going and the only sticking point is the length of the contract.

The 23-year-old utility back has expressed that he wants a long-term contract.

It is understood Giteau will try to delay making an announcement on his future until after the current Super 14 season - the final is on May 27.


Giteau has apparently been offered a long term contract worth $1,000,000 a season plus other sweeteners,he will also be guaranteed a chance to play in his prefered position of fly-half,lineup along side best mate Matt Henjak and live in a better city than Canberra.............. i'd say this is a done deal, he'd be mad not to take it.

Ryan Cross serious about switch to union

Sydney Roosters centre Ryan Cross says his interest in rugby union is genuine and he harbours dreams of playing in next year's Rugby World Cup.

Cross, off contract at the end of the NRL season, is the latest rugby league player linked to union after being targeted by struggling Super 14 franchise Western Force.

The Roosters three-quarter has broken his silence on a possible switch, just days after new Wallabies coach John Connolly opened talks with his manager John Fordham.

"That's the biggest event in rugby, so obviously I'd want to play in that," he said of the opportunity of playing in the RWC in France.

"Next year, if I did go, that would be a goal of mine, for sure.

"I've been very close to league representative teams but I haven't quite made it.

"Maybe it would be (easier in union), but I'm not sure, there are a lot of talented union players out there as well.

"It's never easy to make a rep team."

The 26-year-old, who has played just two representative games for City Origin, admitted he had to make the switch now if he was serious about carving out a career in rugby union.

And he said the prospect of living and playing in Perth was an appealing one.

"Yeah, for sure, I think it's a great opportunity," said Cross, who is hoping to return from an ankle injury against the Bulldogs in round nine.

"They've done it tough first up, but they're just building, it's their first season.

"Hopefully they're going to sign some quality players for next year, so if I go there, the only way is up.

"Whoever they sign for next year would be a big factor if I went there.

"It's probably my last contract where I think about playing union, it's either that or play league the rest of my career."

Cross enjoyed playing both codes at school, but decided to follow in the footsteps of his father Paul, who had a distinguished league career for Easts and Balmain.

Asked about the meeting between Fordham and the Australian Rugby Union, Cross said: "(Connolly) just wanted to gauge my interest in rugby and we wanted to do the same, see how interested they are in us.

"It was a pretty informal chat to see if things do happen, how they would feel be me.

"They've contacted me, so they must be interested.

"You'd be mad not to look at all the opportunities, what's best for my family.

"With the Roosters, I've been there all my life and I'd give them first and last call.

"The Roosters have always looked after me, so money is never going to come into for me."

Just how the negotiations between Cross and the ARU affect Mark Gasnier's possible defection is not clear.

The St George Illawarra centre has been in negotiations with union officials for some weeks now, having met with ARU chief executive Gary Flowers last week.

But Dragons coach Nathan Brown said he would not stand by and just watch his prize centre be poached by the rival code, though he denied claims he had spoken to new Nine Network CEO Eddie McGuire about third-party arrangements to keep Gasnier in rugby league.

"There's nothing going on, I haven't spoken to anyone at Channel Nine," Brown said.

"We can sit on our hands and if Gaz goes we'll feel like, `well I probably didn't do my best to keep him,' or we can try our best and if we can come up with something that fits within the NRL rules, that's great.

"It'd be different if Gaz was old, we wouldn't be so worried. But he's 24, he's got six years of his prime he's coming into now.

"I just don't see the point of why you wouldn't try hard to keep him."

The NRL has already said it will not relax its salary cap rules to keep the likes of Cross or Gasnier from switching codes.


I haven't seen much of him at all, maybe Sanzar can tell us if he thinks he would be a good buy and could he make it in Union?

It looks like he's keen on living in Perth but he's kidding himself if he thinks he can make the World Cup squad in such short time........ hopefully no one tells him that....you know.....ignorance is bliss an all that.

Drew Mitchell looks the least likely to move, i've heard he wants to stay with the Reds for the opportunity to play under former Wallabies Coach Eddie Jones......the man that(surprisingly) gave Mitchell his first Wallaby cap.

Possible Western Force team for 07..



That team would be close to a top 4/6 spot me thinks.

watch this space>
not really from what I have seen of the force. but who knows with a decent play maker in giteau and the others getting some experince this year things could improve. cross is a pretty good centre in league very fast and solid on defence. he seems a tad injury prone in the last few years though. I wouldn't rule him out of making the world cup squad either for the wallabies. he could be dynamic off the bench.
Good to see that team didn't include Henjak in the starting 15.
Git. will be heading for WA for sure... there is higher forces at work here.
Knowing the Force they will probably stuff up Giteau's bright future. Just like Henjak, Giteau will find it tough without Larkham and Gregan giving him the ball.
I really think if the Force can keep their team together without being decimated by injuries they will have a solid crack at the top half of the ladder next year.

Giteau, Cross, Kanaar.. these are all big names that could really boost their chances.
and dont forgte brett stapleton, this guy need to be given some game time next year, he has such a bright future, and after all its the future what must be the fundamental aim for the force.
well hopefully they can get some more depth so they don't lose every game they play. sure teams gets injuries but other teams like the crusaders have quality depth beyond the first 15.

the force will need lots of good signings and better run with injuries to have any hope of making the semis next year
Now also remember depth usually takes time. eg. The crusaders came last in the inaugural S12 and look were they are now.

It seems gits has gone to WA and we'll miss him here, but I'm sure we'll manage. Who could refuse up to $1.4 million a season for 5 seasons? One prob for him though is that he'll be moving out - he still lives with his parents in Queanbeyan!
How about the Force giving the Brumbies one of their 5/8s :) I'll take Scott Daruda you guys don't need him with Giteau.
If the Force get Ryan Cross on top of Giteau they'll have an almost ridiculous amount of inside backs.. Daruda, James, Hilgendorf, Giteau, Staniforth, Mackay, Pelesasa, Cross.
World Class Gamebreaker Joins the Emirates Western Force 

Wallaby Matt Giteau has signed with the Emirates Western Force for three years

Saturday, 22 April 2006

World class playmaker and Wallaby centre Matt Giteau has agreed to join the Emirates Western Force from 2007 in a three year deal.

The 23 year old has played 31 Tests for Australia and 38 Super Rugby games and is regarded as one of world rugby's most exciting game-breakers, who will add experience, flair and composure to the Emirates Western Force backline.

RugbyWA Chief Executive Peter O'Meara said he was thrilled that Giteau had agreed to join the Emirates Western Force.

"Matt is one of the best players in the world, a natural footballer with skills you can't teach," he said.

"He's a playmaker and will give our backline the extra dimension that we need to take this team from a competitive one to a winning one."

Mr O'Meara said the agreement reached between the Emirates Western Force and Giteau was in accordance with ARU protocols.

"If his agent, Greg Keenan, has been able to tap into commercial opportunities in this town which are not available in Canberra or elsewhere, then all power to him," Mr O'Meara said.

"Corporate Perth is relatively untapped from a rugby point of view and I'm sure there are many companies here which would be keen to align themselves with a marquee player like Matt."

Giteau said he was excited at the prospect of moving west and helping the Emirates Western Force become a powerhouse in provincial rugby.

He said the Perth team had been competitive in its inaugural year, as shown by Friday night's game against the Crusaders, and he wanted to be part of the next step in its development.

"They've never been far off the pace and I want to be there when their luck changes and it all starts to take shape because it will be a very exciting time in the club's history," Giteau said.

The Wallaby centre said he was also impressed with the level of support for rugby and the team in the west, and he was looking forward to the Perth lifestyle. 

"When I was in Perth for the Brumbies game in February, I was surprised by the strong rugby following there," he said.

"I've also spoken to Matt (Henjak) a fair bit and he tells me the lifestyle, the beaches, the weather, not to mention the rugby program and training facilities are pretty special."

Emirates Western Force head coach John Mitchell described Giteau as one of a few footballers in the world with the ability to make things happen for the players around him.

"Matt can create something from nothing and will always ask the hard questions of his opposition," he said.

"He has great awareness of what's in front of him and is just the type of person we want to bring into our player mix."

"We will not give up on our vision of building a player mix which will see us contest the finals."


Awesome news, :cheers:
Giteau coup sparks ARU contract probe
April 23, 2006 - 4:54PM

The Western Force's multi-million-dollar coup in snaring Matt Giteau has prompted Australian rugby bosses to announce a probe into player contracts and corporate sponsorships.

Giteau and the Force confirmed Sunday the 23-year-old star will leave the ACT Brumbies for Perth in a three-year deal said to be worth $4.5 million, making him the highest paid footballer of any code in Australia.

Giteau said after consulting senior Brumbies players he was convinced he had made the right decision.

"When you make a decision, when you decide your future for the next couple of years, you should be pretty happy," Giteau said.

"I'm not going over there with too many expectations about being some type of saviour or anything like that. I just want to go over there and ... play football, the best football I can.

"Then hopefully the other players are doing the same in their position and that way we can be competitive."

Giteau said he had never seriously considered joining the NSW Waratahs or Queensland Reds, saying his close friendship with Force halfback Matt Henjak would help him adjust to life in WA.

The Wallabies utility back confirmed he would be staying at his preferred inside centre position and did not think a move to a team without a win this season would affect his international chances.

"As long as I'm playing (good) football, then hopefully I'll be picked. If I'm not playing good football, then I don't get picked. That's just the way it is," he said.

Giteau's guaranteed pay packet of between $700,000 to $750,000 from his Force and ARU contracts will be doubled by deals with corporate sponsors, negotiated over the past two months by manager Greg Keenan.

ARU CEO Gary Flowers said all four Super 14 unions would now be consulted about player contracts, saying the game could not afford for player salaries to spiral out of control.

"The issue of third-party agreements for individual players is a complex one and something we will be looking at very closely," Flowers said.

"We also need to be very conscious of the serious impact it can have on our game.

"Just like any professional sport, our wages bill is one of our biggest costs and needs to be carefully managed to ensure our teams remain financially sustainable."

Flowers said any allegations the Force had breached current recruitment rules would be investigated.

However, a delighted Force chief executive Peter O'Meara said he would welcome any probe into the Force's recruitment practices, saying it was "squeaky clean".

"As far as we are concerned, we have abided by all the protocols that are associated with the recruitment process and we are quite comfortable if the ARU want to talk to us about that, or initiate any sort of investigation," O'Meara said.

"We are squeaky clean when it comes to what we pay Matt and we are just so pleased to be able to attract him here to the west.

"This isn't unusual for high-profile sports people of all codes to be able to attract that sort of attention, so good luck to Matt if he has been successful in attracting corporate dollars.

"It has certainly helped us, but those arrangements are at arms length from us."

O'Meara said the Giteau deal could be a catalyst for more arrivals.

"I am sure there are quite a number of players who will look at this decision and understand it for what it is," O'Meara said.

"I think actually this will be a significant issue in terms of attracting other players in the west."

Giteau also said he hoped his arrival could attract more top-class recruits.

"I'm not sure exactly who they're after ... but if I can attract some great players like Ryan Cross and players like that, of his calibre, I think that could be great for the Force," Giteau said.

Originally posted by Wally@Apr 22 2006, 12:37 PM
If the Force get Ryan Cross on top of Giteau they'll have an almost ridiculous amount of inside backs.. Daruda, James, Hilgendorf, Giteau, Staniforth, Mackay, Pelesasa, Cross.
Hilgendorf could play fullback but yea don't know what on earth they will do with so many centers. Time for them to shift the talent around.
Looks like we're going to get Mitchell aswell...

Mitchell to leave Queensland

Monday May 01 2006

ARU sets decision deadline for Australian star

Drew Mitchell will be on his way out of Queensland at the end of this season, and all will know his destination by Friday after the ARU set a deadline for the back-three player to decide.

What is clear is that it is not the Waratahs, who officially withdrew from the race for Mitchell's signature yesterday, with coach Ewen McKenzie saying that the chase was pointless.

That leaves it to the Brumbies and the Force, with Eddie Jones also admitting that it is highly unlikely that Mitchell will be in Suncorp Stadium next year.

Jones thinks that the Force will win the race, an opinion supported by the fact that Mitchell's agent is Greg Keenan, who brokered Matt Giteau's record-breaking deal with the Force a fortnight ago.

"We are certainly going to struggle to keep Drew," the former Wallabies coach said when pressed about Keenan's activities.

The Brumbies Chief Executive Andrew Fagan does not feel as though he is out of the race though, and spoke with Keenan on Sunday, a meeting he says was very positive.

"We certainly feel as though we are very much in contention and don't believe we have been dismissed as an option," Fagan said to reporters.

Keenan lent credence to that opinion, saying on Sunday it was untrue that a deal had already been done for Mitchell to join Force.

"Drew has not made any decision where he will play next year," Keenan said.

"He will make up his mind by Friday, it is a matter of weighing up where he wants to play."     LINK


It will be a great signing for the Force to get Mitchell but you gotta feel sorry for the Reds who have had half there team stolen by the Force.

If we keep this up then the Force will soon become the most hated team in Australia......... but we're going to have a bloody good team.

Force = Chelsea
Waratah Troy Takiari Joins the Emirates Western Force

Troy Takiari in action for the Waratahs during the 2006 pre-season

Friday, May 05, 2006

The Emirates Western Force have signed NSW Waratah prop Troy Takiari for the next two years.

The 27 year old made his Tooheys New Super 14 debut for the Waratahs against the Bulls in Pretoria in round three of 2006, and added a second cap against the Sharks in Sydney in round four.

The New Zealand born Takiari has the ability to play on both sides of the scrum, and at 192cm and 120kg he is one of the biggest props in the country.

Emirates Western Force coach John Mitchell said the arrival of Takiari would add depth and size to the squad's forward pack.

"Troy is a terrific technician at scrum time and is also very solid at the breakdown. He is tall for a prop, which makes him an awkward package for opposition front rows," said Mitchell.

"He is also very mobile for his size, and could develop into a damaging ball runner given the opportunity."

A former member of the Brumbies Academy and Brumby Runners program, Takiari also spent time playing semi-professional rugby in the Scottish Borders with the Hawick club. He signed with the Waratahs in 2005.

"It's great to get another opportunity to play Super 14 rugby, and I am really looking forward to working with John Mitchell and his coaching team," Takiari said.

"The Emirates Western Force have got a strong pack, so it will be a good challenge for me to try to get into the starting XV. I'm looking forward to heading to W.A. for the 2007 season."

Takiari has rugby in the blood - his father Mohi played for New Zealand Services and captained an ACT side during the 1980s that included David Campese and Ricky Stuart.

Forget what I just said. I've just seen the other topic, regarding contracts. :rolleyes:

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