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Any suggestions for WCR2 are welcome in here

heres some from TRF's backup forum

-Keep the odd pushing and shoving that we see now in the sequel. Maybe not so much with the half backs at the scrum though, as thats never really seen.
-Backing up the jump idea
-Diving on the ball in the in goal (more animations, and actually diving on it)
-Ability to ground the ball in the in goal
-Ability to call for a mark
-Smarter AI. They take penalties when they NEED tries all the time (eg they're trailing 27-21 down with no time on the clock and they decide to kick for goal).
-Tight 5 are in the backline too often currently, need to not be there as often. Loose forwards don't seem to do much (for me anyway).
-If they are coming out wide and it is one on one, the AI should not get your winger to go out further, where there is nobody and create a gap
-If the player you're controlling comes within say a 2.5m (or more) of a loose ball the AI should take over and run directly for the ball. I've played many game of 2 player where they would grubber through and then I'd end up running in small circles around the ball.
-Take the historic matches further back. As someone said, it would be cool playing with the likes of Meads, Don Clarke etc.
-Ruck system is quite good. But if a ball winner such as Richie McCaw gets to a tackled player on his feet he should win it immediately.
-More organised in general play between backs and forwards. Forwards should generally be near the ruck. Backs should generally be in the backline.
-better control of players in defence, also better player changing and able to change when ruck is formed, defence is really hard at the moment
-flatter defensive line, back of ruck not 10m behind it
- at the moment the AI never misses goal kicks...
- more game lengths eg 20 and 30mins
- Don't always have forwards in the backs coz it slows it down and they are useless. Also they shouldn't be soooooooo slow, some forwards are quite quick.
- More lisences and more teams.
- More Challenge Modes.
- More depth in league modes etc.
- Less button bashing in scrums and mauls, but not like Rugby 2004 because I think you need some sort of control over them.
- Better perspective on kicks - behind the player.
- I like the big tackle - but don't make it 100% dropped.
- Ball that doesn't sound flat when kicked.
- Better aiming marker on starting drop-kicks and kicking for touch from a penalty. Not one that keeps going back the the middle and keeps getting longer and shorter
- Ability to pick up the ball from a ruck if first there.
- If forwards are in the backline they should have the ability to break through some tackles so they aren't completely useless.
- More useful hand-off.
- Pass in tackle (with risk of a bad pass)

- Not 100% chance of dropping ball in power tackle. (Maybe 30% chance of ball coming loose).

- Small players less likely to successfully do power tackles on big players.

- Few more types of break tackles. (barge straight through without momentum loss, stumble through, stumble a few meters and fall, ect).

- Jumping to take high kicks. (can't be tackled in the air).

- Quick throw-ins.

- Player collisions ( Players not always held up when they run into a player when a tackle is not pressed. i.e. one or both fall over in situations where tackle was not pressed, if only defender falls ball carrier can keep running).
- When ball carrier held up. (Ball carrier fights to break free or pass, defender attempts to throw player to ground. When supporting players arrive maul could be formed).
- Mauls often collapse into rucks.
- Rucks can be quickly won with 2 players, no need to always involve all the forwards in every ruck.
- Players will occasionally run an angle towards the ball carrier, as to do cut inside.
- Players on the inside will run for in hope of receiving an inside pass.
- More than one player involved in some tackles.
- Video Ref for some tries. (check grounding of the ball, check if player stepped out).
- Forwards can pick and go from rucks.
A) Scrums
No more button bashing.
Tightheads hardly ever occur.
X â€" Feed,  - Hook, O + direction / analog â€" Drive
Camera angle behind scrum so:
Pushing straight up with analog = straight drive
Pushing up and right with analog = driving with more force on tighthead side
Pushing up and left with analog = driving with more force on the loosehead side
When ball is out more options.
L1 / L2 â€" Pass left/right, L2 / R2 â€" scrum half picks and runs left / right, X â€" box kick for halfback, O + direction / analog â€" 8 picks and runs to the direction.


Select the players you want in the lineout (i.e., numbers, halfback, who stands where…). You control one player. Then, use the directional buttons to more around.
 / O â€" Jump and catch / hit back to halfback (people in front / behind you lift), D / X â€" Lift person behind / in front of you.
Then with the camera behind the hooker throw it straight. An arrow swings across the lineout and when it gets to the center press X. If the arrow stops pointing down the gap then the throw is straight. If the arrow is pointed towards your side the throw is called as not straight. If the arrow is points towards the opposition they catch it. Arrow mustn’t move too fast to make it too hard but fast enough so that not every throw is straight.
Caught ball generally always forms into a maul and tapped ball to the halfback goes straight to the backs.

C) General Play Kicks
Forwards and backs have different animations. Forwards hoof the ball.
Kicks under pressure or without much time slice of the side or curve infield sometimes.
Not as much airtime for kicks, they are not always taken by the fullback on the full.
Separate animation for box kick from rucks.
Separate button for bomb / chip kicks.

D) Tackle
Less stand up tackles. Rather than a stand up tackle when no buttons are pressed make it a no arms tackle. When pressing x, tackler sprinting and attacker sprinting â€" normal tackle with ruck, tackler stationary and attacker sprinting â€" tackle with attacker pushing forward gaining an extra few meters with momentum, tackler sprinting and attacker stationary â€" forceful tackle, attacker gets pushed back 2 or 3 meters before forming a ruck, tackler stationary and attacker stationary â€" maul / stand up tackle forms.
Reconsider the “barge tackleâ€. Include the possibility of head high / dangerous, lost ball, missed tackle. Players like Jerry Collins have a higher chance of forcing a lost ball and players like most backs have a higher chance of missing a tackle or going high. (AI backs stick to regular tackle).

E) Place kicking
A new system that considers timing, accuracy of kicker and distance / power.

F) Finished rucks
L1 / L2 â€" pass left / right, X â€" box kick, O â€" halfback pick and go,  - forward pick and go,
D - pass to pocket / forwards (use a similar system as the current pocket to call forwards into a group to set up quick ball / maul).

G) Mauls
Drive in all directions.
L2 + R2 collapse the maul.
L2 / R2 add players from the left / right of the maul.
Normal buttons for passing, etc - same as rucks.

H) Fatigue / Sprinting
Rather than the sprinting running out implement a fatigue / fitness system. Hold R2 for sprint, tap for acceleration. If you accelerate too much to fall over, similar to holding the barge button in WCR. Players should be visibly fatigued.
Originally posted by ..::ERIC::..@May 23 2004, 02:12 PM
H) Fatigue / Sprinting
Rather than the sprinting running out implement a fatigue / fitness system. Hold R2 for sprint, tap for acceleration. If you accelerate too much to fall over, similar to holding the barge button in WCR. Players should be visibly fatigued.
I think this is one issue highly overdone in rugby games. Watch a game of rugby - if a winger gets a run to the line he will never ease up unless there is no chance of him getting caught. I think this should happen in the upcoming rugby games - players can run without being tackled at the same pace for the length of the field. Sure, it might tire them, but this should just make their next run slightly slower rather than having a speed burst and then cruising at normal again, it would just make it a bit more like an actual game of rugby and would make the speeds given to the players actually mean something
My two big wishes.

1. NO BUTTON BASHING. I don't even bother with scrums against 5 star teams any more (even on my feed). Probably lead to repititive strain disorder or something.

2. Provincial/Franchise/Club teams. Depth is good. Not all of us live with another person who plays PS2 or whatever.
Yeah I like Doms idea.....................

Stamina/fatigue should be affected for a period of time after making a large run, and gradually during the game - not whilst the player is making the run.

This would mean players would have to be careful not to overuse certain players "speed burst" for fair of tiring them out in the short term if they suddenly have to turn around and defend for example. The individual players'
stamina/fitness/form rating would affect how quickly that player can recover from such a burst.

Too much 'speed burst" over the entire game would also increase the gradual game fatigue for those players more quickly as well (again taking into consideration their overall fitness/stamina/form).
Maybe have different Styles for different postions like On Madden...

e.g for Fly Half you can choose wether hes a Attacking Fly Half (Spencer), A Defensive Fly Half (Wilkinson) or a Balanced Fly Half (Larkham)

This could have an effect on things like the Set Plays hes able to preform
the sprinting should be like fifa as in you can run for quite a while and it refills slower, and you can sustain long sprints well
Like FIFA???...

Surely if they want to be the best they should be basing the game on everything pro evolution 3
Originally posted by umosay@May 24 2004, 05:00 PM
you can sustain long sprints well
The sprinting does tend to die off very suddenly, which isn't that realistic (except for jason robinson, who runs out of gas exactly at 40 metres!)

aside from more teams/players/stadium etc, being able to jump for the ball would make a huge difference, especially from kick offs. quite often i seem to find a players stood still waiting for the ball, only for the other team to just run in at the last minute and get it, without you being able to do anything, besides bosh them out the way and get penalised.
Yeah jumping would be great, with catches made if timed correctly (in association with the players "catching" ability stat).
Originally posted by NZL fan@May 25 2004, 07:58 AM
Like FIFA???...

Surely if they want to be the best they should be basing the game on everything pro evolution 3
Last I checked PES 3 had no EA Logo...
Originally posted by Ripper+May 25 2004, 09:39 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Ripper @ May 25 2004, 09:39 PM)</div>
<!--QuoteBegin-NZL fan
@May 25 2004, 07:58 AM
Like FIFA???...

Surely if they want to be the best they should be basing the game on everything pro evolution 3 
Last I checked PES 3 had no EA Logo... [/b]
whats that got to do with it?
If it did have the EA logo it would be just another money spinning, poorly created footy game wouldn't it????
for the PC version:

1) Online Mode!! - would add tons to the replayability to the game. playing online using gamespy or something against other live humans would kick ass

2)set plays from the scrum - you should be able to pick plays for the scrum with a button combo or something (similar to audibles in Madden) and then run those in the game to set up overloads and stuff like that.
nuffin wrong wit em but hey.....
left joystick-move
dpad-setmoves(4 line outs and scrums..eg.set pieces)
left trigger/rite trigger-pass left/pass rite
tap triggers-short ball
hold triggers-long ball/cut out
hold both triggers-dummy pass
X-drop kick/jump(when balls in air..)
holdA-punt/clearance kick
black button-up-in and under
white button-????we could seriously use these buttons
right joystick-special moves.eg.side-steps/spin

left trigger-change to closest wit ball
rite trigger-sprint
X-jump/steal-strip ball(in tackle/maul)
Y-upper body tackle/head high/ball-in-tackle(may cause mauls)
B-spear tackle/dump tackle/big heat-barge tackle/
A-lower body tacke/grass cut/waist tackle/sweep tackle
off loads and fluid game-play like jonah
..the bench mark of all rugby games which hasnt been met
And for the x-box version hav it compatable with the custom soundtracks menu
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