Who is the best Rugby Union Coach

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by smartcooky, Apr 20, 2008.


The Re-Union "Big Issue"

  1. Warren Gatland

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  2. Jake White

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  3. Robbie Deans

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  4. Graham Henry

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  1. smartcooky

    smartcooky Guest

    Please vote in this poll. Should be interesting
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  3. Why is it limited to these 4?
  4. smartcooky

    smartcooky Guest

    Saints Fan...

    This is the same poll that is running currently on NZ SkyTV's "Re-Union" program. If I were to add other names (I can think of a couple I would like to add) it would make the results meaningless. I am comparing results for an almost exclusively NZ audience, with that of a largely international one.

    Personally, I think Tony Johnstone (the "Re-Union host) might be going to use the results to make a point in next weeks programme!
  5. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest

    Yeah, Why was my name left off that list...I'm a Rugby Union Coach!
  6. Vambo

    Vambo Guest

    I voted for Gatland because I like the way his teams play and he gets results.
  7. They are all awesome coaches, i went for JW obviously but you could make a case for each. Despite the All Blacks failure in the world cup they still won 3 tri nations in 4 years and destroyed the hyped Lions. Henry was very good with Wales back in pre 1999 also.
  8. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    Based on results, Jake White takes the cake because he's the WC winning coach. Henry comes in second, only because of the WC failure and Gatland third, for draggin an abysmal Welsh team out of the mud and molding the shape of our game into what it is at the moment.
  9. melon

    melon Guest

    I picked White because of last years RWC.

    It'll be interesting to see how Deans handles the Wallabies. If he can get the Wallabies back to a force to be reckoned with a different style of play and slightly different roster than my money may shift to him.

    However, I'm of the opinion that in terms of coaching, the top coaches aren't all that different in effictiveness in terms of actual coaching. The thing that sets them apart is the players and administrator attitudes towards them whether it be conceived by themselves or its done for them through viewed actions. These attitudes cause the people under the coaches to react differently to potentially exactly the same thing served up exactly the same way.
  10. DonBilly

    DonBilly Guest

    Mentioning all coaches is not feasible but there should be an "other" option.

    If you want to compare NZ opinion with rest of the world you must realize that the for the rest of the world there may be more than these four coaches.
  11. fran2693

    fran2693 Guest

    Jake White
  12. candybum

    candybum Guest

    haha poor graham henry
  13. DonBilly

    DonBilly Guest

    I agree with you, what he has achieved up to the RWC with the All-Blacks was very impressive. I found that the All-Blacks were between 2004 and 2006 at a level that no team had reached before them and so far.
  14. Bull

    Bull Guest

    Robbie Deans
    Heyneke Meyer
  15. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    It kind of shows a bit of make-believe leaving out Ian McGeechan like that....
  16. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    It kind of shows a bit of make-believe leaving out Ian McGeechan like that....

    Is McGeechan's record all that impressive???

    Is it only limited to head coaches, because i'm sure Edwards would get a few votes?
  17. Prestwick

    Prestwick Guest

    Well it is when you consider that he's won Wasps a HEC into his second season and he's coached the Lions to two Test series victories, the latter incredibly difficult to pull off.
  18. Pafuu

    Pafuu Guest

    JAKE WHITE... i think he is good trainer in rugby.
  19. Steve-o

    Steve-o Guest

    Rassie Erasmus should get a shout too... :ph34r:
  20. smartcooky

    smartcooky Guest

    Ideally yes, but unfortunately the "Re-Union" poll only has these four. If I add an extra option, it will skew the results.

    The question is "Who is the best Rugby Union Coach?". No mention of "best in the world".
  21. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    He also blew a series against arguably the weakest All Black team ever, losing to a bunch of NPC sides (Including the Hawkes Bay) along the way.
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