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Xbox 360 or ps3

Mite isnt wrong - he's just thinking of the wrong SKU. The Core console comes with a 64Mb memory card whereas the Arcade console comes with a 256Mb unit. Core's are now discontinued, effectively replaced by the Arcade unit.

256Mb still isnt really much. It'll get you a couple game saves, but if you're serious about gaming at all or will be interested in downloadable content at all (Rainbow Six: Vegas' free DLC takes up 1Gb alone), you're better off buying one with a hard drive. 20Gb will keep you safe for a while, and will enable backwards compatibility to boot. Besides, if you know where to shop, you can get a standard edition for £200. I hear PC World's doing the Pro's with Forza 2, Viva Pinata and an extra controller for £230. Though if you really must get an Arcade, get it from Gamestation - promotion at the moment sees them priced at £150 instead of the rip-off £200.
Im really stuck with which one to choose. I have played on both and im still stuck i have always gone with the playstation but now i'm not sure and every one i ask is not helping me because they are all 50/50. The big thing for me is online gaming and the PS3 being free may just sway me.Help?
If I had to make another choice on a console, I would personally stick with the Xbox 360, Microsoft are on the ball, the online gaming is top notch and it is worth the subscription...

The choice of games for the 360 are vast, also now with the ability to download movies and games the 360 has to be the ultimate choice...
In NZ you have to pay every 3 months for a Xbox Live Gold Membership, over a year it's a decent amount of money. PS3 has free membership to Playstation Network (and some free downloadable content) has a reasonably decent number of games now and it has Blu Ray as well. It also can wirelessly communicate with a router and a psp. It is quite a quiet machine comparitively and there is no risk of Red Ring Of Death if you buy a used model.So there are upsides on both sides.

The is no "ultimate choice". A PS3 fan (generally) will tell you the benefits of there machine and let you decide. An Xbox 360 fan (generally) will tell you their's is the way.

You decide.
I was wrong to call the 360 the Ultimate Choice...

The Ultimate Choice is BOTH!!!
Lol! That is indeed the ultimate choice! You are only deciding which to get first!
I don't doubt that I will get a PS3 at some point and also I will own a Wii again, just for the pure hell of it...

I will also be honest having played on one of the first PS3's in the UK, I was not impressed at all, which is why I guess I was put off the console... Although saying that the press around the Xbox hasn't been the best...

I also feel that you could even class the 360 as coming to the peak of its development cycle, where as the PS3 is no where near peaking yet...

Buying a new console is always a tough choice... The only way to judge it is by looking at the games you play and taking a risk...
The main thing about online gaming is the ‘community’

Community comes in droves when lag is instinct, and the games are good

U pay for what u get

IMO Xbox live is flawless, and worth every cent you pay

PS3 community is free

Xbox live is larger in population

I guess it comes down to what u want, ie population v subscription cost and exlusive ***les

However we all know the PS3 is capable of more, which explains its hefty price out of the box, yet by the time u kit up the xbox to live, ultimately it costs the same, or very close
I feel that both systems do have their merits, and are quite different in those merits. In the end you've got to check out all the facts and weigh up in your own mind which is more "you".

@getofmeland - I gotta say from what I've witnessed of the PS3's community growth (exponential) and the improvement in the quality of graphics and ***les , I can understand why you weren't impressed with one of the first PS3 games or even several of them.

The reason is this: Developers programming teams didn't know how to properly program the cell processer of the PS3 at first. Some still don't and the ways that they are beginning to understand are changing and evolving every day.

The damn thing has 7 SPU's (Seperate Processing Units), which can all run simultaneously. If you have to go from programming one or two channels of code (360) to seven, it might slow down anyone.

Can you imagine where this could take the PS3 over the next 2-3 years? In the meantime most games are programmed for the 360 and ported via pulling apart pieces of the 360 version and running seperate pieces of routines through each SPU.

This will change when more developers and programming teams learn what they can do with 7 seperate processing channels.

I'm not saying this makes the PS3 better, but there is so many more factors to consider than just "which has got more games and the biggest online community".

The PS3 has sold well the last 3 months and the community is pretty huge now. Just not on TRF. A PS3 Forum I'm a member of has hundreds of thousands of members. I'm sure that the 8.5 million PS3 owners right now might not stack up to the 360, but how many people do you need to play with?
I'm probably gonna get a 360 because people who owned both say I should get both because they say its better. Its pretty funny because a manager at a eb store was trying to convince me to get a ps3. Lol so in a subtle way I started dissing PS3 to **** him off. Then the icing on the cake was when a dude who randomly walked past said that I should get a 360 because he owns both lol.
whats up yall from massachusetts, i rock the 360 i have used ps3 but have never liked the little controller. well the winter season is starting around here so wish us luck,GO S.S Anchors!!!! :rahh:
whats up yall from massachusetts, i rock the 360 i have used ps3 but have never liked the little controller. well the winter season is starting around here so wish us luck,GO S.S Anchors!!!! :rahh: [/b]

Wassup whats crackin homie, Introduce yourself in the other forum yadadamean?

Check yourselff before ya wreck ya self

*Lil Wayne Voice* Yaaaaaa DiiiiIIIIIiiiig?!!!!!!!
I was thinking the other day what would make me buy a ps3 in a heartbeat

Obviously if any cricket or rugby ***les become sony exclusive â€" yes I default to that â€" no braining around here

Then I saw Gran turismo and its greatness in development â€" well, it hold a fair bit of weight on my decision, but is it $600.00 better than Forza2 â€" big question?

Then it dawned on me.

I love of horse racing

Now Japan make these beauties on an annual basis â€" G1, Gallop Racer and even some ‘only’ Japanese games, that don’t even have an English version â€" these are unknown, u cant even read the covers

G1Jockey 3 came out on WII already â€" where the fark is my M$ X360 version â€" I wanna take my bred bloodlines online, and take on other peoples stables n studs, compete, race qualify for the big races, with everyone else.

WII already has this game.

So this tells me that the developers have opportunity to make these on the new gen machines………BUT, the demographic market does not add up yet

Most X360 users are English, Yanks or Europeans â€"
Most PS3 users are Japenese
Most WII users are Japenese

I have heard in the pipeline of Gallop Racer in production for PS3
There is still nothing known yet of an X360 version â€" A rumour of an American mob making Triple crown or something â€" but lets face it â€" only the Japanese can make these games as good as they are - All WESTERN attempts are shocking

With the Japense market abstaining from becoming M$ owned, and sticking with Sony, I feel my only hope for Next Gen Giddy Ups is with Sony PS3

I just hope its not in the short term…..i would struggle to keep my wallet closed, if I saw Gallop Racer or G1 on PS3……I couldn’t afford it to be honost (big trip going O.S for 5 weeks in May, US, UK, Amsterdam (TRF invite to the nearest ‘café’, where are my fellow trashbags?)

Last post of 2007.

See you all next year!!
And what might you be off to do my friend ;) ! All the best for the last day of the year AK!
From the Wii perspective things are a bit grim especially with regards to online.

the online service is free but there are pretty much zero games worth buying to go online with

friend codes. as well as the ones for the actual wii system most games have their own friend code which you have to enter to play online with your friends. while in the short term not a huge issue in the long run it could be bad. Some of the bigger games will hopefully avoid this though

region locked. games are not region free and doing stuff to your console to play more games can brick it etc. also most games that are online are also region locked so if you are in aus/nz you can pretty much only play against aus/nz players. This makes importing games from the Uk tricky since there is the chance you could be locked into the uk region and have to play 300 ping+ games constantly.

no voice chat/headset. there is no way to communicate to fellow players or friends except for what is included in the game.

limited storage. you are pretty much limited to the internal flash memory of the Wii. You can transfer save games to an sd card but that is about all the functionality the sd card has since you have to transfer thing like save games back onto the Wii to use them. this will defintely be an issue in the future when more decent games come out. currently for me not a huge issue since I only have a few games and have not downloaded any games from the virtual console which take up vaulable blocks of the internal flash memory.
I will not lie, I would love for the wii to have a hard drive or usb support for one or at the very least improve the god dam sd functionality so that is more useful than a transfer device.

on the plus side heaps of people do have a Wii in Australia (where I live) over 200k have been sold plus the lag to NZ will proabbly be bearable so the community side of things is covered. the Wii controller is also very nice and easy to use if the developer uses it right. medal of honor heroes 2 the first true fps on the Wii will be the real test to how good the controls are. the price of the Wii is fairly competitive but it is also missing features the other consoles don't have so that has to be taken into account when considering purchasing one. 2008 really is the year for the Wii to see what it can do online and hopefully some more decent games like medal of honor heroes 2 come out

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