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Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by The TRUTH, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. The TRUTH

    The TRUTH Guest

    Pick your teams 30-man squad you'd like to see for the RWC.

    Also include your match day 22.

    Wallaby RWC squad:


    Holmes - Robinson - Blake - Sheperdson


    Freier - Paul - Moore


    Sharpe - McMeniman - Vickerman - Chisolm

    Back rowers:

    Smith - Waugh - Elsom - Hoiles - Palu - (McMeniman and Chisolm can also play blindside)


    Gregan - Cordingley


    Larkham - Norton-Knight


    Giteau - Mortlock - Staniforth - Cross


    Tuqiri - Mitchell - Gerrard - Rathbone (maybe Ioane and C.Brown ??)


    Latham - Shepherd

    Unavailable due to injury = Heenan (out for the rest of the year) Kanaar (probably wont make it back in time).

    I've picked a couple of guys who have been injured all year but are set to return in the next few weeks (Vickerman,Cordingley and maybe Caleb Brown)

    Wallaby 22:


    21.Norton-Knight (can cover 10,12,Fullback,Wing)
    22.Staniforth (can cover 12,13,Wing)
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  3. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Woodcock / Haymen / Somerville / Tialata

    Mealamu / Oliver / Hore

    A. Williams / Jack / Eaton / Rawlinson

    McCaw / Masoe / Collins / Rodney / Flavell

    Kellehar / Weepu / Cown

    Carter / Evans

    McAlister / Mauger / Toeava / Smith

    Rocokoko / Sivivatu / Howlett / Gear (By Default)

    Mils /(Covered by Evans and Howlett)

    Matchday 22

    1. Woodcock
    2. Mealamu
    3. Haymen
    4. A. Williams
    5. Jack
    6. Collins
    7. McCaw
    8. Rodney

    9. Kellehar

    10. Carter
    11. Rocokoko
    12. McAlister
    13. Toeava
    14. Howlett
    15. Mils

    16. Sommerville
    17. Oliver
    18. Flavell
    19. Masoe
    20. Cowan
    21. Evans
    22. Sivivatu/Gear
  4. O'Rothlain

    O'Rothlain Guest


    Jesus, Brian O'Driscoll & George Hook...that's all we need.
  5. PeeJay

    PeeJay Guest

    Props: Gethin Jenkins, Chris Horsman, Duncan Jones, Adam Jones
    Hookers: Rhys Thomas, Matthew Rees, Mefin Davies
    Locks: Alun Wyn Jones, Brent Cockbain, Ian Gough, Robert Sidoli
    Back Rowers: Martyn Williams, Ryan Jones, Alix Popham, Gavin Thomas, Colin Charvis, Jonathan Thomas
    Scrum Halves: Dwayne Peel, Michael Phillips
    Fly Halves: Stephen Jones, James Hook
    Centres: Gavin Henson, Tom Shanklin, Gavin Evans
    Wings: Shane Williams, Mark Jones, Darren Daniel, Chris Czekaj
    Full backs: Gareth Thomas, Kevin Morgan

    15: Gareth Thomas
    14: Mark Jones
    13: Tom Shanklin
    12: James Hook
    11: Shane Williams
    10: Stephen Jones
    9: Dwayne Peel
    1: Duncan Jones
    2: Rhys Thomas
    3: Chris Horsman
    4: Brent Cockbain
    5: Alun Wyn Jones
    6: Ryan Jones
    7: Martyn Williams
    8: Alix Popham

    16: Matthew Rees
    17: Gethin Jenkins
    18: Ian Gough
    19: Jonathan Thomas
    20: Michael Phillips
    21: Gavin Henson
    22: Kevin Morgan
  6. Rugby_Cymru

    Rugby_Cymru Guest

    With the form Dafydd James is on how could you exclude by him putting in the likes of Czekaj or Daniels?
  7. shtove

    shtove Guest

    Is Latham back? Thought he was out long term.

    Nonu has to be in the AB squad - you can take him off and shoot him when he's conceded his quota of tries. Will Reagan King get a look-in at all?

    Hook at 12, and no Henson in the starting 15? Lots of options for Wales in the midfield, but they're all difficult.
  8. DC

    DC Guest

    cowan is alright, im not to impressed by him, how about andrew ellis from canterbury for half back anyone?
  9. fcukernaut

    fcukernaut Guest

    Well Ellis and Senio have been battling it out for the starting Canterbury job, and in a fair few cases Senio has outplayed Ellis. And because Senio won't be getting a look you can probably count out Ellis. However, I still think he's the second coming of Justin Marshall and has a very bright future, but he is not ready just yet.

    Ripper's team is hard to argue with. Corey Flynn will be getting a serious look at selection by the way he's played this year same goes for Tuiali'i. Scott Hamilton deserves a place in the lineup, even over Leon MacDonald. I'm happy that Toeava has played so well, he's taken the All Black center spot by the balls and run with it. Casey Laulala was playing outstanding earlier this year but his form has really dipped since the return of the AB's. Also, when will Greg Sommerville be coming back, does anyone know?

    As for Regan King, shtove, he is uneligible for selection as he currently is not playing in NZ. I don't think he'd have a shot anyway.
  10. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Finished off your sentance for you, and i'm not really a Corey Flynn fan, he's always struck me as one of those players who are good at provincial level, but aren't cut out to survive in the International Arena, ditto with Scott Hamilton.
  11. PeeJay

    PeeJay Guest

    Good point. I was struggling to think of wingers, and I overlooked the one who plays for my very own club :D
  12. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Dafydd James instead of Czech!

    Also on the matter of the New Zealand side - Who was the No 5 playing for the Blues today along side Williams, he looked a better look than Rawlinson
  13. SmokeyMonkey

    SmokeyMonkey Guest

    Troy Flavell? I think that's his name.
  14. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Ye him he was immense today
  15. Riot

    Riot Guest

    Scott Hamilton is the new Caleb Ralph the most hated All Black, which he took from leon "bugger this im off to japan bitches, oh it didnt work out im comming back everything is cool guys right?" mcdonald
  16. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    Sorry I don't have a 30 man squad or a 22 game day squad but I do know which players I think should run on to the field for the Springboks to win the RWC.

    1. Gurthro Steenkamp
    2. Jon Smit
    3. BJ Botha
    4. Bakkies Botha
    5. Victor Matfield
    6. Schalk Burger
    7. Luke Watson
    8. AJ Venter
    9. Ruaan Pienaar
    10. Andre Pretorius
    11. Bryan Habana
    12. Myer Bosman
    13. Francois Steyn
    14. JP Pietersen
    15. Percy Montgomery

    This team is full of powerful natural leaders up in the pack, experienced wise heads at 10 and 15, unpredictable real talent at 9, creative flair in the midfield, and wingers who will have actually have a go at their opposites. The forward pack is massive yet mobile especially in the loosies where all three don't shirk away from rucks. Players one to eight are all hard tacklers so there won't be any easy metres around the fringes. The scrum is strong and the lineouts have 3 proven jumpers. Feeding off this powerful pack is the creative Pienaar who will mix play up between power forward play and options from Pretorius. Andre is a good runner and passer himself but his main weapon at the world cup will be getting field position for his intimidating lineout jumpers to put pressure on the opposition throw. The defensive line around the rucks is led by the hard hitting locks and a few metres out the imposing Venter. Burger and Watson will clean up and rip the ball from smaller men running between the forwards and backs. The midfield of Bosman and Steyn may be less know for their defence but luckily they will be guided by the experienced Montgomery behind them. If the oppostion try and out kick the Springboks they will find the aerial battle against Montgomery to be a bit too much. Percy also has the options of letting Pietersen attack from deep or perhaps running himself to set Habana off into space.

    Steenkamp and BJ Botha are props who would be fitter and more mobile than the proven CJ van der Linde and the aging Os du Randt. This is vital because the Springboks need all 15 players to be mobile. They are also big men in the Hayman category so they won't be lacking with their primary job come scrum time.
    Smit is the worlds best lineout thrower and an inspirational leader by example with his go forwrd type of approach. Bakkies and Victor are without doubt the best lineout jumpers in the world as well as putting real power behind the front row. Burger is never ending as a scavenger while Watson provides a bit of creativity in the loose when the Springboks do have the ball. Venter is the real hard rock at the back of the scrum and will give even the AB loosies a hard time. All this protection around Pienaar will give him time and space to be creative as only he can. In the backs Pretorius has one of the worlds best tactical field kicks as well as being an extremely good runner and distributor of the ball on the run. Outside him are the creative talents of Bosman and Steyn who are real talents particularly with their individual abilities and are beautiful passers of the ball for anyone running into space. Steyn also gives a kicking option at centre to mix it up for the pacy Habana to run after little grubbers and chips. Habana has out and out speed on the left wing but JP on the other wing adds another dimension with his elusiveness and alround ball skills and rangy support play. At the back is the experience of Montgomery who can kick the Springboks out of trouble into better field position for the powerful pack to take advantage of. Montgomery is the calming influence for the Springbok backs and he and Pretorius combined will guide the excitable Bosman and Steyn when needed.

    All in all the Springboks have a team with players that are very specialised in their abilities as opposed to being alrounders, yet combined together they cover all the various aspects of any game plan. The can keep it close, play it wide, kick it long, mix it up in the middle with flair, have a strong close in defence, an organised wide out defence, etc etc.
  17. mimic

    mimic Guest

    nice team ripper.. Although I'd have two fullbacks, and remove one of the wingers..

    Pretty tough to remove one of those wingers tho, good luck picking the best 3

    As for the Springboks squad, Luke Watson is so out of favour its not funny.
    They're most probably going to go with the Burger/Smith/Spies combo, with Venter on the bench. Who knows.
    Their tight 5 is pretty much automatic. Those guys are awesome, and its because of them that they're so competitive.
    Interesting to see you choose Steyn as your centre. I havn't seen him play there, so no comment. But he does have flair.
    Fourie Du Preez is the #1 halfback for the boks though.. I'd have Pienaar on the bench..
  18. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Who would be the 2nd Fullback though? MacDonald sucks balls despite what Woosah says (who thinks Panadol is a better Fly Half than Nick Evans anyway), and theres plenty of cover with the likes of Toeava and Evans who have both played there.

    Picking a winger to drop wouldn't be so hard, even with his somewhat resurgent performances, Rico Gear would still be the weakest link - Howlett has been playing his arse off all year, while Sivivatu looked sharp and Rockoko is still Rocokoko.
  19. mimic

    mimic Guest

    Leon McDonald is not a 1st five. Sure he can cover it, but he's no specialist 1st five. Sure he's ****, but he's the only other proper fullback, and I'd rather have a specialist fullback as backup to start.

    I'd hate to see Toeava, Evans, Sivivatu and Howlett start at fullback, I'm just not comfortable with them there. But I wouldn't mind them covering that spot if an injury occurred. But thats the only time!

    Cory Jane might be an interesting choice though, but I doubt the 3 wise men would bring him in now for the RWC.
  20. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    At this stage, my money on a Bok 30-man squad will be something like this:

    Fullbacks:percy Montgomery and Frans Steyn
    Wingers: Brian Habana, Breyton Paulse, Akona Ndungane, JP Pietersen(who can also cover 15)
    Centres: Jean De Villiers, Wynand Olivier, Jacques Fourie
    Flyhalves: Andre Pretorius and either Butch James/Meyer Bosman(who can both cover 12 in a crisis)
    Scrumhalves: Fourie Du Preez, Ricky January and Ruan Pienaar(who can also cover 10, and if necessary also 12)
    Back row: Schalk Burger, Juan Smith, Pierre Spies, Kabamba Floors, AJ Venter.
    Second row: Bakkies Botha, Vic Matfield, Danie Rossouw(who can cover back row also), and Barend Pieterse(currently injured Cheetah, virtual Matfield clone)
    Front row: Os Du Randt, Guthro Steenkamp, BJ Botha, CJ VD Linde
    Hookers: John Smit, Gary Botha, Chilliboy Ralepelle(provided he returns from injury)

    I`ll go with the usual suspects in the backline- Monty, Pietersen, Fourie, De Villiers, Habana, Pretorius and Du Preez, with Steenkamp, Smit and Botha in the front row, Botha and Matfield in the 2nd, and Burger, Spies and Smith in the back row- that way, you get Spies` speed to the breakdowns, Burger`s work on the floor, while still getting 5 line-out jumpers also. The line-out is especially important to the SA style of play, esp. with Pretorius who`ll look to turn the opposition by kicking for the corners.
  21. indeed I find it sucks being rico gear right now. He must have only an outside chance of making the team.
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