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Pick your RWC XV

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Well the rugby world cup is over, congradulations to SA, but if you where to pick a RWC XV who would be in yours? mine would be.

1. A. Sheridan (destroyed scrums)
2. J. Smit (good leader and gets around the park niceley, Ibanez was good as well)
3. C. Hayman (yes he didnt play much but still top prop)
4. S. Shaw (big strong and got around like a loose foward, big runs)
5. V. Matfield (my team needs setpeice and matfield owns the lineout as we have seen, also very smart)
6. S. Burger (good form and huge workrate, betsen was my second favourite)
7. T. Dusatoir (he was great, was everywere and has everything a openside needs)
8. F.Maka (he was awsome, stood out and helped tonga to a great RWC, big, strong. Might of gone for H. Tuilagi too)
9. M.Rauluni (Du preez was probally the best SH but im going for something different, Rauluni was dedicated, great leadership and made sniping breaks against top tier teams)
10. B. James (Butch was solid in everything, wasn't spectacular but did have flashes of brilliance, set up his outside backs nicley, too bad that we couldnt of seen more of Larkham)
11. Bryan Habana (...)
12. M. Catt (now many people will probally disagree but i think catt is hugley underated, his a great 12 with great leadership, communication, kicking and passing skills. He complimented tait and wilkinson well, too much credit goes to wilkinson as we saw on the final johnny was clueless when catt went off)
13. M. Tait (not many 13's stood out, would of gone with mortlock but didnt see too much of him unfortunatly, but tait has imense talent and is capeable of scything any defence)
14. V. Delasau (a winger who went looking for work around the park instead of waiting for it, scored some great tries)
15. P. Montgomery (cool calm and collected was solid and i need a goal kicker, woulda picked robinson if i had another goal kicker but montgomery was great too)

just my opinion, sorry no time for bench


15. Coletto (honorable mentions; Montgomery, Robinson)
14. Delasau (honorable mentions; Ngwenya, Howlett)
13. Taione (honorable mentions; M. contempomi)
12. Rabeni!!!! (honorable mentions; contempomi)
11. Endo (honorable mentions; Habana)
10. Hernandez (honorable mentions; Wilkinson Evans that georgian 1st 5)
9. Rauluni (honorable mentions; Du Preez, Gommersal)
8. Maka
7. Latu (honorable mentions; Dusatoir)
6. Collins (honorable mentions; Burger, Betsen)
5. Chabal
4. Williams (honorable mentions; Shaw, Matfield)
3. Hayman
2. Ibanez (honorable mentions; Smit)
1. Sheridan (honorable mentions; Big OZ, Woodcock)
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