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Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by FFR, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. FFR

    FFR Guest

    What's your favorite french team ? and European team ?
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  3. cdrik

    cdrik Guest


    mon equipe préférée c'est le Milan AC depuis toujours

    et vous?
  4. Olympique de marseille
  5. Widget

    Widget Guest

    Not only in Europe, but in the whole wide world my favourite team is Real Madrid, the best team ever. And in France the team i like is Olympique de Marseille.
  6. Milliano

    Milliano Guest

    I'm a huge football fan, but I don't have a team... haven't for a couple years. Only got into the sport a few years ago (am American)
  7. davo

    davo Guest

    French: PSG
    European: Juventus
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