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2008 Resolutions



With 2007 closing and 2008 just about to start, its time to think of the Resolutions that will last a week and then be forgotten about...

So what are going to be your New Years Resolutions!!!

I haven't thought of any for myself yet, I guess a priority one will be to work hard at my job and help further my career but thats just generic anyways...
mine is to have a better year than this one. but maybie i should think of another one, because i dont think you could imagine a year worse than this one.
1) 2007 has been a disaster. I want to forget all about it.

2) Lose weight. Say the same every season, but I mean it this time.

3) Join a darts team. It's fun.

4) Win the £50k on the play.com PES tournament.

5) Become self employed. And be able to jack work in and be my own boss.
1. Play my Guitar more

2. Go back to the Gym (starting February)

3. Get the Flat done up. Without solely resorting to Sweedish furnature methods.
I guess if I had to think of ways to improve my life, it would be to enjoy every minute of my life... I am also going to aim to go to as much live music as possible, I have started by buying my ticket for Foo Fighters in June, also aiming for Glastonbury this year... I aim to watch as much Rugby and Football as possible, and continue to save for my New Zealand adventure (all donations would be appreciated). And Finally meetup with as many people as possible from the forum and spread the word of the forum to make it bigger and better...
Something very stupid (unless you ever saw me eat):

Going to eat at leat three bites of everything I say I don't like when it comes to food.
I make an exception for food that makes me gag because of the sensation in my mouth (this includes but is not limited to: oysters, freshly squeezed orange juice, things with too many pits in, like passion fruits, whole centimeters of fat still attached to my meat by the time it lands on my plate)
I'm way to fast to decide I don't eat things, usually because I didn't eat them as a kid, but since I decided to grow up when it comes to food (which also means I can't eat an entire package of M&M's without a reaaaaally good reason) I felt that this also belonged to that.

I also plan to help with my boyfriend's flat, we've painted it the passed year, the bedroom is pretty much done, the kitchen still needs a lot of work.

Last one (I hope I'll be able to stick to this one): I would very much like to visit my grandparents this year. My grandmother has been ill lately, she's been in the hospital most of 2006, and I haven't seen her of my grandfather since 2004. If I can, I'll join my parents in going overthere in the summer vacation (they live in Spain)
I have made & succeeded in my 2008 Resolution & 2008 isn't here yet.

Mine was to get a full time job & I got one. I had a part time job & I have been given full time hours by the same place I work.

The only bad thing is that I have to late shifts & weekends.
1. Finish Uni.
2. Work on my various character flaws and overall become less of an A-hole.
- Don't let my gym going slip
- Don't let my work towards becoming a writer slip
- See more of the world

I'm happy with the way i am right now: I've never been fitter or stronger. I've never being so productive with my writing and I'm wealthy and healthy enough to live happily.
I just can't let anything go down hill.
Be more selfish.

Sounds an odd resolution I'm sure, but for once I am going to dedicate my time and effort to myself. It applies to many different areas in my life, but I have things I need to sort out and do for me so I am now going to come far higher on my own list of priorities.
Right, so the 1st week of 2008 has come and gone, and I`ve already broken the natural first one- to stop smoking. So I`m now resolving to smoke less, or at least not more.

Will also be trying for another child. Hard work that one, but I`m not complaining hey. I`ll put in many a happy and dedicated hour in pursuit of this 2008 goal!

Aiming to get the bond on at least one of our properties also paid off by about October, spending more time fishing with my son and less at the bloody office, and rekindling a long-lost love- the waves at Supertubes needs some riding, and I`ve been neglecting that too much of late.

<strike>Get the garden sorted out</strike> Employ someone to at least make a half-hearted effort with mowing the lawn at least once a month.
Not spending more time with the Lady of the house?

If it's just the lawn that needs mowing, get a sheep. Less vicious then goats, easier to transport then cows.
And just about as messy as babies. So you shouldn't have a problem with that :p