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2008 Resolutions

Not spending more time with the Lady of the house?

If it's just the lawn that needs mowing, get a sheep. Less vicious then goats, easier to transport then cows. [/b]

Laetca, Biology 101 teaches us that, in order to impregnate the Lady of the house, you do need to spend more time with said Lady of the house. And if said lady just opens legs without spending time, then the lady is a tramp, and I wouldn`t have married her.........

As for sheep, well my 2 English boxers and Daubermann pincher would really like that. Rare lamb chops, served right in their own yard! They`re licking their lips in anticipation already.
I don't know how much of a gentleman you are, some guys don't spend time with their wives unless it's really necesary. Wasn't calling the lady a tramp, was calling the lord a tramp XD
So you`re calling me the lord? Sorry Laetca, but as impossible as it seems, I`m just a mere mortal! ;)
smartass :p

Yes, of course, I called you the lord, notice the minuscule letter at the beginning! Of the couple formed by you and your wife, you're the lord, she's the lady.

If you want to be THE lord, by all means go ahead! But I won't be convinced until you send me oreo's!! (I don't care too much for walking on water)

Also, don't know what they taught you in Biology, but they just explained the physical aspects of having kids in our classes, they didn't go into the 'take the girl to the movies, impregnate her in the back of your father's car, get married, ...'
Yes, my arse is very smart, don`t you think? ;)

Although how you know this is a mystery to me. :blink:

Unless of course, you`re that girl who claimed I impregnated her on the backseat of my father`s car, on the way back from the movies, just to get me to marry her? I`m thinking that wasn`t you, was it? :eek:
I hired Bruce Lee to find out information about you. On first page of your file he raid you had a smart arse. If Bruce Lee said it, it must be true, not?

It wasn't me, I've never been pregant, or married :p I was merely using the situation as a way of saying the social aspect of having kids wasn't discussed in our biology classes. Although methinks, it says something that you apparantly feel like I was talking about you :p Do I smell some dead impregnated girl, buried in your garden? (if that's not it, it must be the sheep)
Aw come on Laetca, I know that girl was you. Because, let`s face it, even though Bruce Lee is doing some uhm, "underground" work these days, it`s unlikely that he could`ve told you about my very smart arse.

And the girl who claimed I got her pregnant, never was. Us educated blokes know about precautions, after all. So, you`ve never been pregnant, and never been married. As is mystery girl. Coincidence?

"Methinks the lady doth protest too much!" ;)
you misquoted Shakespeare!!

Almost always misquoted as "Methinks the lady doth protest too much," Queen Gertrude's line is both drier than the misquotation (thanks to the delayed "methinks") and much more ironic[/b]

Queen Gertrude's original line:
The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

I think Bruce Lee can acces your medical files. I mean, he IS Bruce Lee.
I think the phrase 'Get a room' would be fairly apt. Or car. Whatever does it for you...
I'm sure both BokMagic's wife as my boyfriend will like the idea.

To get this back on topic, you'll have to include new year's resolutions :p
I think I wanted to say something else, lost track halfway, then continued another sentence.

What I mean (I think, I sort of lost track by now):
I'm sure both BokMagic's wife and my boyfriend will like the idea.

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