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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by Radman, May 9, 2009.

  1. Radman

    Radman Guest

    Just found this, watching the interview it seems it will be much different from previous versions. Announced for PS3, 360 and PC with a Wii version out later on. Hope online works sweet. Much looking forward to it.

    HERE is the link to Gamespot AUs article and interview.

    HERE is another Gamespot article with more info.

    HERE is Kotakus article.
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  3. esoj

    esoj Guest

    sounds promising. whether or not it delivers remains to be seen though. also interesting a wii version is being made might have to get 2 copies of the game one for pc the other wii.
  4. Kage

    Kage Guest

    2 cricket games this year....well that doubles the chances of a good one coming out.

    Wii version has me very interested......i honestly havent played that thing in about 6 months.
  5. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    This is awesome news – whens it out?
  6. Radman

    Radman Guest

    Within the next month or two, should find out a date today when they launch it officially.
  7. esoj

    esoj Guest

    yeah next few months to coincide with the ashes this year.
  8. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    KINGWILKO will be here soon making his annual pilgremmage for the cricket cult :p

    Just reading this on planetcricket

    Its got massive potential

    front/back foot shot options
    new fielding dynamics
    new bowling dynamics
    dynamic weather
    roster editor
    custom tourny
    good commentary team
    classic matches
    training mode

    i just hope the stats are very deep and keep if i start an ashes series i wanna see stats for that ashes series only, not career stats that never change.........also if i create a player i want his stats to reflect correctly........what also would be good is profile under your profile are players stats for that profile if i have played 3 TESTs as australia, under my profile would only have stats for those 3 TESTs as Australia, not the players careers stats
  9. Radman

    Radman Guest

    Q & A with the developers here.
  10. Looking good so far.


    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Not that music again!
  11. kingwilko

    kingwilko Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (ak47 @ May 11 2009, 04:08 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    Hey, I've been posting in the rugby gaming forums all year! And in some of the 6N threads... ;)
    I'm feeling a wee bit responsible for what they serve up after reading this in the Q&A though:

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
  12. esoj

    esoj Guest

    so we now know who to blame if it is bad! ahah just kidding I <3 all the guys over at planetcricket. it's great a developer actually acknowledges the fans and uses their input on a forum to make a game better. All the changes they have made sound really good to me and I think it is safe to say has a few more people interested in how the final product turns out.
  13. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    This QnA is unreal, but i wont get too hyped up if i not already am
    i remember with blic07, alot of promise was said, but it failed in crucial areas, especially in AI and online lag factor

    Bowling/batting and fielding seems to be a lot more complex which is good

    As long as they can get lag free online (which they should with the region selection they state) and AI to react to req run rates and situations upon them it should be a winner

    But if any of these so called new changes are not implemented properly and flawed, it will have a flow on effect all around to the other areas which they mey get right

    I liked blic07 – it did most things right for me except 1 major thing which killed its longevity – proper run rates and ai reacting to the situation………I should never get more than 10 runs per over in a TEST, and even if I ever did, the AI should hit more than 2 per over in reply
  14. Radman

    Radman Guest

    Well at least they can now fix potential flaws through updates.
  15. ak47

    ak47 Guest

  16. Radman

    Radman Guest

    Here is an interview with Ricky Ponting talking about the Ashes. The game is playing in the background.

    Only Aussies can watch it as it isn't viewable from NZ. AK, can you have a look and post your thoughts on anything you see that stands out?.
  17. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    It was on SSN and it looks the same as Brian Lara Cricket really
  18. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    I actually saw this the other night on TV at home, and thought it was BLIC07

    Now looking at it again………..its still very much similar to BLIC07

    The panning of the stadia is new and very nice, and the shadows look great

    Its about a step up in graphics as an annual EA sports title does.

    The animations look identical, and I cant see the new bowling system with punters head in the way.

    Its actually very promising…….if its BLIC/RPIC07 with improved graphics and proper AI – and few other tweaks it’s a winner

    Everything I saw was an ODI
  19. C A Iversen

    C A Iversen Guest

    I don't mind that they've only licensed England and Australia as long as the names are editable. The other teams likenesses will be very approximated too. Why oh why can't the ICC stop giving out "exclusive" licenses? They should just license it to everyone for a flat fee. That'd make it easier for game developers and cheaper too. If they want to spread the word on cricket, this is a valuable tool.
  20. Radman

    Radman Guest

    Here is the FOX clip for those who haven't seen it. No sound tho.

    Looks same old to me with a few new cutscenes. Will be a rent first if there's no demo to see what the gameplay is like first hand.
  21. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    there has to be a demo prior to release - its just the norm these days
    i'll buy it anyway, online with region selection is going to be awesome
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