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Aussie Vs Wi



cricky how bad are they

149 all out in the first day after selecting to bat o_O and the top batsman gale, retired hurt (well he was ill) came back and top scored with 50 odd.

how good is that mcgrath aye? and mcgill bowled like a champ. warny didn't do to much he should have got rested as he had a back complaint anyway.

aussie 400 then declare and bowl them out for around 200 i guess

at least new zealand had some competition before the chappel hadlee trophy see if they can do better this time against aussie
yeah i dont know what is happening with the tests, its like england and aussie then the rest of the nations. weird.

maybe south africa up there 2 but just.

then last is zimbabwe and bangladesh (in the other order i think) hmmm

i think something needs to be done about this
I can see test cricket getting faded out in the next five years with 20/20 and ODIs taking over, its all about money after all and the only Countries which even nearly sell out for tests are Eng and Aus.

West Indies must be bad if Robert Key can get a double hundred against them!
I'm hanging out for the series against South Africa, should be the first decent one on Australian soil in ages. We'll be able to see if the redeveloped MCG really has lost all its cricket atmosphere come Boxing Day.
yeah SA shud be a decent series but u shud still whitewash them, hayden to score 3 more tons (the flat track bully!) with Hodge to take over from The Blonde Bombshell Clarke
not a bad fourth day for the wi, with bravo getting a 100 ramlin(sp) 70 odd and lara unfortunatly out on 45 (he did miss it right?)

but still they dug their grave on the first day, but at least they made aussie bat again
day 4 and i think the aussies are just ahead, its been a great test match to watch. awesome aye. Laras 200 was all class he will be happy to become the highest test run scorer ever, i think he deserves it.

also bravo with his 6 wickets and that catch omg that was wicked. if you can tell i havn't done much but watch cricket all weekend
Awsome 200 by Lara what a legend!!

Warney just cleaned the Windies up with six wickets

Australia need 182 to win with a day and half a session to go. too easy

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