Aussie world cup squad

Discussion in 'All Other Sports' started by esoj, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. esoj

    esoj Guest

    well here is the aussies team. no room for cameron white or stuart clark with the injured andrew symonds named in the squad.

    Australia: Ricky Ponting (captain), Adam Gilchrist, Matthew Hayden, Michael Clarke, Mike Hussey, Brad Hodge, Shane Watson, Andrew Symonds, Brad Haddin, Brad Hogg, Brett Lee, Mitchell Johnson, Shaun Tait, Nathan Bracken, Glenn McGrath
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  3. melon

    melon Guest

    The problem with Australian Cricket is that there are so many players that are up to international standard. Australia's "Australia A" team should play more games against international opponents because so many miss out and alot only get 1 or 2 games.
  4. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Tait in, Clark(close to the best, if not THE best, seam-up bowler in world cricket IMO) out- thank you, Aussie selectors!

    Watson in, anybody else out- thank you, Aussie selectors!

    What I`m saying is, this is not the best team that Australia could have picked IMO- damn fine side still, but at least 2 selections that I, as a Saffa, will welcome very much. Now, all you guys need to do is chuck out Johnson and bring back Mick Lewis, and I`ll be more confident than I ought to be.
  5. St Day 3

    St Day 3 Guest

    Just this once, and im sure ill live to regret saying this, i think weve got a chance.
    It seems really odd that the Ozzies would leave out Clark, that would be like us leaving out Jones, if hes ever fit again.
  6. Wally

    Wally Guest

    I havn't really been following the cricket since the Ashes but I'm pretty sure Clark is in for Brett Lee.
  7. melon

    melon Guest

    Yep, thats right. He was the first one there at the airport as they were flying out! lol
  8. aussie1st

    aussie1st Guest

    Looks like Clark has been going alright over in the Caribbean.
  9. melon

    melon Guest

    Top stuff...wots he done?
  10. aussie1st

    aussie1st Guest

    2 and then 3 wickets. I'm no Clark fan either.
  11. melon

    melon Guest

    Its good to hear he's taking wickets then. Good luck to him, i hope he can atleast partially fill Brett Lee's shoes
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