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Bangladesh v Ireland

Ireland off to a good start. :D :D :D :D
I agree with you Rugby's_a_Religion but when I saw how great start they have they can actully win this one.
:D :D :D
Could have and should have been a lot better, great batting conditions but yet again our inability against spin costs us getting a decent total. Still have a chance as Bangladesh's batting can be hit or miss although they're looking pretty good at the moment on 18-0.
Bangladesh lose another wicket
45 for 2 :D :D :D

Unlucky for Hasan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Worst possible way to get out!!!!!!!!
48 for 3
Ashraful is looking in great touch now, some cracking shots, good recovery after losing those wickets, 85-3 now.
Bangladesh are 100-4.
Need 144 from 29 overs!!!!!!!!!

Another wicket!!!!!!!!!
102 for 5 :D :D :D :D
whos winning, whats the score!! is it on tv?

At this stage you'd say Ireland are favourites, it's on Sky Sports 2 or there's radio commentary on LW198 or Five Live Extra.

Think we might just see a case of the commentator's curse again, after slating Habibul Bashar for his form and attitude throughout the tournament so he'll probably put in a match winning innings now especially as he's just been dropped by Langford Smith now.
come on the irish, whats the situation, ireland cant get to the semi's can they? two lads of the ireland team went to my school actualy (In my sig)
Bangladesh Need 124 from 21 overs
And Ireland can't reach the semi final anymore :D :D :D :D
But they surprised me thus year :cheers:
Ireland Wins Their first super 8 match!!!!!!!

BAN:169-All out

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