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Battle of the covers



ok, my opinion on covers are :
legendary band preforming live = good
legendary band = good, so long as they dont slaughter it
any old band = good soley if they do it awesome.

so heres what we can do. name a song, by the original artist, and who covered it and vote, and first to 5 votes gets it. provide a reason, and the person who has the best reason gets to choose the next song.

so up first is.....

bob dylan vs jimmy hendrix : all along the watch tower.

reason: the 70's anti war guitaring is legendary, plus one of my favorite lines sounds so much better by mr hendrix, "No reason to get excited!"
No contest.

Dylans was a meh ballad, boring... although the first time I heard it was 5 minutes ago so I could compare.

Hendrix's version was just awesomeness personified in the sound of a guitar... the best bit is right at the end where he goes "and the wind began to howl" before going out with a bang with the thundering guitar closing.
Hendrix. Because he plays the guitar left handed ffs! Being a lefty myself, and having made several failed attempts to play anything resembling music, I can confirm it isn't easy.
All you have to do is restring the Guitar in reverse if your cack-handed.
Dylan's has a faster tune and he wrote it but I prefer Hendrix's version.
Cleansweep to da Hendrix 5-0.

Since I'm the first here, I say mines the best... because I'm orsome like David Tua.


Rockin' in the Free World - Neil Young vs Rockin' in the Free World -Pearl Jam.

Pearl Jam's version can be heard on aroubd 50% of their bootlegs from what I can tell... I have 7 different versions of it live... and each one is awesome...

While I like the Neil Young version, Eddie Vessar does it better and Pearl Jam as a whole do it better.
3 - 0 will do.

Time to pick something the rest of the forum will know.

Queen vs Backdoor Boys - We will rock you.
hahaha five - what a joke. i have never seen a song killed so badly before, i can harderly bring myself to listen to the original anymore.

queen all the way.
i now this is a double post but this thread has seemed to die so hears another one ......which is better

David Bowie - the man who sold the world
Nirvana's cover of the song on live and unplugged in new york???
David Bowie's version is still cool though, I'm gonna go with it. I'm not knocking Nirvana's version, but lets face it, their both good.

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