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BBC Sports Personality of the Year


An Tarbh

Well I think this year's nominees show how poor a year it has been in British sport, no real standout performers and possibly the weakest list of contenders in a long time.

So who do you think should win?

Jenson Button wins 1 grand prix and gets nominated, even though it took him the longest out of any professional to get a maiden win.

Darren Clarke is only nominated due to tragic circumstances, although undefeated at the Ryder Cup he only played 3 matches but is the odds on favourite with the bookies.

Andy Murray beats Federer in a final, no mean feat but worthy of nomination for sports personality of the year, same for Monty, he may be the best spin bowler England have but he hasn't taken a mountain of wickets which would possibly merrit nomination.

With it being such a poor year for England in football, rugby and cricket then it's not surprising that minority sports are getting a look in, but still they're hardly monumental achievements in their sport, bar Phil Taylor and it's debateable whether darts even is a sport.

The boxers are the only 2 in the field that really deserve to be there, so that's where my vote would be most likely to go.
I'm boycotting it.

Paul Wellens has won the lot this season, he has been absolutely superb, and he's nowhere. Absolutely disgusting.
That is a strange one alright and not even one single nomination from the whatever number of newspapers compiled their top 10 as well as the BBC themselves, bizarre. Yet there was one for Sean Long.

Even more bizarre were the 2 nominations for Padraig Harrington, he's not eligible people.
Long won the Lance Tood trophy this year, fair play, but Wellens has been the best player in the Northern hemisphere by a million miles, and the fact he isn't even close to this award shows that it's an utter joke and that the BBC have no interest in Rugby League whatsoever.
well I'm not one to defend the BBC but the nominations were done through the papers all over the UK so there would have been plenty of opportunity for people to nominate.

Even the nomination of Panesar is strange, yeah he did reasonably well for England, but Bell and Collingwood have had far better years.
It still makes me laugh when people think these awards mean anything... It's not a reward for achevement, it's a frigging popularity contest; How else would Beckham have won it?
I think that Beckham winning it really discredited the contest from then on, Redgrave and Lewis were the 2 previous winners and thoroughly deserving but McArthur really did achieve something and only finished second.
Never had much credit to begin with.The only one I ever agreed with was Ali for sportsman (sorry, "Sports Personality" sic) of the century.

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