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Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by Los Lover, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    Okay.....I should have this in a few days....AK? Has yours arrived?

    Either way - please post balanced and relevant comments on the game in here thanks.

    Any NH players who have already got it - feel free to offer your thoughts.

    Comparisons to EA Cricket 2005 are fine......

    But no reveiws of that turd are actaully needed in here. thanks [​IMG]

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  3. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    I know this doesn't completely fit in with your 'requirements', but I hired out Cricket 2005, and took it out after literally 5 minutes of a 10 overs match. It is complete and utter tripe. It (Xbox version) doesn't even compare to BLIC pc demo on low graphical quality, using the limited control of the keyboard. I thouroughly enjoy the BLIC demo, and regularly play it, trying to beat personal records. But, I'm a dumbarse who didn't pre-order it, which is a bummer because it is one of my most eagerly anticipated games of the year. It's great fun. Also, BLIC is far more accessible than Cricket 2005, and yet it is far deeper. Cricket 05, is a complete disaster.
  4. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

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  5. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    I couldn't agree more kaftka.

    and have sheathed my sword on our arguing/stirring.

    For the most part, I nearly always do agree with what you say in arguing with you is sort of self-defeating and unnecessary.

    We disagree mostly on tact (i.e I have none! lol!!), but rarely are our thoughts that far removed.

    Anyway, you could still preorder it and have it in a week.....use a parent's or friend's card and pay them the cash. It's worth it. Then pre-order the league (I know, it is still a way off though)...

    The two would surely offer hundreds of hours of fun combined yeah?

    "not per requirements" (lol!!!) - Fair cop!....but in a way, it was, because you mostly compared EA with BLIC which was awesome.

    I just meant that there was a thread already wholly dedicated to cricket 2005. cher.

  6. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Damn, I was hoping to read some retaliation to Rippers smartarse post....Ah well.
  7. ..::ERIC::..

    ..::ERIC::.. Guest

    What is this a freakin' lava lamp shop? Come on stop the man love [​IMG]
  8. bman2112

    bman2112 Guest

    I've had BLIC now for a few days. It's certainly the best cricket game available. It's one of the few games where bowling is actually fun.

    If this was online, it would be truely awesome. As it is, on 2 player it's brilliant.

    It's quick, it's fun and it's worth getting. End of story.
  9. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest


    Now that's what I'm talking about!!

    People waiting for the game (like myself) can nourish ourselves with this


    Also, if people don't like it for whatever reason - no one is going to get their head cut off or anything. I can't disagree anyway, I don't have it and I have not played demo. Never really have liked demos....I'm in for the long haul on the sports ones lol!!

    Oh, OH!! and bman tell us:

    Does it have autoplay during games and save features also??....this has always confused me (the info on whether you can or not).

  10. bman2112

    bman2112 Guest

    No auto play (well, not on the PS2 version) - but that isn't a bad thing. Bowling is a great laugh, and some might say more entertaining that batting!

    You can save the game at the start of a new over.

    Other information.......

    The swing and seam are brilliant! - ok, the swing is a little over the top, but it keeps you on your toes.

    Special delieveries - When the confidence meter is full for the bowler you can bowl a special delievery. For fast bowlers it's either a bouncer or yorker (using the L2 or R2 buttons). This is very good - although not particularly when you're bowling, as it only really works when you're fooling the lower order batsmen.
    However, when you're batting and you can see the bowlers confidence is sky high, and he's aiming for your toes, only for a bouncer to suddenly come along, it can catch you out.

    Lots of edges to the slips and keeper

    dropped catches

    good graphics

    I'd give it 8.5/10. Only downsides seem to be the fact that the computer controlled batmen never take a risky single down at fine-leg and the fact that the bowling animations are the same for each bowler.

    I'm 31 yrs old, and know my games, so just trust me on this - if you like cricket, buy this game. I didn't even bother with cricket 2005, apparently it's shite.

    If this game had online capabilities..........boy oh boy!!
  11. MightyQuin

    MightyQuin Guest

    I also picked this up the other day, and think it's great fun - brings back memories of the old PSX brian lara cricket game.

    Bowling and batting seem intuitive, with a nice 'confidence meter' for both attributes affecting the actual ball a bowler can throw down, and allegedly the shots a batsman can play. Beating the bat, dot balls, scoring boundaries, taking wickets, or hitting the batsman can constantly affect these confidence ratings.

    Its also obviously done by Swordfish - similar structure to WCRugby, e.g. Challenge matches (starting in black and white on a flickery old tv set - nice touch!), world XI challenge (beat with each team from Aus down), and player name editor.

    Its only international teams, but there are various events from ICC champions trophy, World Cup, and full test series, or user defined league.

    Theres also a fun "double wicket" mode, where you select just 2 players each, and a set number of overs. If a wicket falls you simply lose a number of runs from your total and bat on until the overs are up. when bowling you can only use the 2 players you chose, and then set the default fielding side. Good for a quick multiplayer tournament.

    Finally "career mode" - which is a bit less impressive than it sounds. You get to create a **** poor player and allocate him to a squad (very basic method - just enter a name a choose a head model!). Each time you use him in a match he gets experience points you can use to improve his batting or bowling stats.

    Hope this is of some interest for those still waiting for it - ask away if theres anything else you guys want to know.
  12. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    great stuff bman and mightyquin...

    thanks again..

    can save = good

    autoplay = not too bad I suppoooooose (might be annoying in a long game being a series....but sweet cos play is fun anyway)

    <<questions>> um......

    * Can you do a tour at all?
    * Can you keep stats?
    * Can you play three in one team...or at least two together in series etc?
    * Is the no sweep rumour true?
    * Can you charge (or do a couple of shots replicate it slightly at all?

    All relatively small gripes either way in grand scheme - but good to get out of the way I think if true.

    thanks again

  13. bman2112

    bman2112 Guest

    1. Yes you can do tours
    2. I believe you can, not sure
    3. Haven't tried that yet - certainly can have two players in one team though.
    4. No sweep as far as i'm aware, although i've seen a post elsewhere that says he saw one of his players sweep a spin bowler.
    5. No charge [​IMG]

    It's one of those games that you can't help but bowl/bat another over. The amount of times i tried to go to bed about midnight, only to go about 1.30am!! [​IMG]

    Another couple of gripes though.

    1. Replays aren't very good
    2. No replay button!! - really annoys me that!
    3. When you hit a six, you don't see it fly into the crowd. It just cuts to the replay
    4. Player names need re-doing in the edit mode.

    They are small gripes though, everything else is pretty much in place, so just buy it and enjoy Los! [​IMG] - when's it out with you guys anyway?
  14. There's some people who "get" what BLIC is trying to be and some who dont (see the growing number of anal-retentive EA frat boys on planetcricket). Its a good, fast paced enjoyable cricket GAME (the game in block caps is important [​IMG] ), any features lacking are sure to appear in sequels. Its a bloody good base to build on.
    Its accessable to fans and the curious..and its great in multiplayer.

    Not that I'm biased or anything.... [​IMG]
  15. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    I am a die hard cricket fan

    EA sports simulates the boring side of cricket
    BLIC's stimulates the fun side of cricket

    I havent got the game yet, but i will be knocking down the posty if it doesnt come today

    Hurryy the hell up

    I am dying waiting for this game - just reading some of the features and "Hard mode" scorelines.

    After thrashing the demo on county level........i gotto move it too is very easy on county level, and by looks of feedback on test level it looks just right

    Anyone in NZ that gets it let us know ASAP, as ur 2 hours ahead, and will be good indicator if us aussies will be celebrating the Lara sleepover!!!
  16. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    If I see "awaiting despatch" on my order screen for one more day....f*** - I can't count the four-six days fro arrival down until it actually goes.....f***! It should have gone on friday!! Last fruiday!!!!!!!! OK, rant over.

    I'm going postal though here......




    Please come....

    My NBA 2K5 arrived today (1 day (Overnight) from gpstore).....alright!

    Gallop racer 2 in 2 days...

    (I know they've both been out for ages (but I like to research games so that I only ever have good, enduring sports titles) - but I will love both and was waiting for right price while I thrashed rugby 2005 and league within an inch of their lives etc....)


    I am still only thinking Blics........NBA is beside me as I type and my head says:



    Oh you get the idea!

    Questions continued.....or repeated...............

    * Please someone with full version tell me: Can U keep stats....not just for your player you create (although I must check that too - that his average is kept etc, for me and my bro to go one on one with our stats in the same team etc... [​IMG] [​IMG] ), but for, say, a selected team (your country - for me NZ) and have their stats kept? Please advise...

    * someone confirm sweep on spinners!? [​IMG] [​IMG]


    * You can tour! cool.....but only national side itself? OR other XIs too? Let us know.

    * WTF!!! You hit six and what!? can u explain plse, as the ball sailing into the crowd is very, very important to me and I will need this carefully explained with detail....if someone can be arsed please! lol.... [​IMG]

    Thanks [​IMG]
  17. esoj

    esoj Guest

    unless you import we have to wait in nz and aus until october for the game. And yeah planetcricket is very anti-blic and pro ea one of the staff membesr brad52 or something always goes off at blic fans attacking cricket 05 and he blasts blic for being a poor game
  18. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    I had Gallop Racer2

    Thrashed over 100 seasons
    2000 races
    500+ G1 races

    Have heard that the stat tracking is only limited to the create-a-player
    This is disheartening as cricket is 70% stats
    After renting EA 2005 the stat tracking in that is rediculously in depth and awesome, however at the cost of gameplay......

    I THINK have hit a few sweeps from spinners - although its been semi random, as most time its just a fine clip off the 80% sure i have hit a few, as i do recall the animation - would have something to do with type of shot played, length of pitch and timing..........they arent common nor can u delibrately sweep - the shot animation is depicted from alot of components such as shot type, line and length and timing

    Not sure about the tours

    Sixes - yes u hit sixes, however u cannot see where they land unless u watch the replay - the camera pans back to the ump for his animation of 6, as soon as the ball crosses the 1st couple of rows mid air....if it clears the rope by 1 metre u see it land, but if its huge and goes a few rows back, u dont see much past the first few rows - in the replay u see the whole thing

    These gripes dont count for much and become minor and its an enjoyment to play, like no other cricket game
    The worst thing ever is the lack of stats
    I love my worms, manhattans, and wagon wheels
    But on the same token i like to field, and play my shots where they are meant to go in relation to my analogue direction - BLIC delivers in this respect, and with Sir Don and real bats - in an easy decision for me

    I have examined the mixed reviews of BLICS v EA
    I am overly confident that BLICs will satisfy MY taste in cricket
    I couldnt stand EA 2005 after playing the demo of BLIC
    I like my cricket fast, entertaining, interactive and tactical in the field, but at the same time challenging, and unpredictable
    BLIC's is fast, ENTERTAINING, the challenge is yet to be desired on Test mode (havent played it yet), it is unpredictable as I have seen random AI scores on the demo ranging over 50 runs over 6 overs, from 30 runs to 90 runs

    I wont divulge into the potential it has for 2 player
    I dont wanna **** off too many PES fans, but BLICs is the type of multiplayer game u be playing a full year after its release!!

    I only have the demo [​IMG]
  19. ak47

    ak47 Guest


    I am as impatient as they come

    I havent ordered from the UK ever

    I am getting worried about my BLIC order, and I havent been debitted on credit card yet

    Normally i am debitted upon shipment (delivery out) from source

    Do they do it differently in the UK and debit after u have received the goods??

    Do you think I may have an issue with my order

    anyone else ordered and not paid for it yet??
  20. Muse_Cubed

    Muse_Cubed Guest

    I got it on Friday. Oh yes. [​IMG]
  21. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    [​IMG] Then dish my friend [​IMG]


    AND AK....!!!!

    OI AK!!!

    they no way do it differently.....I don't know of it debited from card I used or not (lol!!), but I can tell you it shipped yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You ahve to go into the account you set up to order it and it has a tracking section your game and you can and see what it says on it. The place I got mine from let me ask question via email and answered nearly all.

    I decided to put some AK-style, but polite too and tactful (I know - rare for me), and I said it had been promised by employee to leave 1-2 days after release and that is why I purchased - for brother's/son's birthday (anything will do), and of course I awoke to reply saying,

    "Oh yes, sorry, have sent today"...i.e. Tuesday England time.........

    This little kiwi gets blics in 4-6 days via Royal Mail.....

    That' Tuesday at the latest....

    Right on!!

    (yes I just did say that)..

    and two of my three well-researched game additions have arrived in the lead-up to blic and to join them for the next few months (I buy games in blocks with sale of my previous games to pay etc........although I will get RL2 when it comes out):

    NBA 2K5
    Gallop Racer 2 (I knew it would be good and what you say confirms this......It's going to rock on the screen for MP)

    Tuesday! Tuesday!!!!! Aaaarggggghhhhhhhhhh

    If I was a kiwi...I'd just order it now takes a friggin week these days......Just go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wahoooooooooooooooo!!!

    Oh and my colin mcrae 2005 is arriving in a couple of days in blocks is way cooler b/c you don't get prone to getting sick of them for one and for two, you can research a series of the best of certain genres and then snap up in one go.
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