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Caption Compo Thread II

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Right Guys try this one

guy: "stop taking photos and help me you stupid son of a *****!.........thats right mum bring the boat here!"
Global warming has taken it's toll as one of the few remaining humans is seen stranded on the last of the great ice sheets
The modern day Eskimo going about his daily duties despite being confined to incommodious surroundings due to the natural disaster that is global warming. (not pictured: Rich American lighting cigar with $100 note) Photographer: Leonard E. Pilksworthingtonworth. Copyright National Geographic 2015.
After a freak fire, the remaining celebrity off hit prime time tv show, 'Dancing on Ice' has no option but to swim back to safety.
Fred the weather man gets bored now that 'This Morning' has moved to London.
Originally posted by wigan_rlfc@Feb 9 2006, 02:58 PM
Fred the weather man gets bored now that 'This Morning' has moved to London.
:champion: :champion: :champion:

Co Pilot: When I said take it Easy, I was talking to the passengers NOT you Bob... Now look what you done, you gone and made my feet all wet...
It appears staff at Luton opted for the swimming pool rather than the originally proposed runway.
Husband (on plane): Wtf are we doing in a lake?
Wife (on plane): What do u expect, its are Easy jet.
Husband (on plane): More like, 'Couldn't give a **** where we land jet!'
In a bid to out-do new hybrid car-boats, EasyJet introduces its new line of passenger planes that can actually take off in water.
Easyjet's latest aqua plane minimizes airport tax in places like Venice
Unlike rival airline Goody McTwoshoed Virgin Airlines, the somewhat more slutty Easyjet isn't afraid of getting a bit wet for a customer...
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