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  1. hey boys

    so rugby season is about to start up again and i need some new cleats

    these are the options i have (this shop is right by my house)

    if you click on more items

    i am considering the Adidas Harlequin III Lows or the Flankers (the harlequins are real cheap though only 60 bucks)

    what do you guys recommend/use?
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  3. First, I recommend you start calling them boots. Even the shop near your house calls them boots, as does everyone in the rest of the world. [​IMG]

    Second, what position are you? Playing in the backline, I've always tended to prefer 6 studs per boot rather than 8. I see that they've got Mizuno Legends a few pages back for about 70 bucks. I've never worn Mizuno, but I know guys who have sworn by them (after they've been broken in).
  4. i play wing. full back outside center

    backline mate


    oh btw i have some molded "Boots" for hard ground (sevens) and need some ones with proper studs, and i was thinkin about getting some mids or highs b/c i have a bad ankle but the dude at the store it wont help that much and will slow you down more, better to wear a ankle brace
  5. Yeah, I agree with what he says.

    Though it might be annoying, and costly in tape, I'd say tape/strap/brace/whatever your ankle everytime you play, even for practice, and go with the low boots.

    Another route to go would be to get soccer boots (with removable studs) and get rid of their crap studs and put rugby ones in. I've done this on quite a few occassions and often prefer this method. Rugby boots tend to be molded super hard as if one of the concerns in the design is that people with large studs will be stepping on your feet every 10 seconds. Soccer boots are very light, immensely durable, and easily break in.

    As I said, I've always preferred 6 studs instead of 8 as a back, but then I've always liked having lightweight boots.
  6. I play the same positions as you, and I use a pair of Canterbury 8-stud boots for really boggy pitches (probably don't get many of those where you are [​IMG] ), but I usually wear a pair of 6-stud Adidas soccer boots, just with some proper studs in them.

    I agree with the cap though, low cut boots are the best for playing in the backs, I would just go for an ankle support to ease your problems.
  7. I've never really liked addidas. Not only in rugby but other stuff too. Nike not so much either but they produce some quality stuff occasionally.
  8. Bull

    Bull Guest

    I agree with CaptainAmerica, 8 stud boots are more for forwards. Rather use 6 stud boots. The harlequins boot is also used by forwards, and see in the picture it's not low cut!
    This is a good choice for a backline player, I also use these.
    The best boots I've ever used was Nike ZoomAir, with multi-studs(rubber studs) or molded like you call it.

    PS. Here in SA we call boots "Toks".
  9. i guess i might get those legends

    i just figured adidas made the best cleats since the all blacks use those cleats
    guess not
  10. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  11. whats funny?
  12. Spiff, you serious?

    The All Blacks would wear a kit sponsored by a tampon company if the money was right.
  13. but they still use those "****" boots and do pretty well

  14. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Thats because they're the best rugby tem in the world.
  15. Well, despite the IRB rankings, they aren't offically until 2007.......... [​IMG]
  16. melon

    melon Guest

    spacemanspiff, It's the player, not the boots
  17. I was wondering what was the difference between 8 studs and six studs? It seems to me 8 would be good for everyone because of the extra grip it gives you on the field.
  18. I only use 8 on a heavy pitch, as they provide more traction, but on a firmish pitch I prefer 6, just because they are lighter and I feel I can run and change direction quicker in them. All comes down to personal choice really though.
  19. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    IRB rankings are all that counts.

    Until we win the world cup. [​IMG]
  20. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I used to play at Centre with some 6-stud Hi-tec football boots. I just took the plastic studs out and replaced them metal ones.

    I found them much better (sepecially for running) than any beefy Rugby boots.
  21. cavan

    cavan Guest

    As a back ideally you'd want as small and as light boots as possible. They may hurt you for the first few games but once you break them in so to speak you'll really feel the difference when sprinting and kicking. For example Ronan O Gara wears size 10 shoes but his boots are an 8 and a half. They are custom made but you get the picture.
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