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Cricket World Cup 2007



Well the first of the two big world cups starts in a couple of weeks, so heres the official thread for all general discussion.

What are you views?

Is the Tournament to big?

Who's Gonna Win it?

Who's Gonna be the suprise package?
I think there'll be more than an official thread for this when it gets going, was just checking out Sky's coverage and with NTL being retarded to say the least with their digital 2 of the Ireland games will only be available on interactive, it's annoying really, when the ICC Trophy was in England and there were 2 matches on they were shown on Sky Sports Extra, pity it's not the same this time.
My views: Australia will win

Is the tournament too big?: No, it's healthy for the game. Every four years an event is needed like this to showcase the best on a world stage together.

Who's going to win it?: Australia

Who's going to be the surprise package?: The Windies as a team, but also an individual or two will really step up and murder world crickets' superstars.
What are you views?

Going to be an interesting WC with teams picking some controversial sides.

Is the Tournament to big?

Hec no, its good to ave it every 4 years. Its healthy like that. It has a decent build up also.

Who's Gonna Win it?

Australia, West Indies or South Africa

Who's Gonna be the surprise package?

Three sides for me, England, West Indies, India, all have hidden potential. England have gathered some momentum for the WC and I think they are a side, if unchanged could become a contender for the cup. The West Indies are at home and should know the pitches well. They have a good set of players, pity Tino aint playing ("Mind the Windows Tino") India are also a side boasting world class players, Tendulkar, Dravid, Shewag, Dhoni, Ganguly, Kumble and Harbajian Singh.

I still wouldn't write off Sri Lanka, think they're a decent bet although I thought that with the ICC Trophy.

You would be worried as an Aussie supporter though, losing 3 on the trot to England is quite worrying cause I still can't see England doing much in the Carribean.

you heard it hear first

AUD$8.50 to win - GET ON!!!!!!!!

Well the first of the two big world cups starts in a couple of weeks, so heres the official thread for all general discussion.

What are you views?

Going to be a few surprises - cant wait........i wanna see Yousef play quality, and in the ultimate pressure

Is the Tournament to big?


Who's Gonna Win it?


Who's Gonna be the suprise package?

West Indies, and Pakistan.............Youtube Yousef will show you
What are you views?

It will be a great tournament with plenty of drama and a few upsets

Is the Tournament to big?
bigger than ben hur

Who's Gonna Win it?
australia is my pick. so much depth and plenty of match winners. could be interesting if they finish second in theor group and the return of symonds and gilchrist will be key.

Who's Gonna be the suprise package?
I think the west indies will suprise a few. the home ground often spurs teams on to go beyond what they can do normally and for the west indies it won't be any different. they also have this guy brian lara you might have heard of. I aslo think the sri lankans could be a suprise semi-finalist. they have some quality batsmen especially at the top and once they get going they normally put up a big score. they also have 2 great bowlers in murali and malinga who can damage any team.

can't wait for this to start been a big build up and some injuries to teams I think has opened this comp up a bit.
lee is goneskis from the world cup. ankle ligament damage. proabbly won't be bowling for 2-3 months


Strange as this might sound, it might actually be a blessing in disguise for the Aussies, if it opens the door for Stuart Clark to get into the squad. An attack featuring both McGrath and Clark would probably give away less than Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas eve. Sure, you`ll miss the extra firepower with the new ball, and some handy runs down the order, bt with 2 metronomical misers in the line-up, I just feel that the Aussie attack looks even more dangerous.

On the issue of favourites, I`ll stick my neck out to pick the current no1-ranked ODI side in the world, unless we manage yet another cerebral CWC choke, and fall out to our 3rd tied result in a row.
I can't believe India have been seeded 8th!

They would be my pick of an outsider to watch out for.

In terms of individuals, hopefull Paul Collingwood can continue his impressive one day form. If the returning Kevin Pieterson can fire, then he is definately a player everyone will be watching with baited breath.
They were anounced in April 2005 when the ICC used their one day rankings to determine the seedings.

1. Australia
2. New Zealand
3. Sri Lanka
4. Pakistan
5. South Africa
6. West Indies
7. England
8. India
South Africa are worth a bet having been seeded only fifth as well.

And you can can never rule out the Windies on home soil.

In fact, I can see this years tournament being fairly open.
funny that no one has backed the blackcaps.
im a kiwi but biast aside they are a good bet.
currently ranked no3.
in the last 4 months they have beaten Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Pakistan & England.

they bombed out in the CB series but they played some pretty good cricket in patches. England played some good cricket at the end of that series and knocked the kiwis out of the series just as they were starting to hit theyre stride.

they are probably the best chasing side in the world at the moment.
Looking at that list I would say we are looking to a quite open tournament...
looking at the seedings they are all out the window now.

with South Africa, Australia and New Zealand in the order for the "top seeds" now should make it interesting.

I will always back the black caps, never count out aussie or south africa at the moment. but if kiwi s or aussies dont win then go india :)
I wouldnt rule out England they have been improving of late, getting results at the times it matters, so in theory they could just be coming to form, just in time for the world cup...

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