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    in november 2003, england won the rwc. They beat Australlia in the final 20-17 with a last gasp drop goal from Jonny Wilkinson. The victory was the just reward for the hard work and graft that scw and the whole team had put in. They went through some hard times, but come 2003 they were near enough unstoppable. they had a bruisin front row, a beasty line out with a talismanic captain in Martin Johnson. they had the holy trinity of, hill,back and dallaglio at the 6,7 and 8. and they had the best half back combination in world rugby. Before the world cup the writting was evidentyl on the wall. the summer of 2003, england toured nz and aus, and impressively beat the aussies. They then went onto beat nz 15-13 on nz soil. this was truly a great side, that was based on a clever tactical approach, backed up with uncontrollable power.

    After the world cup, england has their little parade, where all the poms turned out, and bellowed swing low sweet chariot, it was a quite a nauseating site. but still they had earned it. Englands first game after the wc was against the nz barbarian, this side were quite shocking and an almost second england side disposed of thse with ease. Before the six nations of 2004, martin jonson confessed that he was too old, and maybe should hang up his boots and spend more time doing the garden and seeing the grand kids. England went into the six nations fulled with their usual arrogant swagger believing that they would continue to beat,**** and **** all over the opposition. The first game against italy, things were going well-ish. they beat italy 50-9. they then went onto to beat scotland 35-13. Things were looking good for england and the world cup champions were allready preparing another open top grand slam parade. However fortunately - ireland beat, **** and ****** all over england parade. It was a truly great day. and signalled the downfall of england. much like the british empire, when one was f***ed, the other soon followed. France beat england 24-21 to win the grand slam, and imanol harinordiquay, showed lawrence "alien autopsy head" dallaglio that he was far from "harry ordinary" that summer the world champs went off to nz, to try and convine the world that england are still the best team going. unfortunately the first kick landed straight into a rockets hand and he sped through the england defence like a bullet through butter. nz trounced england in both games by 30 pts. they also got obliterated by aus, by 50 pts. The autum came, and scw was gone, instear ar took charge, ar of course being short for arsehole. england soon got back to winning ways.....over canada..... but soon got back to loosing ways over aus. they did however manage to beat s.a which was fairly impressive.

    the following six nations england were ****, they didnt come within 15 metres of the welsh try line and justifiably lost 11-9. they then went onto to loose to yachvilli 18-17, and charlie hodgson went onto the psychiatric ward. he managed though to get back in time to see england again loose to ireland 19-13. england won the last two games.

    last autum, england restored some sort of pride, they beat an injury hit aussie side, pushed an all black side close, and decided to play kick boxing with the samoans.

    the six nations this year was again dissapointing, they lost to ireland,scotland and suffered a huge defeat to france.

    england deserve to be in the wall as they are quite frankly not worhy of being champions, they bring shame onto the side that was so domminant in 2003. Thier record since the wc is just about 50 percent, this as world champs is poor.
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    This will be the last topic I approve until we get some official Wall Of Shamers...

    One of the best posts loratadine has ever made. I asked him to come back with a little more detail after he originally posted a line or so of England bashing, and he returns with an in-depth description of how good they were prior etc. etc. Well done. Good read.

    Granted, there are many arguments against what you said, such as the incredible amount of retirements etc. destroying whatever the World Cup team was... But at a glance you are absolutely correct. This was the worst ever World Champion team...
  4. How is this entire paragraph not just more English bashing?

    "quite a nauseating site" - we aren't allowed to celebrate then? Or is having a party after victory instead of going and cutting off your nads not acceptable in Wales?

    "usual arrogant swagger" - pots and kettles spring to mind...

    "However fortunately - ireland beat, **** and ****** all over england parade." - Why is "fortunate"? Oh, that's right, because you hate anything connected with England. Sorry, I was lost for a moment, almost convinced myself your article was about rugby for a minute.

    Was that last comment I made unjust? Not really - "It was a truly great day. and signalled the downfall of england."

    I have no objection for England being put up for the wall of shame, but this is just the same old crap being recycled, and it's far from constructive.

    'Let's insult England for the sake of it'; well I'm f***ing fed up of being expected to read this type of **** being posted, and having to endure it, because if I were to try and show my patriotic side, that would be classed as arrogance.
  5. Dumbo

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    Im with Lora... where's the voting bit?
  6. loratadine

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    well its ok though for people to post a topic calling gavin henson a rat *******.

    of course im going to be against england that why i put them into the wall of shame. i couldnt very well write an article fairly on them,when im trying to elevate my disgust towards them.

    like i said it seems like its one rule for everyone else and another for me, just because i spun a few one liners i get the usual motley crew on my back. well i say get of it please, cos as ive said if you read every wall of shame article they are all biased and all extremely venemous especailly the one on henson. i was merely trying to elevate how bad englands downfall have been.


    most of the anti english things are said merely in a humurous way to add flavour to the article. Im sorry if i offended you,but i thought, having read the other articles it had to be biased. one things for sure though, im the only f***er who put any time and effort into my article, et im the one who gets slated.
  7. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    just readin over the rules

  8. Half the things in your article have nothing to do with rugby, it's just you having a go at England as a nation.

    That's what I have a problem with, not saying our rugby team has been ****, because that's perfectly true.
  9. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    as i said i thought it had to be humurous, and if a couple of one liners are half the essay, then it looks like i wsted my time doing it.

    i thought i made a valed arguement, and praised england pre 2003. this is the wall of shame, and as kaftka said it has to be comical, i did try to make it comical... my last intention was to offend anyone. but this is the wall of shame and they are my opinions, and i did spend a good time writing it. this is the reason why i never post long posts..... too much hassle.....too much stick

    calling gavin henson a rat ******* an a aboration of a man, is much more venomous and personal than anything in my essay, i just think youre nit picking now.
  10. 1 - I didn't call him that

    2 - Unless you're Gavin Henson I don't see why you should take it personally

    3 - That's not insulting to more than one person
  11. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    as ive said, i dont think i said anything that anti english, yes their is pinches of anti english remarks, but as ive said it is only agains the english rugby team, not the english people.
  12. Are you kidding?

    How is calling English people celebrating "nauseating" not insulting?

    I was one of those people celebrating, as I'm sure were all the other English people on the board.

    You've taken your English hatred too far again, you don't seem to have the ability to keep insults to the rugby team, you have to target the country as a whole.
  13. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    this is the last time i bother to write an essay

    the thing is about england being crap, so off course its going to be anti english. rugby is a sport which prides itself on banter, if you cant take the heat you shouldnt be here.

    but i am sorry if i offended you, that honestly was my last intention, iwas hoping that people would think that it was quite a well written article. but obviously its complete **** and i am a f*** face for bothering to contribute to this forum.
  14. Lora's article has made me smile a little. Perhaps if you dropped the strong sense of anti-englishness then you may have a decent article there.

    My main problem with England celebrating the RWC victory is the media ramming it down everyone's throats, but there was nothing wrong with the big parade or anything like that.
  15. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    the nauseating comment was said in a comedic way, of course it wasnt nauseating i was merely trying to say that as a welshmen seeing youre biggest rivals celebrate being the best team in the world at youre own national sport it was quite nauseating, but as ive said, they did deserve it, because without doubt they were an awesome side.
  16. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    im sure you going to feel sick when united win the league next month
  17. Well I absolutley hate Man Utd and I'm ashamed that Ferguson is connected to Ayr United in a way. Though Chelski will get it...so there's no need for the sick bag really, though I won't put it away just yet.
  18. hahaha i liked it...funny read!

    that alien head comment on dallagio
  19. #Bom Bom#

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    I myself see england as a country of great beauty. They believe in giving there players second third and even fifth chances at tring to be good. I believe that the only great thing that has come out of english rugby is matt dawsons bus pass. There are way more greater rugby nations who have produced way better players. NZ have made Carter. SA have made habana. Wales have made peel. And have england made.......Mistakes. Maybe if they stopeed living in the in the year they won the world cup maybe they would stop playing 94 year old oaps. Maybe they should stop giving money for jonny wilkinson to appear on TV and give it to dillagio who's forehead is reach a 1 metre long. I say pull your head out of your ass england and start palying rugby for rugby not for money.

    P.S. Madden For King!!!!!!!!!!
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