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FIGHT club!..the thread

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discuss discuss..i was an old school boxing fan but with all the politics and money rants and biggotry that has destroyed the level of quality in the boxing itself recently..i have leaned much towards kick boxing and mix martial arts...

first time i watched ufc i thought it was silly..until frank shamrock twisted a dudes leg up like a pretzel and made him submit...its a beautiful thing if you look at the mechanics of the fight..the timing,finess,fitness and skills are brilliant...the moves,the holds and ofcourse the strikes and then the counters incorporate any fight fans imagination...for the sheer entertainment of things and not so much the purity of a fight i have leaned towards K1 or kick boxing..mainly because alot of samoans/kiwis have been really successful in it..

boxing has been bone dry in YEARS!!!.....but there is a saviour in that sport and hopefully he can go where david tua couldt..and thats to that champion belt pedastal

my favorite fighters..
david tua - boxing
anthony mundine - boxing
shane cameron - boxing
mark hunt - mma/pride
rampage - ufc
ray sefo - k1/kick boxing
jason suttie - ki/kick boxing
might mo - k1/kick boxing

..oh yeh and the gracie brothers are machines!!!
I've never watched much fighting of any type, apart from wrestling but thats all bullshit lol. However I do watch the big boxing pay-per-view's that Glen gets.

I'm heading down to video-ezy tomorrow...they have UFC....so i'll have a watch. I've been meaning to watch it for a couple of year now but i just never seem to get around to doing it. Can't wait!
I've never got into boxing, so I can't start talking technically about it, or go into much historical depth.

But is it just me who fights lightweight fighters far more interesting to watch than the heavyweights?

The top level heavy guys hardly ever seem to throw a punch in comparison to their smaller counterparts. Certainly modern guys seem too focused on defense rather than attack.

Amir Khan may have been thrown fairly easy opponents in this early stage of his professional career, but I find his incredible speed of hand and foot far more enjoyable to see that too giants grappling for 10 rounds before finally deciding to get stuck in.

Just my personal opinion on the sport as a a fairly casual observer.
i love watching the middleweights fight.

usually because they arent a one punch knockout like heavyweights can be and they are quicker and have more stamina which leads to a good fight.

now if you really want to watch an entertaining fight watch manny pacquio vs someone in the lightweight divisions he has the most intense and entertaining fights ive seen while watching him.

also ricky hatton is one of my favourites, i love watching him.
yup the lighter weights and middle weights are more the event then the big heavy sluggers...

I HATE THE BIGGOTRY IN THE SPORT...sure ali did it the most but he justified his words in the ring and is world icon...

the light weights are far more entertaining for fast past furious action...heavy weight boxing aint been the same since tyson's era....he was the last of the greats..
I enjoyed watching Prince Naseem. Proper cocky sheffield guy who like prancing around the ring.

That was until he got fat and crashed his Merc nearlyy killing someone...
Randy Couture is my idol.

And in comparison, Boxing is like pillow fighting. For girls.
I'd still rather watch ESPN Classic and watch the classic fights over any of the crap they like to call boxing today.

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