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Fight For Life



As chiro said, the hoppa is back, fighting in the main event. its on 8:30 tonight i belive, at the waitaks event center, and on tv3.

fight card (in order)

Tony Tatupu VS John Allan
Duane Mann VS David Furner
Inga Tuigamala VS Adrian Garvey
Tony Tuimavave VS Kevin Campion
Ofisa Tonu’u VS John Hopoate

its going to be awesome! money going towards the child cancer fund. well worth finding a nice pub to watch it at, over a few brewskies. at my work a few weeks back, dean lonagain organised a ameture boxing match and it was pritty f***ing awesome. my favorite match is going to be the tony tuimavave vs kevin campion. campo is a legend, and if it means giving one to the aussies, so be it.
Man.....Tonuu has his work cut out for him against Hopoate....I played touch against Ofisa and he is really small......strange thing is.....Lauatiti was only my size so maybe Hopoate is also not so big.....I heard that league players are not as gigantic as rugby guys......
just as long as tonuu doesnt bend over or fall flat on his face he will go alright :D
Originally posted by woosaah@May 4 2006, 12:59 PM
just as long as tonuu doesnt bend over or fall flat on his face he will go alright :D
"Don't turn ya back" will be the call from his corner 90% of the time lol!
or "bums to the wall" as soon as he walks out from the dressing room (do they call it a dressing room in boxing?)
Originally posted by Gay-Guy+May 4 2006, 01:36 PM-->
@May 4 2006, 12:59 PM
just as long as tonuu doesnt bend over or fall flat on his face he will go alright :D
"Don't turn ya back" will be the call from his corner 90% of the time lol! [/b]
I know could you imagine Hopoate trying to stick one of those boxing gloves up his ass
Fight One

John Allen (ex Springbok) vs Tony Tatupu (ex Warrior)

First round....Tony Tatupu dazzes Allen with a right...standing eight count.

Allen can't get his range....he can get Tatupu who is a bit lazy with his guard.

Secong round Tatupu does more damage.....standing eight count. End of round has Allen finally landing a combo. :bravo:

Third round....nice right by Tony...another standing out count...more combos from Tony.....lots of big rights by Tony and Allen is amazingly still here.

More big hits from Tony....well done Allen for finishing the round on his feet :)

Winner is....Unanimous Black singlet..Tony Tatupu....his opinion "Great occassion..thanks John...sterling effort...thanks Horse......"
This child cancer is so sad....I am gonna donate.....

Fight 2

David Furner (Kangaroo) vs Duanne Mann (Kiwi)

Fantastic jabbing by David Furner followed up by variable combos....Duanne Mann looks out of sync in the first round.

Absolutely classy display by Furner. Mann can't seem to find his range and is getting totally outboxed. Furner has some very good short uppercuts when Mann ducks on the inside.....Furner has total control in the second round.

Bloody amazing display in the third round by Furner with unbelievable combos considering he is an amateur....his jab is too strong and he follows it up with a powerful right uppercut to offset Mann who tries to duck and weave that jab...well done Furner in giving Mann his first ever defeat.

Unanimous winner....David Furner who was called into as a late replacement...."...I didn't hesitate to come in...."
Fight 3

Adrian Garvey (Springbok) vs Inga Tuigamala (All Black)

Good work by Adrian...has Inga on the backfoot....Inga seems to have paced himself in this first round and is not throwing his big bombs....Adrian does not seem intimidated and is coming forward more often.....Inga seems to have adopted Tua's style of right slanting.

Second round...
BIG right hand by Inga! Another right...another standing eight count........Tua picks the pace up a bit and lands heavy. Excllent sportsmenship by Inga by NOT going in for the kill.

Round 3......BIG RIGHT! LEFT hook! Right hook! Garvey is doing well holding on.......Garvey down for the fourth time. Saved by the bell...too many eight counts to remember. Great sportsmanship by Inga by not totally killing him.

Winner......Inga Tuigamala......"Thank the Lord for protecting both fighters...Adrian Garvey.....great stuff flying so far for this cause......from today Deano, I retire.....I weigh one hundred and forty seven kilos point five"
Fight 4

Kevin Campion (Queensland) vs Tony Tuimavave (Kiwis)

:lol: ...these guys look like they are pussyfooting around...lots of action but lacking the killer instinct. Bit of a patty patty round one.

Round two had more punches thrown than the other fights but again they were amaturish in power. Tony looks like he wants to pick it up but Kevin seems to want to be friends :lol:

Tony in Round 3 is going for the knockout but Kevin is playing it safe....Kevin did land a few but he was too passive.

Winner.....very close....Tony Tuimavave......"Thank you very much for coming along and supporting this cause"
Fight 5

John Hopoate (Kangaroo) vs Ofisa Tonuu (All Black)

Round 1
OMG!!!!! Hopoate is just donging poor Tonuu around like a punching bag....talk about a mismatch....Hopoate looks way too classy.

Round 2......Ofisa is coming on strong but to no avail.....Hopoate is too fast and countering everything...Tonuu doesn't know where he is...standing eight count. Clean one twos land near the end twice in a row....Tonuu is definitely stunned and is standing there even though he is gone.

Round 3......Damn! Those one twos are coming easily now and Hopates short rights are not being blocked......Ref stops the fight 19 secs into the round...Tonuu was never in the same league.....

Winner...........John Hopoate....."...until you get into that ring you don't know how hard it is, so thank you Junior"
yeah hopoate mangled him but his defence has a lot of holes in it, who ever hes fighting in couple weeks will probably take to them with ease but man does he have some power, and hes f***in quick too