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France - Namibia

Is it just me, or do the French look ******?

This team has something to prove, and thankfully, it starts today.

40-3 to France at halftime, the French showing exactly how you play against a fast, flat defense. Simply play from a bit deeper, support the ball-carrier, and exploit the spaces created out wide.

One player from Namibia who just keeps on impressing me is the fullback, young Tertius Losper. In the Ireland game, he had that huge tackle on Hickie. And in this game, he`s been secure at the back, just carried Chabal back short of the line, created a gap by running hard at a halfgap from 10, and his kicking out of hand has been excellent. Now there`s a guy who deserves a big contract with one of the top clubs.
87-10 to France at the end. Magnificent performance, well-organised on attack, good supporting lines, and plenty of grunt up front. So France have now also set up a marker for the RWC, and even though Namibia are maybe not the strongest team out there, still a worthy performance.

Good stuff by Namibia for getting their try in the end. Committed effort by 14 totally outclassed men.
Well done to Namibia for not just playing dirty after they went one man down.

France are off, they looked cool, calm and collected, against a team who proved last week they are no push overs.

I think Ireland will lose next week (unless they change big big time) but Ireland may beat Argentina, so I reckon France will finish top, and their challenge for the cup will be back on.

Good performance from France, this game will probably remind that in France remains the best for a NH side to win this tournament...

speaking of the players, my comments are :

Poitrenaud : had a solid game and proved once again that he can be lethal at counter-attack when associated whis his Toulouse's team-mates-wingers...

Heymans : ... pfuuu... nothing to say, the guy worth 100 times Dominici AND has a strong left foot... what can we asked... winger is his best position, you can see that. The best French back tonight by a mile !

Clerc : 3 tries (and a half) speaks for itself, showed his character at the 1st minute when he runned into the Namibian forwards on his first ball...

Marty : We cannot play without him at 13, lost some balls forward but was dangerous everytime he didn't lose them... Our only true efficient outside center... should play every game...

Traille : good foot, good game, was replaced by a very poor Jauzion who gave the ball for a late Namibian try

Michalak : Is there still someone who believe that Skrela is a better flyhalf than Michalak ??? damned, the guy is great, can't understand why no one gives him credit. Do i have to remind us that the so-called best no10. Mister Skrela (according to Laporte) has 8 caps ( wtf!!! :blink: ) !!! And who was the best penalty scorer after Wilko during 2003 RWC ? Skrela ???? ....

Elissalde : Man of the match, he had everything Mignoni didn't have on the Argentina Game... same comment than Michalak, our best scrumhalf... simply

... i just have a beer and i'll do the forwards...

The game was as one-sided as a game could be.
When it went to 14 men, you just knew the game was going to go very unfavourably for Namibia.
But it was an absolute joy to watch. It's the flashes of French Flair that we don't get to see often enough throughout 6N etc...only these "flashes" lasted for most of the game.
I love Frances back 3. Regardless of who they pick (as long as it's not Dominici - i still maintain he is a pile of shite) i love them. Big, fast and love their angles.

But what was the highlight of the game i hear you ask?
Once again, man of the match goes to Will Greenwood!

Will Greenwood, on Marty after he drops the ball half a dosen times: "Oh, looks like he got a case of the Mignioni's."

a very good performance, and a very pleasant match to watch. still we are going to need luck if we want to finish first of the pool
Good game for France :bana: , Michalak play much more better than Skrela. An what about Chabal going faster than a back :cheers:
It´s really hard to analize this game, since Namibia played with 14 men most of the match. Anyway, France did what had to: they scored a lot, using the famous Franch flair, and got a confidence boost to get to the match against Ireland ready. This is getting really interesting!
Well done, huge point difference :bravo: But you can't relax at all, Namibia is clearly the weakest team in this group and played most of the match with 14 men.

Do you think this line-up is going to play against Ireland? That's a must win for France, otherwise they would go home (well yes, they are already at home).

I stick to my signature by the way :bleh!: :bana:
oOo france is getting their act together! aw novice lol far what about chabal doing the best lomu impression like EVER lol

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