Discussion in 'Rugby World Cup 2007' started by Georgian, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. Georgian

    Georgian Guest

    Well,France have to win the game,Georgia have to proove that can play in "A class teams".I think it would be a very hard game for both teams,to be real France will win but to be Georgian who knows what will happen :p
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  3. Mr.cyclopede

    Mr.cyclopede Guest

    French team composition:

    Poitrenaud ; Rougerie, Marty, Jauzion, Dominici ; Beauxis, Mignoni ; Nyanga, Bonnaire, Betsen; Thion, Nallet ; Poux, Bruno, Milloud.

    Bench: Szarzewski, Mas, Pelous, Martin, Elissalde, Skrela, Clerc.

    Big question for this match was I think in fact, how to prepare the NZ quarter final match:
    Whether presenting a team close to the 2 positive last matches, with the interest of consolidating game experience for attack (mainly beetween 9/10/forwards from Toulouse and centers from elsewhere);
    Whether prioritaring rest time by swapping and alternating with people that for some of them haven't played in the RWC07.

    The second option seem to have been chosen by Laporte.
    Some justice for people who haven't had yet the occasion to proove what they are able to, and a last possibility of comparison and choice before the next possible grand rendez-vous.
    For the rest and alernating, good choice, but a bit late in my opinion to test new composition
  4. Giacobani

    Giacobani Guest

    Beauxis? can be in preparation for the 1/4 against Blacks, his play with the foot can be decisive.
  5. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    I see Laporte has taken the same approach as Henry leading into the 1/4 final (should we meet of course). I personally would like to see our top team getting more game time. Still a very impressive side and can't wait to see how Beauxis goes and Jauzion back in at no. 12.
  6. Elissalde9

    Elissalde9 Guest

    I think that Laporte had a good idea, Beauxis is a very good player !
  7. sousou

    sousou Guest

    Dominici was scandalous against Argentina! Has see now but I believe in it not too much seen the performance of Clerc and Heymans in the wing!
    But to test Beauxis in the opening is a good idea!
  8. zenart

    zenart Guest

    I speak 1 victory france 46-6, French bonus offensive

    Yes Beauxis good player. Champion world cup -21 years
  9. nam97

    nam97 Guest

    Yeah IRB U21 player of the year in 2006. Has a prestigious, Nick Evans like boot.
  10. goraph

    goraph Guest

    Go Georgia!
    France will win, but let see if they can get a bonus point.
  11. Georgian

    Georgian Guest

    Glad to see Ukrainian here :)Welcome:)Waitin` for a game...ooooh :wacko:
  12. Georgian

    Georgian Guest

    IRB:Georgia never gave up, but it was a classy all-round display by France. Yep ;) Good luck France :cheers:
  13. Tarasque

    Tarasque Guest

    Thank you for the good luck we will need a lot next round anyway.
    Georgia will be back with a much better team in 4 years, i am sure. :bravo:
    We will have a lot of 'surprises' during the next WC. ;)

    For now, GO IRELAND! :bana:
  14. djkoy

    djkoy Guest

    good match next match new zeland i am sure
  15. sebounet

    sebounet Guest

    no match against georgia ,to easy for french team
  16. Piernic

    Piernic Guest

    Beauxis is by far the worst defender to his position among selected in the French team, it is not necessarily a suitable choice as regards the quality of the defense.
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