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Ireland v Namibia


An Tarbh

Well it looks like the medics will pass Brian O'Driscoll fit to play in this opening pool D game for Ireland but the signs are not as good for Shane Horgan, although the latter was expected to miss out on this game his recivery has also progressed ahead of schedule.

David Wallace is also expected to come back into the side with Neil Best making way for the Munsterman.

I imagine the teams will be anounced later today but not 100% sure on that.

Should be a straightforward Irish victory, as long as the players don't take the avoiding injury approach then everything should be fine.
Yeah, I know they've been harping on about it, that all the games are as important as each other, but i hope to god that they go out hard, and put a ruthless performance in. Especially seeing as all points will count in this group.
Full team has been selected:

15 Girvan Dempsey
14 Andrew Trimble
13 Brian O'Driscoll
12 Gordon D'Arcy
11 Denis Hickie
10 Ronan O'Gara
9 Peter Stringer
8 Denis Leamy
7 David Wallace
6 Simon Easterby
5 Paul O'Connell
4 Donncha O'Callaghan
3 John Hayes
2 Rory Best
1 Marcus Horan.

Replacements: 16 Jerry Flannery, 17 Simon Best, 18 Malcolm O'Kelly, 19 Neil Best, 20 Isaac Boss, 21 Paddy Wallace, 22 Geordan Murphy.
Only debateable position from the squad picked is Murphy over Trimble, again cases can be made for both but both are flakey defensively.
I will actually be disappointed if we don't knock up 65+ on these guys...especially with our full strength squad.

No 'Holding back' as has been suggested was happening in our warmup matches. Set the marker early!

Also, good to see the poster-boy is starting to get a bit of character in his face! he'll look like Corry soon enough!

I would expect a bit more to be honest, Australia put 142 past them last time out, if things click for us we should at least be pushing towards a century but then we get back to this old mentality crap that Ireland don't do numbers on minnow nations, would hope to see an improvement in the performance and result from last time out, I know there was a torrential downpour throughout most of the game but we still should have done better.
That's always the case though - we never really give a massive thrashing to the minnows. 55 - 11 against Zimbabwe with 4 point tries is pretty big i suppose, but by no means huge
Well I think it should be expected this time round as it's the best ever conditioned Irish side with more than its fair share of talent that should be capable of wracking up a cricket score.
To be honest I dont care what the score is in the end once we get the bonus point. If we win by a million points then great, if not ............. well were still going to have to beat France and Argentina.
Pretty much the best possible Ireland lineup that. Should be able to win very comfortably, thank you very much.

But the Namibian side of 2007 is a far cry from the lot that got whacked by 142-0 in 2003. In their warmup game against the Boks, well sure they lost 105-13, but the final scoreline really flattered the Boks. The Namibians are a fiercely committed bunch- getting through the African section on top, with some hometown Moroccan decisions going against them, definately did show some resolve. As did standing up in the tackle and at the breakdown in their warmup game- even though it only lasted for about 30 minutes.

I`m fully expecting Ireland to put 70-odd past them, but certainly not 142 again. And here`s hoping to a fair showing by our northern brethren, maybe getting a try on the board!
ITV show last night said Jake White had helped Namibia in their qualification preparations. Traitor.

I hope we get to the stage where there are no thrashings in the RWC pools - like international soccer in the 1990s "no more easy games left" - but the ladyboys should run riot on Sunday. And conceding a try would worry me.

Good BOD picture - he knows it's time to prove the point.
ITV show last night said Jake White had helped Namibia in their qualification preparations. Traitor. [/b]

How is Jake a traitor? Its sodding South Africa A you idiot! :lol:
I thought it was Nick Mallet who had been helping them, didn't know about White though.
<div class='quotemain'> ITV show last night said Jake White had helped Namibia in their qualification preparations. Traitor. [/b]

How is Jake a traitor? Its sodding South Africa A you idiot! :lol:

Ah, for the good old days of the Dark Continent: Greater South Africa, proxy governments, coups inspired by the sons of former European prime ministers, and the Boks thinking they're the best ... hang on a minute!

The Namibs will kill BOD, then England and SA manufacture a draw in the pool match and meet in the final. Typical imperialists.
I see a straight forward trouncing on behalf of the Irish, let's just hope they don't do too much of that boring forwards play they're known for.
I'm not denying you have exciting backs, because you do and they can and do perform - but a forwards game to me is not a very exciting one and although the emphasis on forwards isn't what it is in England, i feel Ireland play that game that i don't enjoy a bit too often.
I blame O'Gara. If you had a good fly half, willing to run and was strong then your back line would be awesome. And attacks would be very attractive. Right now it looks ugly and it's just my opinion that it's a little boring.

More than what can be said for the welsh way, tho. At least your forwards show up for a game.
well I know O'Gara is villified on these here parts but I think he's come on massively as a player in the last 2 years and has added a huge amount of variation to his game which in turn has seen much higher and consistent performances from our backs.

There was a programme shown in Ireland last week and there was a montage of all the tries we scored in the 6N and the Autumn Internationals and you see O'Gara in the thick of the action of most of them and nothing too predictable or boring either.

I think our forwards do an outstanding job considering their limitations in the scrum and the lack of a scavanger on the ground, thank Christ we have 2 centres who are up there with the best, but I don't think they dominate the gameplan, was the case in 2005 but certainly not after the Lions Tour.
Yeah, ROG is a smart player - uses all the weapons.

I think this criticism is really all about Munster, who haven't (until the coming of Howlett!) had the talent outside for ROG to get things going and have to keep going back to forward power - but the problem for Wales is the front five. Their team doesn't go through all the rhythms, using the grind when that's the right thing to do - it's all "give it to Shane!" Entertaining, if you like chaos, but is that how Wales are going to win a world cup?

The ABs had the same attitude in 03, and look what they've done with their front five since then. They still cause chaos running from deep, but watch how many tries they'll score from 20m out just from crash balls set up from scrum/lineout-maul.
Shtove, you never cease to amaze me how you turn a debate into a criticism of Wales.


I do, however, see your point - i personally can't let a day of rugby discussions go by without criticising Mr. O'Gara (see above) - but i have to argue wtih your point where you state he uses all the weapons.
O'Gara isn't an all rounded player.
Dan Carter, he uses all the weapons. He's equipped with strength, speed, a deft touch, an eye for the game and that crucial split second thinking - i don't see O'Gara with all these abilities.
I maintain that if Ireland find themselves a fly half with a better all round game than O'Gara then they will step up from being consistently-above-average to close-to-devastating.

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