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Ireland v Namibia

and I maintain that without O'Gara there over the last 7 years this team would not have made the progress it has, as his arrival on the scene not only got the best out of Humphreys but also brought his own game on immesurably, but yeah only shite players finishing top points scorer in the 6N and top try scorer as well.
go namibia!!!, hoiping they can at least score a few points....i think maybe the only way that they will really have any chance of competing is in the scrum...kees lensing will show horan some of his skill! :D
<div class='quotemain'> <div class='quotemain'> ITV show last night said Jake White had helped Namibia in their qualification preparations. Traitor. [/b]

How is Jake a traitor? Its sodding South Africa A you idiot! :lol:

Ah, for the good old days of the Dark Continent: Greater South Africa, proxy governments, coups inspired by the sons of former European prime ministers, and the Boks thinking they're the best ... hang on a minute!

The Namibs will kill BOD, then England and SA manufacture a draw in the pool match and meet in the final. Typical imperialists.

[/b][/quote] Spot on there. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

What price then Ireland actually making it past the quarter finals then mate, unlike 87, 91, 95, 99, 03, .....?

Anyway, on the issue of ROG- my views on him, he`s a very good player, that knows his limitations, and plays within them. But I think that that is precisely RC`s point- he is a player who plays very well WITHIN those limitations. Anyone who suggests he`s a crap player, needs a lobotomy. But he just doesn`t have the all-round skills set of someone like Carter, Wilko, Larkham, even Hook or Paterson. Maybe a more consistent performer than the last 2, but nowhere near as creative.

It certainly helps to have D`Arcy and BOD on your outside, just get the ball to them to create the plays. But imagine if he had a greater skills set, what damage that backline could create?
I'm predicting Namibia by 10 points


Odriscoll and O Gara better do awesome for my dreamteam.
Well this is proving a good game at the mo, with Ireland being more so dominant, but Namibia are holding out, 7 - 0 to Ireland...
Ireland vs South Africa A....I'd expect Ireland to walk this by at least fifty points.
Absolutely AWESOME Display by Namibia... Really going for it...

Ireland aren't walking it yet...

20 - 0 to Ireland...

Namibia just had an awesome Drop Goal Effort which wasn't far off... I wouldn't rule them out of this game yet...

20 - 3 to Ireland at Half Time!!!
Ireland a crap at the minute. ROG's kicking is awful, missing touch with penalties is disgraceful. Best has had 2 crooked lineout throws while a far superior player sits on the bench.

Pack as a unit are very poor, Wallace is invisible, Leamy is the only on coming close to pulling his weight.
Setanta Broadband's coverage of this game has been atrocious. They didnt get to it until 2 and a half minutes in because there was golf on and it kept freezing.

Damnit Setanta.
Setanta are a bit of a Ryanair TV station.

Ireland need a big improvement in the 2nd half, we need at least 50 points if we want to stand any chance of going through on points difference should the situation arise although if we continue to play as poorly as this there's no chance of the Pool being that close.
Hi guys!

I live in Norway, so I have no chance of seeing live rugby on any kind of a tv channel.

Anyway, does anyone know of a radio channel which broadcasts tonights game? Been searching for ages....
Great character being shown by the Namibians (that fella qith the iPod must be going mental!)

I can't imagaine how things will be if Namibia score again... Heaven forbid, a draw or even a Namibia win! :eek:

Still, this Irisah performance at least makes England yesterday look reasonable.
Amazing game by Namibia! This players are having the game of their lives. Ireland second half, by now, has been really really poor. Im sure they will improve during the following games, though.
Well, I`ve fully expected the Namibians to show a helluva lot more resolve than in `03- but really, this is beyond me. A side with a full 8 professionals in their entire squad- and only 2 of those playing in the A- section of the Currie Cup, the rest of the squad rank amateurs- students and club players, well I`m just so impressed. Just shows what some passion and commitment can do for you.

Mind you, they`re being helped tremendously by a thoroughly inept Irish display. But for Leamy who`se at least looked half-decent on a few occasions, the Irish could actually have (**shock, gasp, horror!**) lost this one!

27-17 to Ireland at the moment, Namibia winning the 2nd half 14-7 at the moment. Passion boys!
flannery is a legand dunno why he doesnt start worst irish performance i've ever seen

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