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Gloucester v Edinburgh - Pool 2


An Tarbh

This pool 2 clash promises to be quite an intriguing prospect this Saturday, Edinburgh have gotten their campaign back on track big time with their win over Leinster whereas Gloucester will have to make history are they to qualify having lost their first 2 games.

Nonetheless with Edinburgh travelling in confidence and Gloucester with a point to prove it should be a cracking game but methinks Gloucester will have too much for the Scots.

Your thoughts?
I think that Edinburgh are a better team than Glouscter, and we've got the ability to beat them. On the other hand, we do tend to struggle away from home and we are missing 2 key players. Injuries should be used as an excuse though, and if Godman is as good as he was last weekend we could pull off a result.

I say Edinburgh win, but not by much.
I think that Edinburgh are a better team than Glouscter[/b]

I beg to differ. That full strength Gloucester team is pretty potent - a huge pack with some very talented young players in the backs.
Bonus point win for Gloucester but not without a scare after throwing away a decent lead but Edinburgh missed a conversion which would have given them the lead but Gloucester finished the stronger to get the bonus point.
Dissapointed to lose, but we should beat them comfortably at Murrayfield. Can't comment on the game as I was in Aberdeen playing and I didn't see it. Paterson said something after the game about people not respecting Edinburgh, I think he's right. We've beaten plenty good sides, we're at the right end of the table in ML, we're full of international players, yet everyone seems to think playing us is an easy win. Something not right there...
What sort of levels of respect do you think Edinburgh actually deserve then?
well what have you done to deserve it then, I think this whole woe is me attitude from Edinburgh is wearing thin, Edinburgh are a decent team but one that won't win the Magners league nor threaten qualification for the knockout stages cause your away form isn't up to scratch.
Yeah our away form is poor, but teams still come to Murrayfield expecting a win. For example, you were adament that Leinster would beat us in the HC comfortably and the reality was that we won, and it should have been by more than a point given the dodgey decisions. We've already beaten the top teams in Magners League, Ulster and Leinster at home, Munster (full strength I hasten to add) away, beaten Leinster at home in the HC, unlucky to lose to Agen and played some really nice stuff yesterday in a great game, yet we're not respected as a team. We don't have the resources other teams do, we play infront of small crowds etc etc but that's all off the field stuff. On the park we're a good, young team, full of potential and that have proven that they can match and beat the big boys. Consistency is a problem, but that comes from have most of your first choice XV in the Scotland squad and untill we bring in new faces that'll always be a problem. All I'm saying is see that Edinburgh are a very good side that can beat anyone, they've got the skill and the talent for it.
As I've said before, read my comments on the Leinster match before you make posts like that.

As for going on about the ref in the Leinster match, seriously it doesn't wash with me, Joel Jutge is the biggest homer going, it was the touch judges who missed the forward passes, yet Jutge who stopped Horgan taking his quick throw.

Edinburgh will not get the respect they deserve until they pick up away wins consistently in the HEC.
Dissapointed to lose, but we should beat them comfortably at Murrayfield.[/b]

Not the greatest respect for Gloucester there really.

Why should you beat them comfortably at home?
We've beaten better sides at home. Redpath is also a **** for his comments after the match. I look forward to what he has to say if Edinburgh win, as I would have high hopes (almost expectations) of them to do so.

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