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Heineken Champions Cup 22/23 - Rd 1

Fair to say Leo Cullen blunts Razor rumours with that one. That Leinster win was the best result for Welsh or English rugby all year.
Missed the whole second half of the chiefs game, how did they play? Looked decent in the first but still useless at the breakdown, getting turned over so much.

What changed in the second? Happy with the result though.
La Rochelle totally demolished Northampton. The latter aren't that bad, surely?
Saints defence is average on a good day but they make up for it with a strong attack, attack was well handled and they fell apart defensively .
Watched two games - Leinster vs racing 92, stormers vs clermont. The former was far more enjoyable from a neutral pov.

But can someone tell that prick of a commentator to stop pronouncing Charlie ngatai's name completely incorrectly. My hope is he doesn't get paid for commentating, that would be ridiculous
I see Leicester have put out a much weaker team today. Can't say I blame them. They'll probably still get a bonus point win but even though we're still pretty **** I'll be disappointed if we don't make this competitive at home. Going for a 10 point loss.
Billy Burns putting Tuilagi down first attempt, no bother is an interesting sight.

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