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Heineken Champions Cup 22/23 - Rd 1

Camera angle certainly making a bit of difference but the size difference between the two packs is mental.
Boring was the only way we could have a sniff in this game. Luckily Leicester are partial to a bit of boring.
If Tigers lose this game they should be dissolved and we should progress with a 10 team Premiership
COmedy finishing from Edinburgh...
The drop off from Darcy on the wing is frightening. Hoyland is a winger but looked to be running in treacle on that break. I'd have fancied an away win had he played the way the game played out. Edinburgh retaining the horrific inconsistency they developed last spring. Truly capable of winning or losing any match outside of a trip to Dublin.
if the other team has advantage why are you even thinking about the run after the catch. Just diffuse the bomb.
Ospreys looked much better than expected tbf,
Cuthbert, especially
That panned out pretty much exactly as I expected after seeing the Leicester team. Wish I hadn't had bothered.
I attended the Ospreys-Leicester match. It was rather stop-start for much of the first half, but gradually got better from about the second quarter onwards. It really shows the Ospreys' decline how they only manage a losing bonus point at home against an understrength Leicester side. I'd have thought they'd have at least made more use of their scrum and maul, which did seem real weapons at times.

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