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I Have The Game

Yea right, forget it!! I just want to make conversation because I am waiting for that guy to come back
I'm a mean thumb wrestler ... "who darest joust thee?"

EDIT: sorry, seem to have forgotten that my thumb cannot transpose into a collection of 1's and 0's to electronically transfer into anyone's home to accept a challenge... d'oh
Originally posted by locksley@Mar 1 2005, 06:25 PM
There's no challenges! I'm not bragging about anything, I just thought that flanker was blagging, that's all!!!
heehee... blagging
Anyone else know that White Stripes song that goes, "I think I smell a raaaaaat, oh I think I smell a rat!"

As if he thought he could get away with it.
Locks, calm down! Calm down! Easy tiger!

You won.

Who's the big winner?

Locksley's the big winner.

Let it go, have some water. Easy, champ, easy.

lol there are so many people full of **** here its not even funny

I don't like how we are getting this influx of people since Rugby 2005 is coming out. Its like everytime a video game comes out all the little twatheads come out of their friggin hole to stir ****.
all we need now is for the site to act erratically and then die for a while so we can flush people out ...

(like what happened me the last time!
Meh, they might come in cause of the game, but the good peeps stay.

Though they don't always post 100% in only one topic . . .
[IRONY]I also have the game, and if anyone doesn't believe me they can come round to my house and see, but you have to guess where i live so i know you're not a liar. cardiff's rating is 4, leinster is 648 and a third, BOD has 13 stars which orbit his head in a counter-clockwise direction if you hold down L2 whilst making a tackle on any samoan with hair wider than his own hips. Also if you score score 100 points in a game, you get pole-dancers on the goal posts, i've seen it, it's true, and if locksley says it's not true it's cos he hasn't got the real game and is probably a communist.[IRONY]
Leinster at 648 and 1/3 . . . damn, I don't know what to believe know!

Everybody's got the game but me.

You're a bunch of pagans. Filthy, sweaty, gyrating pagans! A pox on all of ye!
Raz's lovely horse, running through the . . .


Originally posted by captainamerica@Mar 2 2005, 12:35 PM
Leinster at 648 and 1/3 . . . damn, I don't know what to believe know! 

Everybody's got the game but me. 

You're a bunch of pagans.  Filthy, sweaty, gyrating pagans!  A pox on all of ye!
i do not sweat

gyrate plenty though....
Just close your eyes, ninjapirate, and then bang your head on the nearest piece of concrete -- the truth will reveal itself to you.

If in fact that's what we're talking about.

Or, we're just biding our time till they lock this thread.

robbinho cracks me up.

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