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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by loratadine, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. loratadine

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    So the junior wc gets under way on friday in wales. I for one am looking very very forward to this tournament, a guy who went to my school nd my local town is in the welsh sqaud :) nice guy too, sooo wish him all the best.

    soooo lets discuss the tournament here. im not very familiar with some of the youngsters from other countries sooo any potential stars to look out for??

    anyways heres the groups




















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  3. Well let me just give you a breakdown of the great turn of events that have been going on in Canada. Previously players at this age level who wanted to play for Canada had to do so with largely money from their own pocketbooks. This lead to a scenario where Canada's best players weren't necessarily playing with the national program. This tournament; however, represents a first in Canadian rugby with each players expenses being completely subsidized by Rugby Canada. This injection of cash has seen the quality of players we are able to attract to the national team rise dramatically.

    With that being said Canadian junior rugby is well developed and is picking up steam quite a bit especially in Ontario, Quebec, and the Prairies... Most clubs have age grade teams, and almost every high school across the country has a rugby program in place. Also this year Rugby Canada has worked very hard to have rugby implemented across Canada as a varsity University sport when traditionally with the exception of Ontario and British Columbia rugby was a club sport with minimal funding from the respective schools. Starting next season rugby will be a fully recognized varsity sport across the country and there will be a national championship.

    As far as this junior team is concerned as I said before this is probably the best prepared junior level team Canada has ever put on the field. They have recieved professional level coaching, and mentoring at the national rugby centre in Shawinigan Lake, BC and they also have some very good players who given a few years to develop will help Canada's stock rise internationally to the point that maybe we will be able to catch the likes of the Islander teams, Italy, and Scotland.

    As for players who have impressed me with their play. We have a young fly-half named Nathan Hirayama who at 20 years old has already been capped by the senior team and is considered somewhat of a prodigee in Canadian rugby circles. We also have a prop by the name of Mauro Perizzolo who is an absolute monster... he is a 245lbs but is also very mobile and at age 19 he has plenty more growing to do, he like Hirayama has also been capped by the senior team. What has really impressed me though has been some of the Backs, which traditionally Canada has not been very strong at producing, that are coming through our junior programs now. They know how to move the ball and they can play rugby.

    To conclude I think Canada over the next 10 years is going to gain on some of the Tier 1 nations as far as being able to compete with the best of the best and I hope these junior players begin this process by helping Canada finish strong at this tournament.
  4. darwin_23

    darwin_23 Guest

    The New Zealand squad is strong with a number of players with super 14 experience this year including Crusaders players Kade Poki, Sean Maitland (both wingers) and Nasi Manu (Number 8), and Hurricanes winger Zac Guilford... Guilford and Poki in particular look to have a lot of potential. They also have a number of players with provincial experience, with North Harbour lock/flanker Chris Smith, prop Ben Afeaki (who is huge - 1.93m 137kg) and Waikato centre Jackson Willison ones to watch.

    Australia also seems to have a very strong squad including super 14 players - the Waratahs Kurtley Beale (first-five) and Rob Horne (centre), the Reds’ Quade Cooper (first-five/second-five) and Will Genia (halfback) and the Force’s Sam Wykes (lock) and David Pocock (flanker). Beale, Horne and Pocock would have been very close to the senior wallaby side, and will be very dangerous at the tournament...
  5. darwin_23

    darwin_23 Guest

    Just looked through the Aussie squad and noticed they have Ratu Nasiganiyavi there. He is Lote Tuqiri's cousin, plays on the wing and measures in at 1.94m and 121kg! Apparently been performing well in the Sydney club competition, and is certainly another to watch...

  6. The Ebersohn twins for SA are apparently very talented. Especially Robert Ebersohn, the inside centre.
    I've also heard a lot of fuss made over eigthman, Nick Koster. Very big, very fast and both Jake White and Nick Mallet have raved about him. Not really sure about the others. Can't wait to see what the youngsters are like though.
  7. dullonien

    dullonien Guest

    Wales kick off their campeign against Italy tomorrow night, I'll certainly be watching! There are a number of hugely promising players on display for us.

    A midfield of Dan Biggar, Gareth Owen and Jonathan Davies looks mighty impressive!

    Dan Biggar and Gareth Owen were described as being more talented than James Hook, with better all round games by Lyn Jones. Both have made appearances this year for the Ospreys, both looking very good. Biggar will be the no 2 outside half next year at the O's, expect him to push Hook hard. Owen looks set to shift to 12 or 15 from his usual 10 posiotion as he has here.

    Jonathan Davies has been the Scarlet's first choice 12 this year, but will easily handle moving to 13. He's been described as Scott Gibbs with hands, and he's certainly looked it so far this season!

    I'm not clued up about many of the others. But in the pack Josh Turnbull and especially Sam Warburton are very good prospects and in the backs, Daniel Evans, Leigh Halfpenny and Rhys Webb are exciting players.
  8. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Note Dan Franks in the backrow, hes an awesome 7, a mini Martyn Williams, but has scumoed to shoulder after shoulder injuries! Good to see him playing regulraly again!
  9. AC-ulster

    AC-ulster Guest

    Tough looking group but come on Ireland. Is this junior as in under 20 world cup?
  10. dullonien

    dullonien Guest

    Yup. Looks as though the favourites will be New Zealand followed by Soth Africa and Austrailia. Not far behind are England after their impressive Grand Slam in the 6 Nations, then Wales follow after a good 6 nations where they beat everyone except England. I'm not sure where Ireland, Scotland, France etc fit into things, but I'm sure they will be there or there abouts.

    Can't wait to see how some of these youngsters compare.

    Re darwin 32, I think it was the Western Mail who had an erticle on Ratu Nasiganiyavi. Sounds very promising, basically watch out anyone who faces him! Apparently the next Lomu, though that's been banded around many a time before, without anyone living up to expectation.
  11. darwin_23

    darwin_23 Guest

    This is the first Under 20 World Cup - previously there were separate under 19 and under 21 World Cups. New Zealand and South Africa are traditionally the best teams at this level (just like at the top level ;) ) - they meet in the final of last years Under 19 World Cup ,which New Zealand won 31-7. Australia beat Wales 25-21 in the third place playoff. The majority of the New Zealand team is made up of players from last years under 19 world cup, and I 'd assume that would be similar to other teams.... Should be a good tournament (hopefully better than that last world cup we had involving rugby :unsure: )

    The thing about Nasiganiyavi is at least he is a similar size to Lomu - I'm sick of every wing who's over 100kg being compared to Lomu. I'm not however suggesting that he will turn into a great player like Lomu- he may, but that is yet to be seen....
  12. bobilycious

    bobilycious Guest

    Imo, Sean Maitland looks a better prospect for NZ than Kade Poki.

    Also Francois Hougaard and Wilton Pieterson for South Africa look like they will be good.

    Does anyone know if this is being aired in NZ at all?
  13. South Africa 108 - 18 USA
    New Zealand 48-9 Tonga
    Australia 81-12 Canada
    France 53-17 Japan

    Of course beating America by 90 doesn't really mean much, but it should at least help the confidence. Two guys scored hattricks and Sias Ebersohn didn't miss a kick.
  14. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    Lora, who's your mate in the squad?

    Score update: 15 - 10 to Wales.

    ....Who the hell is this Halfpenny guy? He's knocked the ball on 4 times now...1 ball being a try-scoring possibility and another being a definite try...
  15. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Lee Halfpenny is a good player but has looked poor in this! Dan Franks is having a good game along with Sam Warburton and Josh Turnbull! Biggar looks good round the park apart from goal kicking!
  16. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    Ok, I'll admit his break just now was majestic. :p But the mistakes he made earlier cannot be redeemed by just that. Good try for Biggar:

    27 - 10 now. Lets put them through the grinder now with a respectable 20 pt flourish to finish the game. ;)
  17. Cymro

    Cymro Guest

    Hes not looked himself tonight, well both wingers have not been great for Wales, but there is some talent to come through the system!
  18. loratadine

    loratadine Guest

    jason tovey :) he came on for the last five minutes
  19. Sir Speedy

    Sir Speedy Guest

    Cool, what position? I'll be sure to look out for him in the next games. :)
  20. dundeesmiffy

    dundeesmiffy Guest

    The Wales scrumhalf made some pretty dynamite moves, admittedly I only caught the tail of the first half and the second half, but the try he set up for the captain was pretty awesome.
    I don't think the guy that was playing 8 for Wales is best suited in that position, I can see him moving to forward to wing forward, just not enough bulk...keeping in mind...he is only 19.
  21. Fa'atau82

    Fa'atau82 Guest

    I'm very very glad that Samoa got a win over Scotland. It has been coming for a long time for Samoa and they deserve it.

    I will be keeping an eye on Alatasi Tupou and Vavae Tuilagi. The whole Tuilagi-Leicester rugby link is incredible as you can see by who has come from the link between them.

    Out of all the 6 of Fereti, Henry, Alesana and Anitele'a they have all become established pro's and i'm interested to see how Vavae and Manu will follow them.

    I haven't heard of a lot of the Samoan players, but is Alatasi Tupou coming from the IRB 7's?
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