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Los Lover

Los Lover

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ERIC he was causing havoc mate, he had to go when he did. On both occasions.
i disagree if im honest.

you guys loved to rile him up, and geese, it was funny, hysterical.

you need to inject these boards wif sum live, and los is the man to do it.
I guess some things never change, eric is still a tool and lora is still an idiot.

los lover while funny did go to far and made visting these forums not pleasant at all. you simply can't have someone abusing the staff and guests like he was doing and i doubt it would be tolerated on any moderated forum.

in saying that though I wouldn't mind him coming back again so that we can get some more quotes and if he goes too far again then he can always be banned again.
Its called entrapment

you riled him and up, watch him react and then ban him

what a circus!!!!

1 Tiger!!
6 clowns!!

granted he did over react

but i question his reactions whether they were prevoked
He wasn't provoked in the slightest. He went off on one and started ruining the Swordfish forum and blasting Trev. Trev is open to criticism but Los was being ridiculous. I asked him to refrain from such actions and he issued me with death threats!

I even gave him a second chance.........
I was even thought to be him for a while. If it wasn't for C A, I'd of never been able to come back. Not that I have been around very much. I'd like to see this Los chap back on if only to see what I was supposed to be.
well.. i dont know this guy at all... but looking at all his past glory.. I say let him back...
I dont even know why he was banned in the first place... :p
Yes as i said, bring him back.

We had quite a monumental argument spanning 10 rounds of the Super 14 at Fantasy Tri-Nation and i think it would be fair to say he starts saying **** just for the sake of it. He does it just to get reactions half the time. All the same he should be given once final chance.
Look the fact that this poll has made 41 people respond already should indicate that for good or bad, the pillock does make people post one way or another.

End of story. I get to bait him first though.......
Your reasons for his return sound a bit shallow to me...I voted no.
As a fairly new member of this place ive come to recognize these boards as full of good character and quality but most of all integrity...I can only hope it remains that way.
What ended up becoming of this? Did an Admin or Charlie or Dan attempt to contact him and invite him back?
I wonder how many people actually voted yes & was here when he was around causing havoc? I bet some newer members who just heard about him, would want him back without understanding fully what we had to put it up with.

If he does come back, should we let Lora & the other banned members back?

If someone has a banned, he banned for a reason. Los misbehaved a number of occasions. Do we want to burden ourselves again?
I have to admit that it was funny whilst at the same time bloody annoying. I was in hysterics for weeks!

GJohn - there are only 4 people banned (for good) I think. Los, Lora, and two guys who signed up on the same day, one called The Fascist and the other called The Dictator who started posting racist stuff.

A ban is a very rare thing on this board.

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