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Los Lover

Los Lover

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Hi People,

Me and Dan have just had a discussion over this, we are both considering allowing Los Lover back... So what do you guys think, you know he was worth back for purely comedy value..

So please vote and comment


Charlie & Dan
I say yes, although quite an unlikeable character at times he is lively and when he was here he kept many of the threads alive.
i want him to come back so i can have it out wif him for stabbing me in the back.
Yes. He is (was) the most entertaining person on the board. Definately knows his rugby too.
never really knew the guy but we should bring him back, would be nice to see another "regular" around the boards..
Whats the point?

He'll just end up banned in a months time.

quite possible for sure but we will also have another set of qutoes/sayings to use from him as well. worth the trade off imo and if he behaves extra bonus
what is the point in banning him i mean what is the point,

he was an arsewipe, but how many times have people qouted him around these boards, let him back i say, but dont ban him in a weeks time. just see it for what it is, comedy at its very best... like scrubs :rolleyes:
there is comedy and then there is outright idiotic disruptiveness which deserves a banning. can't have 2 sets of rules loratadine. los has to follow the rules like every other member.
I say let him back in. That is if he wants to come back.

And "outright idiotic disruptiveness" should always be encouraged.
Let him in.

If he's interested in rugby, then this is a rugby forum... all people welcome, more people than can say there bit the better.

We all can be kicked out if we become dickheads and concentrate on attacking people.
Simple as that.

Does he want in?
We dont know yet but we would like him back as he made some great comments in the past...
Thats big getofmeland.

Good on you, serious.
Good to see an open mind, and remember we can all f*** up and do the wrong thing.
Things change though, people get older for one.
Well the board is now under new management, and I hold NO grudges with Los Lover, and a new regime should give everyone a chance, I also believe that the team in place can handle the disruption and he will be made aware that he will be banned again if he starts to cause trouble again...

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