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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by -JJ-, Mar 8, 2005.

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    Look Los, I did it a few days ago. Just to test if what you said worked, and I could get more out of this game. There was no way in hell I was going to waste hours just creating 90 players on something that one person has said. I did it for Australia, okay? I gave Tuqiri 97 speed or (something like that), 98 agility etc. etc. and so on and so on. I played as Ireland against them last night, and beat them with pretty much the same scoreline as the NZ game. Same when I was with Wales. That's all I played. I'm not going to create another 75 players to use in competition play, as the game plays exactly the same. You can still use the same exploitations etc. except the wingers/centers have a better chance of chasing you down. I can still break the line every time I get the ball, and make quite a few metres up the field. It is still freaking boring.
    You made out that changing the players stats makes the game play a lot more like real rugby, and I was a bit skeptical. It is clearly not the case. You can't change a whole ai/game system by putting in a few players. They still leave a gap a mile long, and they still get confused when you change angles. It's. Exactly. The. Same.
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    **** i was playing france with the abs and i won 89-0 in a 10 minute guy i was like wtf thats neva happened b4 next game i play aussie and strugle to a 12-10 last minutes come from behind win cant explain both games on hard mayb france was havin a bad dae haha


    Exactly how I find it,you can score over and over from the 22m drop out,you can score over and over fromn the scrum,and you can score over and over running the center gab,even if the opposition is way faster then you,which in the case of being Tonga most of the time they are.
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