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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by -JJ-, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Okay, I couldn't manage to buy the game, so I have to wait until Monday. However, I hired the game today (unfortunately on PS2, the Xbox versions were all taken).

    Anyway, I played my second match, it was against Wales, I was NZ. I kicked off with Spencer, and immediately they put on a good 20-25 metre return. They flung the ball out wide a couple of times. Didn't result in anything. So they flung it out wide again, and popped a short pass back inside to Henson who raced through the middle, Where the hell is my FULLBACK!!! (turns out I had him selected when the ruck was formed. D'oh.) Try to Henson under the posts. 11 minutes gone. 0 - 7.

    So, kicked off again, McCaw charges forward and YES!! Jumps up, and plucks the ball out of the air. God Damn that looked sweet. So, I start stringing a few phases together, making regular busts up the middle. We have a few lineouts before We throw the ball out wide, Umaga has it 10 metres in from the left hand touchline, fullback to beat, pops the pass to Rocketman who sprints up te touchline, try.
    Carter converts. 7 - 7. 30 minutes gone.
    Wales kick off, under no pressure I use the jump button, It looks cool when I pull it off. I didn't pull it off. But I retain the ball. Now for the best try of the game.

    I'm on my own 22 line, I pass left but I hadn't allowed my 1st 5 to get into position, the ball goes rolling back into the in goal are where rokocoko picks it up. He charges out, passes to Carter, to Umaga, spots a gap, takes it, to Howlett on the 22, charges towards the Halfway line, passes to Spencer who gets tackled on the Halfway line. I win the ball, Marshall grabs the ball and passes to Umaga who is charging in at pace he runs towards the fullback and then does a long pass to The Rocket (again that Umaga-Roko combination) who sprints up the touchline and does a massive dive in the corner. Converted try (just), 14 -7. Halftime.
    Second half, It was all NZ ball, but just couldn't turn all of that possession into points. Had a lot of good Lineouts and scrums and broke through the defense a lot, but just couldn't seem to score.
    Nearly the end of the match, and I pass the ball to Spencer who trys a run, but gets caught, I look up at the clock, 80mins. Damn, should've kicked it out. Damn damn, Wales stole the ball. Damn damn damn, Wales go blindside where theres no defenders and burn up the touchline, and because I'd just had the ball, Mils wasn't back into his position, so, there was the fastest Welsh player on the pitch (a winger with some stupid welsh name that everybody else has) with no defenders in front of him, and with McCaw and Umaga chasing him, 60 metre (In the corner thanks to a brilliant Umaga ankle tap). 14 - 12.

    Conversion successful. NOOOOOO!!

    14 -14. 80 minutes.

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  3. fullback

    fullback Guest

    Gloucester vs Munster on hard in world league. I was with my m8 round my house and we were playing halfs each. He started off poorly conceding a try almost from the off, lukily they didnt convert. My friend being so utterly poor at the game commits to every single ruck even if its on his goalline and you need as many people out as you can. Before half he conceeds again in the corner and they miss again.

    On i come. [​IMG]

    I come at them with everything ive got and manage to miss 2 dropgoals [​IMG] but refrain from conceeding. midway through the second with sweet passing down the line and a cheeky [​IMG] sidestep i manage to wriggle through the defence and get brought down but manage to slide just over the line in the corner. miss the kick, 10-5 with 78 mins on the clock. I do a short kick off and catch it and keep the ball close to my pack till i get to their 22. sling the ball out to sawyer who combines with McCarthy (easily the best 2 players on the original team you start with on world league) to score in the corner. 10-10, pressure kick! but i mess up when doin the accuracy but the wind must love me cos it curled about a mile to just creep in the inside post!

    Final score 12-10
  4. USA_Rugby

    USA_Rugby Guest

    Mine was pretty funny. England v New Zealand in a Ten Nations match, I get the ball out from a ruck close to NZ's try line, but I go for a drop goal with Wilkenson for fun. A forward tries to block his shot, and does. The ball hits him in the shoulder, ricoshets(spelling?) over the try line and Woodman dives on it. TRY!
  5. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    I quite like Katalau and Damm myself. McCarthy as well.

    And maybe the Fly Half, can't remember his name. Starts with H I think.
  6. fullback

    fullback Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE </div>
    Yeah Heffler, but he is soooo bad his passes go anywhere and so does that scrumhalfs! its like playing rugby with 4 year olds! the amount of times ive thrown my controller on the floor in frustation is immense! [​IMG]
  7. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    I know, but so did everyone elses. I was playing the World League on Normal, but that was too easy.
    So I put it on hard, does your teams skill level drop (like every other Rugby game) when you put it on hard? Or was that me getting frustrated.
  8. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Two player,

    I punted the ball from just outside my 22, aiming down towards the corner (because stupid brother is shocking at lineouts), and stupid brother switches to his fullback and runs away from the ball, Howlett (95 speed and all) tears down the wing, it's a foot race between Howlett, Latham, and Tuquri, I get near the ball, I hold triangle (after reading on a load screen, that it does a soccer kick. Manuals are for pussies), Latham attempts a dive on the ball, BUT NO!!! Howlett gets there first and the ball is about a metre away from the tryline when Howlett and Tuqiri dive. Howlett gets there first! Try! 80 mins gone. Carter misses the conversion!

    NZ 57 - 10 AUS.

    Stupid brother.
  9. It was my first match in World League and David Humphreys kicked it right down to Chupin who raced away untouched to score a try.
    Final score Reds 13 def Ulster 12
  10. contepomi

    contepomi Guest

    Just off a classic game against Calvisano with Leinster in the Heineken Cup. After beating Leicester 12-8 i was fairly confident in beating the Italians, so I rearranged my team, making quite a few changes, especially a reshuffling of the backs, bringing in Warner, O'Meara, Quinlan, Holwell, Brown and Norton. After four minutes I was expecting the game to be fairly straightforward, after Warner scored and Holwell slotted home the conversion, and this was reinforced with two tries from Holwell and Gordon D'Arcy, the one remaining back from the victory in Leicester. Things all began to change in the second half, when Shane Jennings misjudged the restart from Fisher and allowed Mazzucato to run home for a try in the corner, which Fisher was more than happy to convert. Holwell then played a poor drop-out which Gary Brown mistimed a jump for, and Raynero was offloaded to, to score the try. It was a war of attrition from then on in to the final whistle with neither teams able to find a breakthrough, but this could all have changed right on 80 minutes. James Norton received a kick inside his own 22, and grubber kicked toward the touchline. The ball failed to reach its target of touch though, and was picked up by a Brescia back. After going through the phases and with the Leinster support sweating, the ball found itself to Fraser and then to Raynero who looked certain to tie the game and give Fisher a chance to convert and snatch a famous win. They reckoned though, without Des Dillon, who put in a mega hit on the Italian three-quarter. Gary Brown scooped up and thrashed the ball out of play, and the final whistle blew.
  11. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    For the first time in Rugby 2005, I got an overwhelming feeling of utopia/aura/pure bliss!

    I hadn’t felt like this since coming back from 3-0 in a PES cup match.

    It was my first epileptic spaz attack of joy, fisting the air, rolling on the bed – waking up the neighbours, screaming at the top of my voice in the pillow – it was 2am.

    Was trailing 5-0 for majority of the match, and coming into the 75th minute, they had possession outside there 22m, looking to kick downfield…………a burst from Nawali in defense as he rushed up to nail the kicker, and boom flattened him during a kick to force the knock-on in the dying stages of the match…… this time thought, that tackle could very well be a crucial turning point in the match… on
    Scrum brumbies
    Goes the classic move, and passes to ‘x’ inside centre McArthy whom flies into the gap, passed the 22m with space in front of him…….draws in the FB, to pass to James, only to react too late and get smothered by the FB only 5m out, however they retain possession, and a couple of hit-ups from the forwards for zero gain, but still maintain possession.
    Then a backline spread to the blind side, for a few metres loss and still maintain possession, and its now he 81st minute, with the whole width of the park to work with, the brumbies spread it out wide quickly, and finds a 3 on 1 overlap – defensive winger sprints out of the line to try and defuse the overlap, but McArthy see this and straightens up to shoots thru the gap, defensive winger in no mans land as tho he went for the intercept, only FB to beat, and with Nawali and Damm in support down the sideline, defensive FB is hesitant to commit to tackle ball carrier, in which McArthy angles back inside and wrong foots the FB whom was anticipating the quick pass to Nawali, and McArthy goes over to score with a tuff kick to come for Heffler – about 10 in from touch.
    Kicks it very well, near the sweet spot, and the wind takes over, the ball sails into he upright only to ricochet thru the posts and the Brumbies collect their inaugural HARDMODE VICTORY, at about the 5th game of the season.

    I have not scored an identical try in hard mode……….everyone has been different, and feels like PES.
    I have had trouble scoring from 5m out, and in the same matches, been able to put in 90m tries with good backline reading with overlaps.
    I had big Evans run for a 90m, try – was hilarious, he nearly fell over the try line, with no gas left in the tank

    It is hard to maintain possession, but proper Rugby is rewarded. A good mix of Hit-ups, kicking game, and backline variety is duely rewarded in HARDMODE, with fare share of possession and offensive opportunities brough forward in which need to be taken advantage of everytime just like in REAL LIFE!!!! – I am back in Rugby gaming heaven…JLR days relived!!!!
  12. Super12 season


    i know roko isnt as great as howlett(their stats should be reversed [​IMG] )..but i can still get some good from him

    i had the ball on his wing...devine ran from ruck drew in the blindside and quickly feed roko on the wing...about the 60metre line...i had 3 guys in front of me..chism i think,rathbone and further down was the fullback gerrard...anywayz i tried to run around chism but not enuff space so i dashed inside and chipped the ball forward with rathbone right in mustve went rite thru em or between his legs it was a footrace between him and i and i absolutely gased rathbone...he went to dive to secure ball....i chipped it forward again holding the ybutton for the soccer kick...and ratty landed flat on his face [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] ...i went to regather ball but wilson(the other winger)came fullspeed across field and also gerrard rite in front!!!
    ...around about the 30m line...gerrard went to try pick it up onehandedly and run but i held the ybutton again for the soccer kick and it looked like a kicked rite out of his hands as he picked it up...the ball was fast-approaching the try-line with wilson speeding down towards me and gerrard regatherd himself and put on the pursuit...

    i grabbed the ball in goal and wilson and gerrard dived for meh(or the ball? [​IMG] )...but i simply glide dived as roko can only do [​IMG]

    .............ive also scored some wicked tries with onahato....but thats another story kids...time for sleep [​IMG] .....ZzzzzzzZzzzzzZZZzzzzz
  13. cavan

    cavan Guest

    btw has anyone tried putting Howlett at scrumhalf to see what he's like attacking off the base of the scrum. The default guys are alright for making breaks but they always get caught from behind cos their acceleration is poor.
  14. No way! Chupin (13) is the man! Scored loads of tries bursting through on an angle with Chupin, or making a break and feeding one of the wingers for an easy score.
  15. cavan

    cavan Guest

    Chupin is pretty good alright. Has good speed for making breaks but lacks the stamina to run all the way to the house. makes lots of assists though and seems to hold the ball well going into contact.

    Btw the way has anyone played Ulster on hard mode? They seem to use Maggs on the switch crash ball alot. That is very cool, the one dimensional nature of Maggs' game is down to a tee!
  16. USA_Rugby

    USA_Rugby Guest

    Another amazing moment for me. I was playing World League mode, Brumbies(me) v Cardiff (I think). One of their wingers breaks away, dives, and MISSES the try line by a few INCHES! I scoop it up, feed it to BOD, and away he is, running the ENTIRE pitch!! The powers of BOD never cease to amaze me... [​IMG]
    We scored, too!
  17. cavan

    cavan Guest

    I running the ball towards the tryline with Chupin the other day and he was ankle tapped from behind but his momentum carried him over the line. Got a quality looking replay off it.
  18. My memorabe moment was when i first played the game my mate had it for 2 days and was playing it non-stop he brought it round and first time i played it i beat him in 3 straight games did the same thing with him with rugby 2001 [​IMG]
  19. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    Just played a world league match against the Huricanes and scored a Try against them.

    I took the conversion and had a heart attack as it happened... The ball bounced off 1 upright, than the other... Than the Crossbar!

    Than it went over!!! [​IMG]

    Check it for yourself here
  20. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    man that looked awesome and real!
  21. Mr. Laxative

    Mr. Laxative Guest

    Right, World League. I am playing as the cheifs and expeiencing some success. By my forth game I had bought a create player call James Howard - he's not great but i made sure his kicking was in ninties and handling and speed in atleast 80s. I was down 13-7 when Glasgow kicked ahead to my 22. Howard picked the ball up and ran to the tem metre line of glasgow where he dropped it on his foot to grubber past the fullback. As soon s i had kicked it i was cursing myself because i thought he'd knocked-on, but really this was the illusion created when the fullback foot just touched the ball. Howard picked it up and ran to score under the posts and converted his own try easily. Final score 14-13.
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