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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by lewseys got it covered, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. where have the two new teams got there players from??? do you know if they have any big signings andare we expecting them ton finish bottom? also i thought the pacific ilses were joing up to make a super14 team, that would of been class, any chance of that happening?
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    The two new teams are the Western Force in Western Australia, they are made up of players from the other three Aussie S12 teams, while they have some decent signings (such as Brendon Cannon, also known as Kevin Mealamu's bitch) and some South African team who I assume get thier players from Currie Cup teams and the other S12 franchises.

    The chances of a coconut team joining is zilch. Even if they did, it would get blown out every game as all the decent players are already playing NPC/NZ S12 teams or earning the mega bucks in Japan or Europe. I would rather develop Argentina and have an Argie team.
  4. yeah that would be a topic for the nothern hemisphere area. why you telling me to die, its a fair question
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    Rippers not a goth, he's got an ICT; He sits at a computer getting no sun all day, so his skin turned pasty white while his eyes turned a darker shade of black.

    I'd say it's an easy mistake though.
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    And his name is Adrian.
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    He's actually a very **** speller. He meant "hello"...

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    Ha, yeah nice one...

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    Live sambad and all...
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