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Official Motorsport Thread.



I cant believe it hasnt been made yet but I sujjest this be a perminant fixture!!

We have lots to count down to in the world of motorsport and lots of happenings.

I think a good thing to start off with is the resent news of F1 driver Michael Schumacher retiring. Here is a picture proping down with some aussie rugby players!!! (Staying in theme with the board!)

He was and still is a great driver and I am personally sad to see him go even though he wasnt my fav driver. However this means that he is likely to come to the Hamilton v8 supercars round in 2008 and show off his promo f1 Farrari car with a few laps!!! CANT WAIT!

While on the subject of the V8's, who can't wait for Bathurst this year?? I know I cant. Ive taken the day off and plan to spend the whole day watching it. GOOO Holden! and GOO Mark Skaife! I will be counting down the days on here updating any news and goings on with regards to Bathurst 2006.

This Thread is in memory of Motorsport Legend Peter Brock!
don't know him ...
but for schumacher he's not a great driver, he's the greatest driver ever. he's beaten all most all the records in F1 (only a few of them remain unbeaten by the red baron, that is few lap record on some races and he nearly won on all the tracks he ran on). he's THE motorsport legend, even if i don't like him eighther. he's done a lot of bad to his sport with all these wins (even if he didn't want it). the main problem is that from 2000 to 2005 he had no serious opponent to stop him.
Last I checked, we have no inbred hicks on the forum. In fact, I wonder if they even have electricity in that part of the world.
Last I checked, we have no inbred hicks on the forum. In fact, I wonder if they even have electricity in that part of the world.
They must do, the British probably wouldn't be able to launch a bombing campaign against Palau if it didn't have American help.
I thought I'd break my old record for thread necromancy by dusting off this 16 year old thread to talk about MotoGP. I said the NFL may be entering a golden age and the same is true of MotoGP.

We seem to be moving away from old, declining or overrated talents from the Italian and Spanish mafia monopolising all the best rides, possibly because there is no longer any best rides due to how competitive it is.

6 competitive manufacturers
7+ competitive teams
8 unique race winners last year
10+ possible championship contenders

A solid opening race in Qatar at the weekend saw a returning injured multi-champ, versus an independent team headed by the widow of the owner (who died with Covid), versus a South African outsider on a outsider manufacturer versus a pair of Spanish brothers looking to get on the same podium on different bikes. The race wasn't sensational but with how competitive the field is this should be a snorter of a season.

It is definitely worth anyone curious checking out. This is what top end motorsport should be aspiring to. In the UK its live on BT Sport with extended highlights on ITV4, although there are only British riders in the lower classes at the moment.
The wonky calendar and insistence on a new broadcast partner every year means I'd missed the start of the Formula E season (streams are on YouTube this year also). I've enjoyed the race format over the years but the tech has been a but rubbish compared to what has long been possible with EVs. There is quite a step up in power this year (10%) and it looks a hit more like motorsport.

I think it is well worth watching, but if not then it's still worth checking the link below it only to look at the state of Vernon Kay in the promo shot which I think has to be tongue in cheek.

As a big "greenie" I loved the first couple seasons of formula E but it's recently gone wack. I still enjoy driving the cars in rfactor2 as I think they are a fun little thing. My granola motorsport interests are much better served by extreme E.
5 fatalities so far in this year's Isle of Man TT. I know the riders accept the risks but I'm always amazed this is sanctioned. Latest was a father and son sidecar team.

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